1. There are a lot of things worse than death such as rotting away from an illness for years and years. Sometimes death is mercy

  2. I’ve been a stage 4 cancer patient for a few years. I’m used to thinking of my own death. I’m comfortable with it. We’re all terminal. I’m already living on borrowed time.

  3. You can simultaneously wish to die or not exist, and fear death. Fear of death is not a desire to live, maybe it can be a part of it for some people but not the main part and not for everyone. Sometimes I wish I didn't exist because of how much I don't want to die.

  4. If you go to hell death isn’t better than even the worst suffering in life. What makes people think they’re entitled to a blissful eternity?

  5. Before I was born, I didn't exist. After I die, I won't exist either. The first did not concern me, so why would the second?

  6. „You came from nothing, you’re going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing.“ - some dude at the end of Life of Brian

  7. It's not going to matter what we think when we are dead. Believe what you want to believe and respect others beliefs after death too. No one knows what truly happens so there is nothing to fear.

  8. If nobody KNOWS what's beyond, then why do you CARE what people think or believe? Why are YOU so afraid of others beliefs?

  9. Easy. I wish for death, so why panic. Rather than that, i would welcome it with my two arms spread wide open. Also, everyone will have an existential crisis at least once in their life.

  10. After a failed suicide attempt, any fear of death I had before diminished. I guess because it had become so real to me and I'm such an anxious person that the thought of not knowing, not understanding, was worse. Was the whole ordeal terrifying? Yes. But it was more so what followed after. Not me almost dying. I've come to peace with the fact that it's a reality I'll face some other day.

  11. I used to. Then I asked myself what about death scared me, in my case I didn't want to die with regrets, and I went forward trying to live a life where I could die at any point with nothing I'd wish I had done differently.

  12. Everyone’s going to die no point in worrying about it. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow would you just go to your room and cry or would you go out and do all the things you wanted? Why not live everyday as if you’re going to die tomorrow?

  13. Hilarious when people say this. Literally hilarous. If people lived everyday like they were going to die tomorrow the world would be chaos. A lot of them would do stuff that got them killed anyways lol.

  14. There's no point. I'm definitely going to die. There's no way out, no negotiation. If it's definitely going to happen, there's no point wasting time dreading it. Best to just get on with life while I've got it.

  15. Honestly, because at 69 years old, I've faced it too many times, that it's almost an old friend I see in passing, but one I know that I won't always be able to avoid. And when we do run into each other, we'll reminisce about the good old days, and walk down that old road together.

  16. Don’t know where I was before, I don’t know where I’ll end up. I wasn’t scared before, I don’t see the need to be scared when I get there.

  17. We have all been non existent before we were born. We exist. Then we are non existent. If it happened once it can happen again. Or not, I won’t know in either case. From what I remember about being non existent, it was not bad at all. If it was bad, I don’t remember while I exist.

  18. I don’t see the point. We are all gonna die, most of us don’t know how it’ll happen and nobody really knows what happens after we do and all worrying about it does is make the small amount of time I have less enjoyable.

  19. Shit happens and eventually it’s going to happen to me, all I can do it live my life to the best of my ability, and try to bring a little joy to others before it does.

  20. When I die (which I will, someday), I won't know I'm dead. It's inevitable, and I don't really believe in an afterlife, so I find it hard to feel anxiety over. If anything, I worry about the death of my loved ones, because the thought of life without them is way scarier than the thought of oblivion.

  21. Worrying never helps. Maybe you worry about something bad happening. If it does, you've suffered twice. If it doesn't, you've suffered for no reason.

  22. Whatever happens when I die isn’t my problem to deal with. I don’t particularly think anything will consciously happen when I die, much like what happened before I was born.

  23. Well I mean, what can you do about it? You have to die and if you're fortunate it won't really suck. Other than that all you can do is try and live your life right now and not waste precious time worried about it

  24. I agree with most of what I've read here. A life long interest in physics, cosmology and life, the universe and everything has given me an outlook that everything is connected on the quantum level. Energy cannot be destroyed and exist on other levels or dimensions possible. So, you're never really destroyed, just changing states, like liquids, gases and matter. My $.02. BTW, was diagnoses with a fatal condition 3 years ago but still going strong. It's not even a big deal at this point as I'm pretty healthy considering. My wife and kids still yell at me and that tells me things are pretty normal.

  25. I have 4th stage cancer at young age. I don’t know when the disease will kill me and my doctors are pushing to give me the best life possible. It can be 5 years from now. It can 25 years. I have to accept that I will die from this. I just hope it’s not painful.

  26. Because death is imminent, nothing is stopping you from having the roof over your head collapse and kill you, or your dog from tearing you apart. My next breath might be my last, but I don't constantly thing about that, it's not that much of a fear to me because I'm so uncertain on when it will happen you automatically assume its not going to be for awhile. It's not something to be afraid of, rather a chance to finally be able to see what is on the other side, promising an answer to the inexplicable questions of many who wonder what happens when you die. Because when we all die, no one will remember your name. No one will care in thousands of years who you were. You are just a name on a gravestone to them. Just like people of the past are to you. Either you do something absolutely terrible or become a great hero, and if you do neither of those, then no one will remember you, so why care so much about it?

  27. I'm religious. When I die I will get to meet my god and she will love me and guide me into what ever is next, and honestly I'm looking forward to a no holds barred, no interruptions rest under the loving watch of my god

  28. It’s not like we will feel sad after death. We won’t be able to think so nothing will matter. You can’t do anything to change the fact that you will die.

  29. On the day to day its cause had about 2 too many close calls but since it happened regularly for a while instinctive efforts to stay alive do occur but honestly if that don't work out... we had a good run

  30. Because once I die I know I will leave a legacy behind for people to remember me so I wont be scared of being forgotten as a person

  31. That's an interesting way to look at it! So, if we were given an option to be born, to experience all this, we'd feel more in control because we'd feel like we chose this. Something about compulsion and being forced to exist makes us think of meaning behind things but if one we do meaningless things ourselves, we see it as freedom. Though the theory of having a choice would mean there's something beyond our existence as humans and that there's a, well, a pre-life? But it seems like an optimistic way to see things imo!

  32. Well, a couple different reasons, both on either end of the spectrum. I was raised Christian, not overly so but I was baptized, and while I don't believe in everything in that religion, it's comforting to know that every religion on the planet has some concept of an afterlife, in which case I can fight tooth and nail to either reincarnate with my memories or try my hand at creating another world in the infinite multiverse, because why not if I'm already dead? On the other end of the spectrum, even if death ends in nothing, just a dreamless sleep forever, that doesn't sound too bad either, just resting until the universe ends in a trillion years.

  33. I always told my self it's unavoidable and to embrace it wean it comes but until then be kind and try to leave this earth a better place but recently I went outside and looked around and I scamperd back into my rock I sead f*ck the second part I will try the first one

  34. I spent most of my life being actively, or somewhere around actively, suicidal. I recovered, mostly, but I'm still exhausted, and I panic far more about my partner's death than my own. I'm looking forward to finally being able to rest, really, even though ultimately I find life to be worth it.

  35. Not sure actually, I don’t wish to die but I don’t live every second of my life in fear of what would kill me in the next couple of seconds. If I was faced with death of course I would try to avoid it and a bit scared of dying in that moment but I’m not constantly worried about it

  36. I had an accident and illness ridden childhood and by the time I hit 25, I had almost died so many times that it doesn't scare me. It's gonna happen whether or not I want it to, so why fear the inevitable end?

  37. I no longer fear my own death. I’m an atheist so don’t worry about what happens after: it’s just an end to existence. I do have some anxiety about the manner of my eventual death, as I’d prefer not to die in pain. But that’s not the same thing.

  38. What's the use of being afraid of death? No, really, we will all die sooner or later, someone tomorrow, and someone in 50 years, each of us will have different deaths, some calm, and others terrifying. If you spend your entire adult life thinking about death, then you will not notice how your life will fly by, in anxiety, fear and horror. I believe in reincarnation, I believe that there will be something good after death. Therefore, while we all have time, we should enjoy life and not think about death.

  39. i have bpd and struggle with severe mental issues. i have suffered suicidal thoughts and attempts constantly for years so I have learned to not fear death. I welcome it

  40. I am in constant horrible pain due to all the metal bolted to my spine, totally isolated since all my friends ghosted me within days of my injury, and everything that gave my life meaning is gone forever. So that rifle hanging on the wall looks like a tempting snack every day.

  41. Because everyone dies someday. Death is inevitable. People who commit suicide are just speeding it up. There's no need to be scared because of death.

  42. I used to feel that way until my wife died (way too young). Now I don’t really give a shit. I won’t kill myself. I know what it’s like to find someone I love dead, and I won’t do that to my family. But I’m not afraid of it anymore. I had a heart attack a couple years ago. When I realized what was happening, I sat for a bit and debated whether or not to go to the hospital, or just let it happen.

  43. I've always figured that by wasting your mental resources on things you can't control, you miss out applying them to things you can. Worrying about things outside your power just make you vulnerable to more things you could have fixed if you focused your anxiety somewhere productive. Worrying about it all ending, in a way, prevents you from having the best life you could have, and make it less of a loss when it will inevitably end.

  44. I don't enjoy living that much. If my life ended right now I would be ok with it. Also, religion scares me more, since I would prefer not having anything after death than any kind of trial or reincarnation.

  45. Some people want to die that might be part of it. And if you are one of those people I have something to say to you. Life is terrible it really is. But people who find happiness are people who look for it. If you keep looking it will find you eventually

  46. After my uncle took his own life, I though I wasn't gonna make it. I felt awful for years, and was so scared of what may happen when I outlive him. And when I finally did, I realised there isn't anything to be afraid of. I've come to terms with death and will accept Deaths embrace when it's my time. I thought about what may happen when I'm dead. (I'm a Christian, but I have an open mind, so I can imagine a nothingness when we die too) Everyone should think about death at least once in their life. It may humble them like it did me. It's not worth being afraid of what you don't know. It will happen no matter what. I'm sure you don't want your last thoughts to be "what if" and your last emotion be fear. Just move to rhythm of life.

  47. I saw Death run from me. Took one look at me and found some other place to be lol. Got that pit in his stomach. Death is afraid of me.

  48. Because it's like feeling dread about leaving a lousy party thrown by an awful rich kid that everyone brags about being invited to but then spend the entire party slagging him off behind his back instead of trying to at least have fun.

  49. I don't remember suffering before I exist so why should I except an eternity of nothingness or worse.

  50. No sense wasting time worrying about something that's gonna happen eventually. Better to just live life and whatever happens after that happens.

  51. I have no fear of death, no dread comes at the thought of it, nor has it come when I've been close to it. Death is a finality for what I know to be me, and while I would of course like to avoid this end whenever possible, it is the end and therefore of no concern to me once it comes to pass. I am happy, confident, I love life and I know that just because I will be gone someday doesn't mean I was never here.

  52. I'm not interested in death. It's unavoidable and it gives a border to everything. Hopefully it will come as late as possible and as unexpected as possible. The interesting part is what's before death.

  53. I will simply cease to exist. I have already gone through this for an eternity before I was born, and the only bad thing I guess was missing out on a bunch of stuff

  54. Since I imagine oblivion is something I'll get over quickly, I don't feel worried about it. What I fear is some awful painful death. Like in a fire or something. However I go, I just hope it's quick.

  55. am not religious but i pray every day for the sweet touch of death to visit me...am sick and tired of living my man...once you feel like that every day a decade long, not even a fucking psychopath can scare you...

  56. Too young. Im in my 30's and have been fortunate enough to have had no medical issues yet. Death for the most part isnt something I think about too often. Hoping that Ill be mentally gone by the time it comes.

  57. I've never feared it. I fear how I will die. No one likes pain, but I don't fear what happens after. I didn't exist in 1800, why would I worry about not existing in 2100. Just never caught me as something I need to fear.

  58. Honestly, because I wanted to die at one point in my life. I was scared of death though, and that’s why I continued to live. Back then, I felt really close to death, having it in my vision at all times made me obsessed with it. But I worked myself out of it. Now that I am in a better mentality, I’ve become stronger then my fears, and that includes death. I don’t want to die, but I’m ready for when death takes me. It happens, there’s nothing you can do, I’m enjoying my life rather then fearing my death, because I can’t waste my time always thinking about what I can’t, and shouldn’t control.

  59. I have a happy life and am in no rush for it to end, but I don't fear death. Quite the opposite. I hope it takes me before I lose control of either my mind or body, so that I don't become a strain or burden on the people I love.

  60. I fear dying but not being dead. Like if I die in my sleep I wouldn't even know I'm dead. I don't fear actually being dead because I'm not dead, I don't even exist so how can you fear something that doesn't even exist.

  61. Why concern yourself with something you have zero control over? Its better to focus your energy on the things you can change, than to worry about the things you cannot

  62. I spent half my life suicidal, finally got real treatment last year and I’m better. I WANT to live my life again and I enjoy it usually, but the fear of death never came back after I stoped craving it. To me its just kind of a thing that will eventually happen and there’s no point in worrying about it while I can just enjoy being here now.

  63. End is near anyway, so why stress about it? Let's just enjoy what present moment is offering us and not let negative thoughts take over our wellbeing.

  64. Death is the one thing we all have in common. It is that breif period of time that we are alive that we should focus on. I have no feelings about death but every day I wish I had lived better. Dying is not an issue, not living is.

  65. I already faced the idea of dying when we thought I might be, due to an allergic reaction to my nervous system from a medication. I actually was pretty relaxed and calm about it. I figured I might as well enjoy my last moments.

  66. Well if you had to ask me. I've had Ulcerative Colitis since age 18 (I was a very unlucky person - most people dont develop a disease such as this until age 40+)

  67. It will happen anyways. So why bother? I don’t have a great life but not bad ether. My life is ok. I’m not poor. I’m not rich. I’m ok. It will make me sad but it’s fine cuz I already know that one day my death will come.

  68. I like the thought that I'm made out of atoms that been here since .. well forever. And I'm gonna dissolve into these atoms again and they will continue being there forever. Some parts of me may become a plant, some may be a part of a whole new star. It gives me peace

  69. i perform my religious duties, and i abstain from major sins explicitly mentioned in my religious text. i like to think that's enough to get to heaven, and that god will have mercy on me. because of that, i feel content and worry less about dying. but if i was in a life or death situation or was faced with my impending doom, i would panic about dying.

  70. Because there is literally nothing I can do to prevent that eventuality. I don't know what happens when we die. I would like to believe there is something after, but my guess is that whatever energy that make up a person will be dispersed and attach itself to other things like a decomposing body can fertilize new plant life and whatever I am will be too scattered to exist as what I am now. I would rather enjoy what life I have now than being miserable about something I can't stop.

  71. Death is unavoidable. I don't think about that which I cannot change. Worrying about that is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it leads you to nowhere.

  72. What's the point of life if you're too busy focusing on death? Focus on the now. Work in the present. Enjoy life instead of worrying about the inevitable. There's no point in wasting your energy and anxiety on the unchangeable.

  73. Death isn't scary at all. What is scary is there are many, many ways to die and maybe only one or two of them are painless.

  74. It's just something I've always known was going to happen. They were three basic truths that I was always made aware of: I am not perfect, no one is. I'm not better than anyone and they are not better than me. And everyone will die eventually, including myself.

  75. No amount of worrying about it will change the fact that you and everyone else in the world will eventually die. Plus, no amount of worrying will give you the answers to what happens after we die. Nobody will ever, ever know. So, why not just enjoy the time we have here now instead of being concerned about what happens next.

  76. ‘I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.’ ~Mark Twain

  77. Suffered from existential dread at least once or twice a week for around a year. Full on attacks of this overwhelming dread. I’m 18 now, I was 16/17 at the time, and there would be nights where I would cry myself to sleep because I was so confused by the idea of not existing anymore.

  78. I've watched older relatives die in pieces and go from gorgeous to shriveled up people with a weird color skin, and it scared the hell out of me.

  79. Death is a certainty. Dreading or focusing on an inevitable reality does nothing to change it. Nothing else in my life is certain or inevitable, but focusing on my actions and how I treat others, I believe can have a much greater impact on my life and potentially countless others.

  80. I try to ignore it and in the mean time I do what I can to live my best life with what I'm given. Life has a strange way of helping me when I'm really thinking about life and death, the best way I found is to help someone else wether its changing a ladies tire on the side of the road to buying someone lunch anything just helps me forget it.

  81. Think about the time before you were born....like really think about it. What was it like? Nothing right?

  82. I'm a Christian, so that should answer your question. Plus the bible speaks about God being in charge of WHEN you die, and how, that's not something I should be worrying about. So I believe it's not healthy being worried about something you can't control. It really is unexpected. Though for Christians, of course, death is actually a good thing if you end up in Heaven. I've been suicidal countless times in life, gone to psych ward, messed up with drugs, but God has not allowed me to attempt suicide or be in serious harm, so I know he has plans for me. He won't take me home until I fulfill my purpose on earth.

  83. I think it has more to do with my overall conclusion that we as humans do not live in the moment. So I try to focus on the present. Often times we overthink the past and the future so much that it impacts our day. Example, worrying about work on Monday, causing yourself an upset stomach or stress induced aging. Can you solve Mondays problem today? No. So why are you living in worry for something not impacting right now? What can you control in this moment? A cup of coffee? A relaxing bath? This very moment think of all the things you could do to make yourself happy.

  84. Death is inevitable. No matter how good or bad of a person you are, what you do or don't do, you will die. I'm not going to waste time or energy fearing or worrying about something completely unchangeable.

  85. Death is a completely natural event and everyone has to do it. Once you accept you can't stop death and no matter what you do it always ends the same way you can finally start living.

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