1. That's absolutely the main problem with OUAT. Rumple is redeemed! Jk he's plotting to kill is grandson. Actually it's okay he's redeemed! No, wait, he sold his baby.

  2. I used to love Once Upon a Time but it got very clear at about season 3 (or curse # 216) that the producers had no friggin' clue where the show or the characters were going.

  3. How many times can characters lose access to their memories? Also characters disappearing for extended periods of time without any acknowledgment drives me insane.

  4. it became the Captain Hook show bc suburban moms loved the thirst trap, except they made him SO vanilla. And character plots just kept feeling monotonous.

  5. I could barely make it through the first episode because I just kept thinking "This isn't as good at the 10th Kingdom". So go watch 10th Kingdom instead!!!!

  6. Arrow, got tired of the main character flip flopping from season to season. Felt he was hypocritical when he killed people in the first season and then hunted down people doing the same thing he did in the next only for him to go back to kill people in the following season.

  7. I got so far with all the arrowverse shows and then they all slowly became like a teen drama with power ranger budget fight scenes.

  8. Ha. They kept packing more and more into those few years he was "missing". He lived like 10 lifetimes! Stretched WAAAAAY to thin.

  9. The entire arrowverse shows stopped being fun and were just flip flopping characters having CW drama for no reason and then basically never retaining any learning experiences from season to season. So many seasons-long internal strife "issues" would've been solved with a conversation. Which is literally what happens at the end of the strife and they forgive each other. But only after a season of betrayal and fighting.

  10. I lost interest in the 3rd season. I think that's when it became Felicity and Friends. I thought she was kinda annoying and I really didnt get her as a love interest.

  11. I dunno how anyone got past the 3rd or 4th episode where his ex-fiance is representing him in court on a murder charge brought on by her father who's angry that the other daughter was killed at sea when the yacht sunk. Like, I realize it's a TV show and shouldn't represent actual court, but at least give me some room to suspend my disbelief.

  12. I never got past 1st season Oliver who kills all the bodyguards only to give a warning to the corrupt CEO to fix their ways.

  13. Seriously. The first season was so incredible, beautiful story telling, deep characters, and then it just never recovered the original feel of season 1… I stopped at some point and have rewatched season 1 a few times but never finished the series.

  14. They lost me with whatever plot was right before they brought in Frozen. I forget the details but the flashbacks were getting too convoluted, and I got fed up with the good guys. No killing rules can get real obnoxious when they’re horribly inconsistent. Kill all the minions no worries, but the big bad? Nope, killing them would be evil.

  15. I randomly put it on one day in college and became obsessed. I thought season 1 was so good, the twists on the classic fairy tales (like Red being the Wolf) was really cool. Season 2... not as good but watchable at least. Then from season 3 onwards it was just "look what characters we got the licenses for!!"

  16. I don't think they knew where they were in that show either. After season 2 the story meanders and the characters loose motivation to be doing what they are doing.

  17. I remember finishing the Peter Pan season and thinking what a fantastic ending that was (not necessarily an ending for the series, I mean season-wise)… I could tell right from the first episode in the next season that the rest was going to be absolute shite. Especially when they introduced Frozen - it was clear it was now all about Disney cameos, not their own spins on different fairy tales.

  18. I got 18 seasons into Grey’s Anatomy before I got irredeemably bored, that’s probably the biggest sunk cost here

  19. The real problem with Pretty Little Liars was none of the girls were nearly interesting enough to warrant stalking from A, Big A, Uber A, and everyone working with the A's.

  20. Confusing isn’t even the right word. It wasn’t meant to be understood. It was just a hot garbage mess of plots and subplots and drama that all got so intertwined that you had no damned clue what was going on at any point - and neither did the writers. Like 90% of the plot points in that show were left unresolved. It also had a horrifically bad ending so good for you for quitting early. I loved Hanna and Spencer as characters so I stuck with it and regret it lol.

  21. Spoiler alert. For me the problem with A was they should have ended it with the first A. But, in true American series style, there's too much money to be made so they dragged it out for as long as possible. I have a theory with the end of the show. PLL fans hear me out. I don't think Spencer's evil twin was ever supposed to be A, or even exist as a character. I think A was supposed to be someone else, but as they've gone to write it they've realised there's a hole in the plot so had to create a whole new character. Because there's no way they've created the depth of that whole story just to create a new character in the final episodes. The show had people guessing and theorising who A could be and why. I'm telling you now, there was an error that made it impossible for the intended A to be A.

  22. I worked on PLL for 6 years, and never understood it. I was in my 30’s. Great gig though. The cast was wonderful for most of the seasons and the crew was one of the best.

  23. That’s one of the biggest things that irks me. The first hospital shooting in season 6? I think? Was pretty intense.

  24. I worked in the medical field and I can assure you that hospital employees, especially direct reports, do not have that much casual sex inside the hospital.

  25. I can’t believe that show is still on the air. At one point they had killed off or almost killed off every character lol. Once a show does that the characters dying feels like a joke or something.

  26. How is Meredith still functioning? IDK if she actually is or not. I think I got to season eight or nine and realized there were still like 10 more seasons and peaced out. Her parents died. Her husband died. Her sister died. Her best friend died. Her other best friend left. Her other best friend got cancer and maybe died IDK. Her husbands best friend died. Her mom's ex boyfriend who was her boss was electrocuted and I think died? She drowned. She witnessed and was a survivor of a shooting. She was in a plane crash. She was constantly around people dying in unusual and traumatic ways. Didn't a guy literally blow up in front of her?

  27. I used to watch the show with a girlfriend but I couldn't get past the episode where one of the doctors went into labor, her husband was in a bad accident and was in surgery at the same time, another doctor had a heart attack, and then there's a fucking bomb too because two doctors and a spouse all having serious medical issues just wasn't exciting enough.

  28. Riverdale. I think it’s still on…I got really into it and then just dropped it like a hot rock right about when Sweet Pea came along. Also I was so convinced that Sweet Pea would introduce Popeye eventually and that Pop’s Diner was some kind of portal and it would all be revealed they were in a comic book.

  29. I tell myself I’ll stop watching, but it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from. Though Veronica calling herself the “She-Wolf of Wall Street” has me really close to rage quitting the show.

  30. I’m screaming because Sweet Pea is such a minor and insignificant character. Like it’s just funny to think he was the last straw that made you rage quit.

  31. I mean you semi predicted some of this latest season. It’s hard to remember when this was a high school murder mystery show.

  32. Omg but there’s so much more terrible shit to lovehate on that show! I’m doing a rewatch and my partner’s commentary is probably the best part. “These kids are in high school??”

  33. 'The Blacklist' was great until they ran out of ideas and just kept recycling the same plot over and over. The little guy from the DMV becoming a major player was the sign the end was near.

  34. 'The Blacklist' fell apart because the entire theme was that there are machinations going on behind the scenes that tie everything together and the only one with insight into what that is is Reddington. At some point, the writing became too much "making it up as we go" and the illusion of an overarching machination started to fall apart and so did the entire draw of the show.

  35. I watched it way longer than I should have just because of James Spader. Reddington turned into one of my all time favorite characters. It's gotten so bad that even he couldn't hold my interest anymore.

  36. Yep I basically tapped out halfway through season 7. Every character just took a huge drop in quality even Reddington. Plus the fact that they stretched the mystery of Reddington a thousand years past it’s due date.

  37. The only way they could have made it interesting after the first couple seasons of wheelspinning would be if they explained that he's actually Robert California

  38. I'm pretty sure that show is in season 10, and they still haven't clarified exactly what the relationship is between Red and Liz. And Liz is fucking dead.

  39. I'd love for the show to end with literally everybody being dragged away in handcuffs with several life sentences being held over their heads.

  40. I stopped when the husband boyfriend secret double agent guy died. Next episode Liz was in a cabin and then killed like a whole bunch of hitmen single handedly. I was done after that.

  41. I stopped watching when the aliens put everyone into Nazi reeducation camps. That could’ve been an interesting take on the alien invasion trope but they introduced it too late. Shows have to have an internal logical consistency for me and this was at least the third hard left the show did because it kept getting new show runners. After that I just lost interest.

  42. Walking Dead, for sure. It never went anywhere. I wanted a conclusion, a solution, something new that wasn't killing and fighting other people. I wanted smart solutions, but they never arrived.

  43. My favourite bit was when they went to the place that was safe but it turned out it wasn't safe and all the zombies came along and that

  44. And by extension the whole of TWD universe. They seem to time and time again come SO CLOSE to becoming an interesting franchise but always blow it by dragging out the same script across series into way more episodes than necessary with far far too many people to keep up with.

  45. One week I couldn't watch an episode because I was away on holiday. Didn't have any desire to watch it when I got back and just kind of gave up after that.

  46. I absolutely yearn for closure on this show, feel like I've been watching it forever. I just want it to end at this point.

  47. It was so good when it was “Two genius lawyers do the case of the week while dealing with the big secret”

  48. In the early seasons it was a show about 2 superhero lawyers. Somewhere along the line they seemed to have forgotten the whole Mike never went to college plot. Every episode became "Let's have the entire cast scream at each other for 44 minutes." Suits may have been the death of USA Network. Remember when they had Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, and Covert Affairs? Now they have Chrisley and Chicago PD reruns.

  49. They make Mike out to be this GENIUS, for the first season, then they never have him use his brains like that again and it drove me mad

  50. Yeah, my impression was that they wanted to give Meghan Markle more screen time as she became more famous, but seeing as she couldn’t really be involved in the legal case plotlines since she was still only a law student/paralegal, they felt like the solution was to contrive relationship drama between Rachel & Mike.

  51. same. i watched literally every episode close to the end and got everybody i know to watch it but when they switched to a different prison and split everybody up i lost interest.

  52. Same for both. I don't remember which season it was for OitNB, but the cliffhanger was the police raiding the prison while our main characters were hiding in the old pool. I realized I just didn't care about what happened next after that.

  53. NCIS is so weird to me because it's lost almost its entire cast and somehow still goes on. Like even Mark Harmon finally left, how is there still a show?

  54. Came here to list NCIS myself, at some point it stopped being a crime drama and became a soap opera. I feel like stopped around season 12 or 13? How many agents have to get needlessly killed and moles are discovered in the ranks before the higher ups step in and clean house?

  55. I considered quitting after Wes was out, but I stuck through it. It was okay. Just.... okay. The storylines became less and less "realistic" and it kinda felt like they were just trying to see how much shit could hit the fan before wrapping up.

  56. There's only so much wanton self-destruction that I can stomach, and that show hit my limit well before it wrapped.

  57. I stopped watching when fiona left. Despite the bts drama.. Fiona's character was the reason why i mostly watched the show.

  58. We stopped watching when we realized the only momentum in the show was the characters self-sabotaging. It just became such a drag.

  59. I kept trying to forgive it and see if it would get better. Season 1 was so good and it still had good moments afterwards, but there came a point where absolutely everything was going terribly. They took one of their most interesting superpowered characters and started making his whole plot be based around not having powers and just passing all his time in a hospital doing nothing. Lots of plot points became dead ends. People that were good started acting ways they never would believably act. It went from amazing to absolutely nonsensical.

  60. Castle - Showrunners pushed it a season too long, pissed off one of the two leads and most of the fandom... then tried to write the lead out in the most horrific way possible before it was taken behind the barn and put out of it's misery. I got to the start of season 8 and just bailed.

  61. Castle should've ended at the wedding. They should've gotten married and everyone lives happily ever after. You can even sort of make this Canon if you turn the show off while he's still driving to it.

  62. Early Castle was so good. And early Castle is all I've seen. I think I'm going to keep it that way and not tarnish my memory of it.

  63. The original show runner (and his wife, who was a significant writer/producer) were gone by season 8. That alone was a huge part of the problem.

  64. So, I missed an episode and thought I hadn’t. Picked up the next episode and didn’t even realize I had missed an episode. That was when I realized that it was all filler and you could miss episodes and miss nothing. Never watched again.

  65. I loved ER. Sometimes I think I should go back and watch the seasons after I gave up on it but then I see comments like this and realize that I am fine without it.

  66. Problem with this show is that they didn’t let enough time lapse before letting them back to Earth.

  67. So many great sci-fi premises ruined by making it into some teenage drama bullshit. Ive been had so many times too thinking, "Oh this drama shit will get sidelined after the first season when they realize they struck gold!" only to be so sorely mistaken as they sideline their unique premise to focus on who fucked who behind whoever else's back which is somehow still a surprise to everyone even after it happened 6 times before.

  68. So much potential and they ruined it by obsessing about relationships. Fucking hell, no one cares!

  69. Yup. Stoped watching at the end of season 5, when they left earth. Seemed like a natural stopping point, and from what I have heard, the last two season don’t add anything meaningful

  70. It's easier to swallow if you accept it for being campy as fuck early on, and realize Bill/Sookie are the lamest part of the show.

  71. Season 1 is soooo good. That show made me wonder if shows like True Blood are impossible to keep good. They have to keep topping themselves and the audience just doesn’t make the jump with the writers. Like it has to be grounded in something otherwise it’s comes off like lame fanfic.

  72. True Blood. I loved that show so much. But season 5 just got weird and apparently it got even worse after.. Those first 3/4 seasons are still great though

  73. My first thought too. I liked vampire shows. But when moving the story along relies heavily on people making stupid decisions I lose interest. When they really got into the fairy folk I just couldn't motivate myself to continue.

  74. Walking Dead, watched until around S5 or so? Right when Negan was showing up I tapped out. I was already barely caring about the show after S4.

  75. Yeah same for me , the height of the series was during the prison arc with the governor imo. After the governor destroyed the prison and the zombies overran it it was more of the same again , and i stopped watching it.

  76. Supernatural lol. I fell off after the darkness arc. Just... couldn't do it anymore, even the nostalgia factor wore off lol.

  77. It fell off for me too but I just had to finish it after so much I have seen. It was hard for them to invent new shit cuz we have seen it all. The yellow demon storyline was prob the best cuz of the mystery.

  78. Was a great show for awhile, but eventually it just became Sam trying to leave the lifestyle and Dean trying to get him to come back, then Dean trying to leave the lifestyle and Sam trying to get him to come back, then Sam trying to leave blah blah blah. Also it became pretty much angels and demons with very few other supernatural beings and monsters.

  79. I watched all the way to season 14 but couldn't bring myself to watch the final season. I read the synopsis after it all came out and just decided to avoid it and remember the good episodes.

  80. I held on until somewhere in season 12 or so. Every now and then I get the idea to finish what's left, but I can never quite get myself to actually do so.

  81. I loved the monster of the week type deal at the start but then it became way too plot heavy and I just dropped it :/

  82. Randy’s existence was trash. If they had to force the series to continue, they should’ve just focused on the remaining cast and their time with Kelso and Eric. Even though logically the series should’ve ended with everyone splitting up for what is definitely the last time.

  83. Really thought they'd shift to Jackie & Hyde as the power couple with the complicated relationship but nope... We got Randy. Don't even get me started on Other Laurie

  84. I think what I hated more was what they did to Jacky and Hyde. They had such good chemistry and then split them up for no reason. They should’ve ended up together.

  85. The Mentalist, Weeds, Arrow, The Flash, Without a Trace, Big Bang Theory, plus a few more I’m forgetting about. My wife gives me crap because she’s someone who needs to finish what show she started, but I have no problem dropping a show if I think it’s turned to shit

  86. Barry can only use the speed force to save his mum, not save his mum, save his mum, about 4 times before I gave up.

  87. The mentalist is actually pretty decent all the way till the end. I didn't finish it while it aired but recently gave it a rewatch and really enjoyed how it all ended

  88. For me it died with his wife. She was his beacon of hope, that he could become a normal person. After she died that part of his character vanished and it was just how do I not get caught.

  89. Dexter was so good but seasons 5-7 were so bad I had to force myself to watch it just because I had to finish it. I was like I’ve put so much time into this, I can’t give up. Would not recommend.

  90. Yeah. Shoulda ended it with the Lithgow season. I got 3/4 the way through the next season and I just gave up. Apparently, it somehow got even worse.

  91. Prison Break was probably the first show I watched week to week and just gave up on. Season 1 is prime television, I stood by Season 2 as decent overall, a great first half and okay second half. I even stook with it through Prison Break Panama Edition (Season 3), and it was kinda dumb but still fun.

  92. I've never looked into it but I feel like they never really planned for anything beyond season 2. The plot just doesn't seem consistent enough after that point. Generally what I feel like happens when a show's success surpasses the creators' expectations and they now need to come up with some great overarching plot to keep it going while introducing something new.

  93. I loved the idea of a detective serial that takes place in a pre-Batman Gotham starring Gordon, which the show started as,but dropped in the first season.

  94. The zombies ignore you if you’re covered in zombie guts. Just cover yourself in them and stay put. The end.

  95. The Flash and Arrow. Kept thinking they’d have to get good again but it didn’t happen and got tired of the silliness.

  96. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), first season blew me away but every subsequent season felt more and more like a watered down version of the original first season.

  97. Oh wow. I stopped watching sometime around when Archie went to jail and got caught up in an illegal prison boxing ring. That was just too much for me. Sounds like it’s gone fully off the cliff now haha.

  98. Powers what the fuck only power there needs to be is Jughead's ridiculous metabolism being able to eat his weight in burgers and not gain weight.

  99. We just started season 4 and are like… so when can we get some god damn resolution!? HOW MANY FUCKING CLOSE UPS OF JUNE CAN WE FUCKING TAKE.

  100. They just keep milking it for more epi$ode$. That plot had a trajectory - she makes it to freedom or doesn't. Instead, we need a dozen season of ... what, exactly?

  101. By the end of This is Us, I actually couldn’t stand the Big Three. Every single one of them pissed me off. The only redeeming character in the end felt like Beth. Everyone else sucked.

  102. Fringe was such a good show but I somehow lost track of it after the 3rd season. Need to go back and find it and finish watching. Legion was even more crazy/bizarre and I still need to finish it.

  103. Yup seven was a drag and when I started season 8 the new characters were so terrible I just skipped it all except for the last episode.

  104. Outside the series finale, you aren't missing much. The characters they added were fucking horrible, cases were just background filler for character drama, they brought back some old characters and it just felt kinda meh, but the finale was alright. The last like 20 minutes of it were really fitting. It just needed to happen like 3 seasons earlier :/

  105. It is not sarcoidosis, give them an antibiotic. What, it could kill them? Do it anyways and we will know for sure, symptoms get worse, doctors look at each other confused, commercial, try pentagabulin, that will kill them, music video, epiphany, cure.

  106. The premise of that show seems right up my alley but every time I try watching it I'm bored out of my mind

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