1. I saw an Instagram ad for a pair of earbuds that you have to rent. You don’t have the option of just buying them, even if you’ve paid more than their value in monthly payments. So you could theoretically be forced to pay over a thousand dollars after enough time and still not own them. And if you just stopped paying, they’d deactivate them remotely.

  2. And generally, a livable planet. I’m sure a good amount of people will still be alive and well in 50 years, but people are fully ignorant if they don’t think many millions of people are going to die directly from climate change in the forthcoming 5 decades. Endless heatwaves, ecosystems collapsing, inability to produce crops, and that’s on top of the super unpredictable shit like massive flash floods in places that are used to 9 cm of rain a year.

  3. "You know son, when I was your age we didn't have a subscription model to make toasts every morning. We'd just put bread in and toast would pop out"

  4. Companies can only get away with bullshit practices like ad spam and subscription models when the barrier to entry is high. For example trying to make your own printer or printer company is basically impossible, so you’re locked in to existing companies with their bullshit proprietary overpriced inks.

  5. There’s a short story by Isaac Asimov called “the fun they had”, it’s about kids in a future where all schooling is done online discovering an old book that talks about the olden days when kids went to school and could socialize with their peers.

  6. Came here to say this but yeah, as a Gen Xer I remember the time when we had some privacy in life. I watched it slowly disappear and it's sad. I feel like in the future real privacy will be a luxury only afforded by the very rich and hermits.

  7. The real scary thing about data privacy isn't that everyone can see the pictures you share. I used to work in data sec; phones are constantly tracking your location, and not just "what store are you at" kinda info, it's "what exact shelf in the store were you standing in front of". Companies can buy this data in bulk and start putting out more targeted ads based on that information, and I know it sounds crazy, but it goes even deeper than that. If you live with a partner or someone else with a phone, whoever has that data can recognize that two devices are regularly in close proximity to each other and start showing both people ads based on each others profiles. And sure, folks will say "it's just ads, its no big deal.", but is it just ads? You can do a LOT with the data people share. Anything from creating profiles of political beliefs by location based on peoples searches - think, drawing voting district lines with that data - to matching people to known crimes based on their location data giving their proximity to the crime. I understand how "tin foil hat" that can sound if you don't know much about tech, but without rigorous data privacy protections built into our legislation, our lack of privacy will only get worse.

  8. I'm working hard to make sure my kids have the autonomy to decide their own social media presence. I don't think most parents are malicious clout chasers when they post their kids stuff, rather they aren't thinking of their children as autonomous individuals and future adults. Their lives and their kids lives are one and the same, so they share without thinking about a the potential long term impact for their kids as future adults. It's a novel social issue that we have to deal with as it comes along.

  9. I'm already wishing I had that my mom has my entire life on MySpace (well started with that) and now Facebook and she still tries to post my entire life there even after I've moved out. Meanwhile I have social media accounts but I've almost never just updated what's going on in my personal life through it. I just find it weird if someone wanted to go through my entire life history from birth-18 they can find it

  10. I have an unopened box of Frozen -themed breakfast cereal I've saved for the last 7 years. We'll be unstoppable.

  11. Hang on to your clothes, kids, because fashion is cyclical. I have clothes in my closet from 2005 waiting to make a reappearance... At my next yard sale.

  12. I've always estimated it to be more like 30 years. The 80s was crazy about the 50s: Back To The Future, La Bamba, The Stray Cats, Porky's. Peggy Sue Got Married took place in 1960, technically, but it's not really "the sixties" as we think of it.

  13. I think this is already dead. You can be anonymous to other people, but there are entities and agencies that identify people based on how they move their mouse. You have to be Snowden paranoid to browse without being IDd by anyone

  14. that's something people are alredy nostalgic for lmao. my car was made while Truman was president you can do almost everything yourself it's crazy.

  15. Dude. My subaru manual is 6000 pages long and doesn't actually tell you how to fix things, just how to change parts.

  16. I think they'll definitely still be around in the 2070s. Don't underestimate the Dutch; their coastal engineering is so good that it would take 4+ meter sea level rise to wipe them out, even though a large portion of their land is already below sea level.

  17. Back when social media was just on a phone, and not implanted on a chip in your brain. Personalised ads in your dreams

  18. I think there will be a next generation form of social media. Wether this is the metaverse or some other form. I think you're right and social media is going to change a lot in the future

  19. Got locked out of my email that my Facebook is attached too. And the only thing that had the password saved so I could sign in was my computer. Had to restore it, it wiped everything including passwords and now I have no Facebook and it's fucking awesome. I haven't argued with someone on a topic I don't give a shit about in a month and I feel great 😃

  20. Continual corporate surveillance. Everywhere you go, everything you see, everyone you meet and everything you buy will be known and used to sell you more or manipulate your opinions.

  21. Early 2000s internet where you could search something on Google and your biometric data and search records weren’t sent to 50+ government agencies and data mining firms

  22. Adblock/skippable ads. In the future decade I can see repeatable unblockable ads becoming mainstream in places like YouTube, Netflix, etc…

  23. I'm already nostalgic for that... We're heading now to minutes long ads and this sucks so much when I think of the original YouTube

  24. Ugh, makes me think of one of the first Black Mirror episodes where the guy HAS to watch the advertisements on the walls of his bedroom.

  25. I already miss seeing hedgehogs while walking home (this is in England), their numbers have been dwindling for quite some time.

  26. Bugs. I was just telling my wife that I havent seen one of those small white butterflies for the entire year and we're already getting into fall.

  27. 68% drop in wildlife count since 1970. Like, all of it. Fish, birds, insects, mammals. You name it, humanity is killing it.

  28. I’m already there. I grew up spending summers at my grandparents’ house on the Chesapeake bay, and when I was a kid you could walk out into the water and scoop up Blue Crabs with a net, there were so many of them.

  29. You may find searching “generational amnesia” interesting. Delves into how people assume their original ecological environment is what was “wild” or “natural,” despite their recollection being in an already degraded state from the previous generation (who is no longer around to speak of it). When you say “they are already on the decline,” this can unfortunately be said for the past few centuries, it’s just that nobody is around to remember what a true “wild” looks like any more.

  30. It's when people see a bunny and go "Ooh look a bunny!", and you realise that it really shouldn't be that surprising to see a bunny. It's sad.

  31. Birds used to dark in the sky. They were butterflies everywhere. So much is already gone. We don’t notice because of human life it’s just a little bit too short.

  32. I remember going to popular pokestops near my apartment after my wife went to bed from like 10PM - 12AM to hunt for pokemon and they were always packed with people of all ages.

  33. I still play it. It’s embarrassing. I am embarrassed. But my husband and I find quite a bit of joy out of it, we trade Pokémon, catch Poke at the beach or when we go somewhere unique. No one knows except our adult daughter and now… Reddit.

  34. I’m convinced the world actually ended in 2016, that was our peak. Cubs won the World Series, I met my future fiancé, Pokémon go… the world was great and full of hope

  35. Look at Mr Fancypants here who could afford a branded Slip N Slide. Back in my day we had to make due with a tarp and a running hose.

  36. My Mum speaks about how every winter in the 70s, there would always be massive amounts of snow that would stay around for days.

  37. Sad but true. We used to have tons of snow every winter season. We haven't had snow since 5 years now. Only very occasionally but it melts right away and left nothing but water on the ground. It really hurts to see.

  38. I was born in Russia. The Russian attitude to snow is literally “kill it with fire” as we have too much of it. However, everyone also seems nostalgic for the 19th century & time of the tsar when we could take sleds to work & towns were cut off from each other for months at a time. It’s a weird disconnect we have. Once the gas fields are depleted we might have more snow again but then we’ll also die so idk

  39. The inbred senator from my home state in the US had a compelling argument. He brought a cooler onto the Senate floor. He reached into the cooler and pulled out a snowball. Basically “how can climate change be real if I have this snowball?”.

  40. I'm convinced WoW is going to be the longest running mmorpg. It doesn't matter how much Blizzard screws up retail expansions. Players are addicted and will keep playing or coming back. The game is unique to others.

  41. In large cities it wouldn't be allowed. A human among many computers is unpredictable and too dangerous.

  42. We already had that it was called Trolley and Trains. The idea of the smart car has only hurt high speed rail and trolley cars.

  43. I think driving is going to be one of the things people look back on and think is so dangerous and crazy that we done it at all.

  44. Come to South Africa. We already have planned powercuts multiple times a day called "loadshedding". We are all nostalgic for days where we had 24 hours straight with electricity.

  45. Power revolution is coming in a huge way. Solar is cheaper and more efficient each year, and fusion breakthroughs happen all the time.

  46. I sometimes walk through the grocery store and wonder if I’ll be telling future kids about what this time of hedonistic excess was, this era where no matter the season, every grocery store was full of every food you would want. How now expensive foods that are difficult to grow in the post climate change hellscape were once things an average person could have whenever they want.

  47. Retail shopping. There will be these cutesy, extremely expensive retro shops selling things you'd find at the convenience store.

  48. That will hopefully still be around in fifty years. Meeting up with friends feels different then being in a group chat, and I'm assuming VR still has a long time before recreating temperature and touch sensing.

  49. I'd say people will miss being uncontactable. Like back in the day, you could just go to your bedroom, and block the rest of the world away for a couple of hours. Now we've got video calls, phone calls, texts, emails. Urgh.

  50. You can also do it today, there is a "power off" button on your phone. Takes 3 seconds and you can get to the magical land of "back-in-the-days-it-was-so-nice"

  51. I own my home. I've already decided that since I have no heirs, when I die I'm going to give my home to a young family. It'll set them up for life. Imagine never having to pay rent or save for a home. You could save for retirement instead.

  52. The phones, appliances that we are using. Just like cd, dvd, nokia series, windows xp, retro kitchen appliances and such is very nostalgic to many people out there.

  53. Congratulations on picking your new couch and loveseat! The reclining feature is available for $25 a month and the sleeper function on the couch is on special this week! It's either $50 a month or $100 per use. The couch and loveseat will need to be connected to the Internet at all times and we reserve the right to reclaim either one at any moment for any reason!

  54. We had an awesome multiple movie theater in Revere Mass with like twenty theaters in it. It was nice and they did an awesome job with it. I went there my whole life and took my kids there.

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