1. Husband’s mother was supposed to watch it on video chat. She “forgot” it was our wedding day and we literally had to wait for someone to go to her house and wake her up..she had to find a way to make it about her. When we were tryna call I had said “hey if she doesn’t answer we can always just record it for her” and she saw that I said that and called my husband the next day saying “thank you for standing up for me” when all he said was “lemme try calling her one more time and then we’ll start” so irritating…

  2. There was a huge fight between some family members. My brothers, cousins and my stepdaughters boyfriend were involved. I still don’t know what really happened though. It was total chaos. The DJ packed up after that and told everyone the bride (me) sent him home. I did not send him home so it ended early and I still don’t know why. It was a mess from the day I started planning though. My mom tried to take over every detail of the planning and nothing about that day was what I really wanted or imagined.

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