1. Lol, I have reason to belive a single cool white Led and a battery could make you an angel to anyone 🤣

  2. I like this one most because it captures multiple technologies in one. The flash would show how we have been able to produce light, and the camera aspect shows how we can capture light and then produce a tangible picture of what they just experienced. I feel like they would understand and appreciate this one the most.

  3. I was going to say my mobile phone but then who am I going to call? I suppose I could blow their minds with some Candy Crush.

  4. If you download the right apps/media, you have a flashlight, music player, eReader, encyclopedia, calculator, video player, camera, translator, scanner, and more. I think it would still be the right choice. Just need to bring a solar+crank charger.

  5. A flashlight. Some of our technology requires too much context they wouldn't have to fully appreciate. But they would instantly understand the utility of a flashlight.

  6. Came here to say this. One of the emergency crank or shake powered ones so it doesn't have a limited use due to batteries dying. I had one you could shake to recharge the batteries as a kid. The case was clear so you could see how it worked.

  7. Just going to serious mode for a second... If anyone is travelling in modern day earth to somewhere with limited Internet access (e.g. North Korea, parts of rural Africa) the KIWIX project

  8. A spice rack... a spice rack. I don't even own a spice, let alone many spices that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a spice rack?

  9. That's always my go to invention if I was ever thrown back in time, even 2000+ years. As long as the society can do basic metal working, I could probably instruct someone to make a simple bike.

  10. This is really good. Complex enough to blow everyone's minds. Simple enough to not be witchcraft, and very useful.

  11. damn this is a really good idea since making reverse engineering out of it would be possible for almost anyone willing to do it. ant it would be extremely usefull to move arround.

  12. I'd bring a modern college physics textbook to Issac Newton. He was already blowing the minds of everyone there but I'd just ramp that up to 11.

  13. He'd probably be very pissed off to see that it is Leibniz' notation and concept descriptions that are now used instead of his.

  14. I seriously wonder if even Newton, one of the greatest geniuses in history, would accept quantum mechanics. He wouldn't have the equipment to perform the experiments that Einstein, Rutheford, Planck, and all the others from the turn of the 20th century needed to prove the theory, and without the results, it would seem like complete hokum.

  15. A bicycle — not likely to get me burned at the stake for witchcraft, doesn’t require electricity, and I bet people would be stoked about it. People would think I’m a mechanical genius!

  16. I’m curious how difficult it would be to replicate a crude bicycle with their materials. I think the most difficult part would be making tires.

  17. Full blown professional demon costume. I’m talking high class shit. And then some of those wireless led lights to put in the masks eye sockets so when I turn on the leds, it’ll make my eyes glow

  18. Antibiotic resistance sets in by the 18th century, billions die. Hope you also gave them a microbiology textbook cause they won't have any tools to address that problem.

  19. This is just a season of Outlander. The character traveled back to revolutionary times as a 1960s doctor. She took hundreds of pieces of bread and let them mold until she finds the right type of mold and lets that type grow by continuing to feed it. Penicillin. She already knows what Penicillin looks like under a microscope and they have microscopes in the 1700s.

  20. I'd write down every major historical event for a few years in a notebook. I'd call it "The Bible 2". I'd spread rumors about its predictions before they happened. I'd give the book to a random person. In the book I would give an exact time and place of the second coming of Jesus.

  21. If you brought them back, wouldn't they just be a few years old according to carbon dating and be seen as frauds?

  22. A synthesiser, amp and power supply, which I present as a gift to Bach and proceed to have my own mind blown along with everyone else's.

  23. This is a stupid answer, but… I would first investigate one town or village that’s particularly well documented. Then I would come back in time with pictures of them, and information about their families for me.

  24. No one said you couldn't go to a place in Africa! Blow their minds and radically change the course of history giving awesome knowledge or tech before Europe or the Americas have access to it :)

  25. Can I take my house. Primarily for the running water since electricity won’t work. Proper plumbing and sanitation will do them wonders.

  26. If you're assuming that the electrical infrastructure doesn't travel with you I don't know why you'd think that water infrastructure would.

  27. I feel like anything that truly blows people's minds will also get you killed. I think you'd have to pick an example that is far enough ahead of their technology, but probably not computer age.

  28. I think people were a lot smarter in the past than we give them credit for. Some people might think things are magic or demonic, but a lot of people would recognize it was technology, even if they didn’t know how it worked. Imagine someone came from the far future with tech we can’t imagine. At worst we’d assume they’re an alien 😂

  29. Depends on who you show it to. You show a smart phone to Ben Franklin and tell him that his experiments involving electricity were critical in its development, and the guy would probably lose his shit in a good way that his work helped create something like this.

  30. yeah let alone the materials the quality of even the shittiest clothing today is far above what they could make at the time.

  31. A single wheel, when I prove that I am actually from the future they will be blown away that I am stupid enough to think a wheel is something new.

  32. A roll of aluminum foil. Aluminum was a precious commodity until the late 1800s and it wasn't even isolated in a pure form until the early 1800s.

  33. True, in fact the capitol building in Washington was built with a dome covered in aluminium foil to show how modern and rich the new country was.

  34. Wait wait, everyone hear her out on this one… What kind of pants are we talking here? Cause I’ve always had the theory jeans or yoga pants could cause world peace if worn in the right time period. 🤔

  35. a Philippino friend told me that there is a type of fish that sailors way back would use as pocket pussy as long as it's kept alive it can be reused or simply used and released. and i read a historical story about a melon merchant that got a bad patch that couldn't sell so he sold it for cheap as a pocket pussy. i think what you will take back would be better but it won't be revolutionary

  36. Early electrical components used insulators made of cloth and gutta-percha, but high power electrical components are really difficult to make without polymer insulation derived from petroleum. It would be rather difficult to industrialize at all without cheap energy to start. It takes a lot of energy to make a power grid- simply melting enough ore to make the copper is a big challenge, to say nothing of the necessity of roads and railroads. It is perfectly realistic to imagine a renewable powered civilization in the near future, but building one from scratch would be a challenge.

  37. Bath salts. It has nothing to do with whatever you’re saying I’m just addicted to bath salts so I’m definitely bringing that

  38. This would be harder than you think. People of this time had to work very hard to survive. They might be the most impressed with a truck or tractor because the demonstrable utility would be in line with the necessary toil of survival

  39. Non-dip fountain pens were quite the social revolution in the very late 1800s. People indeed would be interested in good pens. Early lead pencils were in use as far back as the 1500s.

  40. A few books with the know how to create inventions that can be made in the time period's technological age and obtainable resources, to further spur advancements. And patent that stuff with laws protecting it from privatisation. It would cover some medical texts, mechanical/electrical and engineering

  41. I feel like this question is geared to a certain race/location. Like 1700s Europe or European colonies. But it would be amazing to see India, or Tibet, or Kenya, or Australia… can you imagine the wildlife you’d see? Oceans full of fish and whales and zero plastic pollution! The people of the world would have no idea of the air pollution coming, nor of the obscene threat of nuclear annihilation! But there was so much evil then, too, like legal slavery. I’d take a collection of videos that outline the coming events and hope they’d look for ways to do it better.

  42. Australia’s wildlife was already pretty depleted by the 1700s. But the likes of the Great Barrier Reef would’ve been even more spectacular.

  43. Not really responding to the question but do you imagine how much peoples from the past would freak out seeing some high-end technology like an helicopter, a fighter jet or just a plane, an automatic rifle or just a car ? It would be very intersting seeing that if it could happen.

  44. Single most comprehensive textbook of each of the major STEM disciplines. Bring them straight to the best university I can reach. See how fast it takes for them to accelerate scientific progress.

  45. A bunch of those hidden 3D image fractal posters. And maybe some Halloween transforming monster portraits.

  46. Tomatoes. Seriously it wasn't till Thomas Jefferson that tomatoes were considered safe to eat so all I gotta do is eat one before him

  47. The tomatoes themselves wouldn't blow their minds, because Europeans had been growing them since at least the 1540s albeit for ornamental purposes.

  48. I would bring a bouncy ball. Imagine George Washington seeing a bouncy ball for the first time. I think that would be pretty funny.

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