1. Years ago, I studied overseas, and was a poor student on a strict budget. Part of my budget was entertainment, which amounted to basically 2 'pressions' at Happy Hour. This was the early 90's when RuPaul had just released Supermodel - You Better Work, but more saliently, every single Happy Hour opened with Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" though I don't know why this recording had been chosen as the tone-setter for the festivities, esp. outside of the holiday season. ???

  2. I read the question and was more focused on what kinds of snacks there would be. Can I pick that instead, and you just play some random movie. Preferably something long so it's less playthroughs.

  3. David Attenborough's voice is so soothing. My sister puts on nature documentaries while doing housework. I've seen most of them multiple times, but they're still so good.

  4. This was the first VHS I ever bought. I would watch it most nights before bed in middle school. Great film, still holds up. Rachel Weisz will forever be a dreamboat.

  5. I LOVE this movie! When I saw it in theaters in second grade, it was the most fun I ever had in a movie. I was blown away by the action, adventure, and the mild horror. Such a fun film!

  6. Fun fact, i live very close to the place where they filmed this. I've been into the “hotel” he stays at, which is actually either an opera house or the old court house, don't remember which. There's a plaque at the spot where Phil keeps stepping in the puddle as well.

  7. This is one of my very favorite movies. I watch it every year on Groundhog Day. It’s like a little ritual with just myself. Sometimes I even take a mental health day on this day and watch this and just spend time for myself

  8. I'd go with Fellowship myself. It's not like I haven't already watched it a dozen times willingly already.

  9. ”…no it’s not, it’s fucking Sunday… and I’ve got to go to fucking work in FOUR fucking hours because every other fucker in my fucking department is FUCKING ILL! NOW CAN YOU SEE WHY I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY!?”

  10. He doesn't fall into the black hole, which would have killed him, he falls in a higher dimensional construct known as a tesseract which the "five dimensional beings" that they keep mentioning throughout the movie placed there. He discovers that this construct allows him to view and interact with spacetime, the fourth dimension, in a way where he can see his daughter's bedroom in the past and send messages back. We discover that he was the one who sent the NASA coordinates back in binary and the message "STAY" to himself in Morse code because he at this point believes he's trapped there with no way to help his family on Earth and hopes that his past self just refuses to go on the mission altogether. He then realizes that the beings didn't bring him here, he and TARS brought themselves, and that they can therefore send a message back to help the people left on Earth. TARS gives him the data they acquired from falling past the black hole's event horizon which will allow Murph to solve the equation on gravity which is needed to get everyone on Earth off the planet, translated into binary which he then inputs into the movement of the second hand of Murph's watch on the shelf by exerting a gravitational force on it, which Brand (Anne Hathaway, not Michael Cain) mentioned earlier is the only force capable of existing outside spacetime and therefore capable of affecting the past. After that the tesseract closes and Cooper realizes that the beings are actually future humans who have been able to evolve past a four dimensional existence thanks to having survived Earth's demise due to Cooper's mission. After he is sent back through the wormhole and is found by the humans who have now been able to send massive space stations in space thanks to Murph solving the gravity equation, we see that 50 something years have passed from Earth's frame of reference due to the extreme time dilation caused by the black hole's massive gravitational force bending spacetime around it. Hope this helps

  11. Tenet for me. Interstellar was fairly straightforward imo but Tenet... that hurts my brain on a whole different level. Still haven't completely understood it after three watches.

  12. I love idea of someone getting sick of a movie 20 hours in and being like "sorry guys I tried but me being bored is more important than you being alive"

  13. These people are Satanists, as I sit here they are Satanists. The world is full of these kinds of things! Look Black masses, mutilations... MUTILATIONS!!! The incubus, the succubus... I'm telling you Walter was a human sacrifice!

  14. “I've never seen that. I've never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick. I've never seen that.” ~Ray

  15. I've never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick

  16. FUCK me I just wrote this hahahah. Such a good movie. "I want to kill. Everyone. Satan is good. Satan is my pal"

  17. Honestly, I could probably even just watch the opening train sequence from Last Crusade all day long. I love that part of the movie so much.

  18. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, because these "you must do this meaningless thing or you die" posts sound like the Knights Who Say "Ni!"

  19. I have like 99% of the movie memorized, but this sounds like a great opportunity to really learn how to nail each lines delivery.

  20. I love the Holy Grail. I had to do a project for college where we had to turn a movie into a movie trailer, but it had to represent the film in another genre. I chose The Holy Grail and turned into a "serious" drama-action film trailer. Check it out, if you would like:

  21. As the dad of a 7 month old, I already do this with Shrek for free. I now hate Shrek and smash mouth.

  22. I tried to find where that was streaming a year or two back and it led me to the show on Hulu by accident. Absolutely love the show. Still haven’t seen the movie, which feels odd

  23. Ocean's 11. I've seen it dozens of times already. I find it very relaxing to watch. I could watch it 10 times in a row, no bother.

  24. It would have to be one that I really didn't care for that much but could tolerate. After watching a single movie like that I have my doubts that I could ever appreciate it again.

  25. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World. It’s a really long movie and pretty consistently funny, so there will be a good amount of variety while waiting out the clock

  26. Can I pick a movie I like and only watch it like twice in a row, and then half my family dies but I get to choose who? I’d prefer that

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