1. Scrappy-Doo was the only character worth watching. Sure, he bit off more than he could chew, but he was the only one NOT shitting his pants at yet another dress-up ghost. I will die on this hill.

  2. The gold standard for this was Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch, but to me I gotta go with Randy on That 70s Show. What annoyed me the most was that Topher Grace did not resemble comics Eddie Brock in any way, who looked at skinny-ass Eric Forman and thought "there's our Venom"? He didn't have to leave the show for such a mismatched role in the worst Raimi Spider-man!

  3. I feel this is likely more a symptom than a cause, but Game of Thrones definitely felt like it was going down hill in a big way around the time when they added Euron Greyjoy (it could actually be Victarion for all I can remember- I’ve intentionally omitted a lot of that show from my memory).

  4. It was going downhill when they went off (or surpassed) the source material. But also, yes, Euron's character was kind of cringe. So were the sandsnakes.

  5. Randy on That 70s Show. They should've just cut the group down to 5, so Eric's absence could actually be felt.

  6. It's called character development and it was great. These 2 gave the show life. Penny was just a sex doll to attract the hornys to the show.

  7. A lot of shows have a habit of giving the well adjustested character a love interest. Build it up for a few seasons just to introduce a new character for them to cheat with within a few episodes of their introduction.

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