1. I seriously think my vagina and urinary tract must both be made of ademantium. I abuse the shit out of both of them and (so far) have never had a problem. And then there’s my one friend who gets UTIs and yeast infections just from using a bath bomb. So much of that is luck of the draw.

  2. Wait that’s a thing.. there’s more to periods than just pads and tampons.. Edit: yes I’m serious I didn’t know that then again I’m still just an immature 16 year old lmao thanks for the education though that’s actually interesting, good to know

  3. My bf has a hard time understanding why I’m not too comfortable going to his parents whilst on my periods… there is just so much I need to think about: staining the towels; the bedsheets; no bin in any toilets; not wanting to go on a hike because of cramps or changing; shower in the middle of the day when needed. I just want to stay home (his family is very sweet and I’m sure they would say anything if I stain anything but it’s just very uncomfortable)

  4. I dont think ill ever understand the insistence on fake pillows on the bed youre not allowed to use but have to be present.

  5. I’m a man but I’m just starting to rewire my brain to realize/think that my wife doesn’t need everything solved. A lot of the times she just wants to complain and blow off steam to feel better. Men tend to be the there’s a problem? Fix it type when that’s just not always a thing for emotional issues or just some life issues in general.

  6. I often just ask "do you want to vent or are you looking for a solution" as my brain is taking in more information and changing the plan 😂

  7. There isn't always a solution for what is bothering someone. Sometimes, you have to be okay with the fact that someone is bothered by something, that they have every right to be bothered by and that neither they nor you can change.

  8. Exactly, I'm struggling with this too, because I know when I have an issue I want to have it discussed like a problem. So I argue on solutions for how to fix the problem, when she just wanna blow off steam.

  9. It’s crazy how true this is. And it’s so hard to accept it as a man for some reason lol. I feel so unsatisfied not responding with a solution when my wife is complaining about a process at work that she can’t stand or interpersonal problems with her co workers, or how disorganized she is. Logical me wants to propose she does this or maybe that, because if I was personally divulging to another person about things that annoy me or I wish were different, typically I’m divulging with the purpose of seeking advice or guidance. Not just to fill empty air with words over and over again about the same issue while making no action towards remedying the situation outwardly or internally.

  10. How to french braid hair. So I start braiding, but then I have to bring more and more in each turn, and it just looks like ass. I can tear apart a carburetor, but I wish I could figure that shit out. At least my kid says "thanks for trying dad" lol.

  11. I learned how to French braid on a Barbie doll! I watched several tutorials on YouTube! A suggestion for making it not “look like ass,” use a slightly tighter grip as you being in more hair, and smooth out the fly away hairs! I hope this helped you a little bit!

  12. I'm a woman and I've never figured out how to do that either. I just assumed that I would magically know how to once I was an adult woman, but I'm 27 and still none the wiser.

  13. My dad couldn't do a ponytail properly. After the one time he looped the elastic once too many and my eyes were slanted from how tight my hair was, he wouldn't loop it tight enough - because he was afraid of hurting my little head. My teacher often fixed my hair once I got to school. My babysitter eventually taught me how to French braid. He could do pigtails tho (those were too tight but they didn't give me vision issues lol)

  14. What has always made me laugh about this is there's so many different reasons to be in a bad mood. Maybe you just got in an argument with someone you care about. Maybe your head hurts. Maybe something really bad happened in your life. Regardless, that group of dudes that hyperfocuses on "must be PMS" whenever a woman isn't in an amazing mood are so weird, like who cares what the reason is just be nice and help where you can.

  15. It's the complete opposite with me - I always confuse period with bad mood. Like, I'm always assuming the other person is just in a bad mood, which often leads to some uncomfortable situations

  16. On the other side of that coin: I am more likely to speak up when something's bothering me when I am on my period. I'm already uncomfortable, and there's only so much I want to add to that. Just because I am willing to tolerate bullshit most of the month, that does not mean it isn't bullshit the whole time.

  17. I actually never understood fellow guys who said stuff conveying moody to period. Like what good are you expecting to come from that? Please correct me if I feel like I’m missing something-

  18. I am a man and a physician and am SHOCKED by how much women get gaslit about pelvic issues. I pushed my wife to get an MRI even though her gyno didn't recommend it. Stage 4 endometriosis. Many women just resign themselves to so much pain and are constantly reminded that it just be that way. More research money is spent on curing baldness than pelvic pain.

  19. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but you can see endometriosis on an MRI?! I have been told by every single gynecologist I have seen since I was 18 that the only way to diagnose it is laparoscopically. Hence why I’ve had horrific periods since the day I got my first period at 13 and I have never been formally diagnosed bc oh noes, that’s surgery! Why do surgery when I can eat away my stomach with Advil every single month since I can’t take the pill???

  20. Thank you for being an understanding doctor. There are less than understanding docs of both sexes and it's truly astonishing. Children of medical professionals can also have it rough in those cases also.

  21. From a women's perspective, going to the bathroom in groups. It just seems so natural for me to go to the bathroom with my entire group of friends for protection and comfort, but after talking with my guy friends they all find it really weird, even though I've explained the concept of it to them multiple times.

  22. I am a shy pee-er and i hate this social construct, and tbh i just like the tiny break from socializing. Every time a friend goes to the restroom when i do, i die a little inside.

  23. The funny thing about men and the group peeing is we totally do it, just not in bathrooms. I’ve pissed next to multiple buddies while in the woods or just being outside and we’ll continue full conversations while we have our dicks in our hands 2ft apart but the moment someone tries to talk to you while at a urinal indoors it’s like WTF DUDE

  24. I was out with my brother and three of his male friends, one just gets up and walks away (toward the restroom). He didn't say anything so I said Wheres he going" My brother was like why does it matter? Hes a grown man (18-20) he can do what he wants. I said well if I was going anywhere I'd tell someone first. He reiterated what he said

  25. This comes from the fact that in a men's room you just don't talk. Not a word. So some men imagine women going to the bathroom together and still just remaining entirely silent, quietly washing your hands then only acknowledging each other's existence once you're outside the bathroom. Like God intended.

  26. They're a threat to all, but some are predisposed for whatever reason to get them more often. Wash your hands before sex, pee afterwards, and drink lots of water.

  27. Im a guy and grew up with 3 sisters and all I can say is “The pill ≠ Sexually active” One of my sisters had issues with acne so she got the pill just so it would clear up her skin and it worked. My dad is very catholic and he had a hard time letting her go to planned parenthood to clear up acne.

  28. Also it can be for very bad periods. Someone I know has extremely painful, long periods, so they have to get the pill cause otherwise they're on their bed in pain all week.

  29. People still don't realize that The Pill = MEDICINE. It's straight up necessary to function for some women, and an insurance provider not covering it is mind-bogglingly stupid.

  30. I used to have very irregular/painfull periods and my very catholic mom didn't wanna because it was like giving permission for premarital sex. Fortunately, my even more catholic father convinced her that it was ridiculous, and to trust the doctor.

  31. Maybe it's just the male friends that I have, vut we generally don't talk about women we find attractive unless we're actually interested in being with them. Even then we kept things on a need to know basis. Even the biggest slutty fuckboy friend never told us anything that went on in the bedroom, if we ever asked if he had sex with a specific person he would usually answer with something like "does it matter?"

  32. I think that very few women can be attracted to a man just on his looks. He can have movie-star looks, but you're always allowing for the possibility that he's a jerk. But, there are a lot of men who are still attracted to women even if they're total assholes.

  33. I used to think that the excuse of "I'm washing my hair that night" was just supposed to be an obvious way of being dismissive when invited somewhere. I took it as a rude response that said "I'd literally rather do anything than that."

  34. Long thick hair is very annoying and high maintenance. There’s a reason the Jamie Lee Curtis look is popular with older women.

  35. When I lived alone years ago, I used to put an away message up on my Fb page whenever I went jogging: “Out for a jog. If this message doesn’t change in two hours, check on me.” It got thumbs up from friends online letting me know they were looking out.

  36. In college i had a guy friend who discussed his love for walking in the streets at night alone and how it was really peaceful ( he was a college football player) . I told him how nice those sounds and I would love to go on night runs after sunset (especially during the summer when the temperature during the day is 95 degrees) but unfortunately I don't walk or run in the streets at night.

  37. you'd be surprised at the amount of bigotry and hate that originates from someone not being aware of a different person's inherent experiences in life and then jumping to negative conclusions when they see the results of interacting with those experiences for a lifetime. If only we could be taught from a young age about people who are different from us and how that affects them *cough* dontsaygaybill *cough*

  38. Ugh. Yeah. In high school I lived one mile away from a friend. We used to meet up and go for runs in our small town. One day a man was arrested for the kidnapping teenage girls near us and our parents stopped letting us run to meet each other, and suddenly those couple of blocks for us to meet felt really long. Haven’t run in my hometown since. There’s been lots more to happen too. Small towns are weird

  39. Jesus christ; please, under no circumstances, meet men for the first time at their house/alone. It's so unnecessary, and so risky. If that's the only way he wants to meet for the first time, then dump his ass immediately. 31 yo male here, BTW.

  40. How do you piss though? I have a young daughter who I've had to assist a couple of times when she has needed to pee outdoors. When she does it it goes off like tiny sprinkler system, spreading pee in every direction at the same time. Is that how you always pee or is it a skill acquired later?

  41. I have explored the same vaginal region with my face literally hundreds of time over the 12 years I've been with my wife and I still couldn't pin point her urethra.

  42. Tone. How you say something is so important to women. I often think because it’s the only socially acceptable way women are allowed to fight. How you say something is just as important as what you say.

  43. God I used to fight with my mom constantly about this when I was a teenager. She was always accusing me of using "that tone" and I never knew what the fuck she was talking about.

  44. Bro it’s like my male roommates think tone, body language, and facial expressions don’t exist?? They’re like “I didn’t SAY that it’s not what I want to do” but it’s like, you pursed your lips and said “yeah we can do that” in an uncertain way.

  45. THIS. I say this all the time. It instantly puts me on edge when someone has a bad tone. My whole demeanor changes. It just feels like disrespect especially if I make it a point to have a good attitude and be friendly no matter what I may be going through.

  46. My gf does this a lot and it drives me mad. I'll say something and she'll say "yes..." with a tone and body language that SCREAMS no to me. But only after i say that i can tell she actually means no will she give her true opinion... JUST TELL ME NO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOVE, I'LL NOT BE OFFENDED!

  47. It took a long time for me to realize that women need to form an emotional connection for intimacy not that particular fact but the fact that women need constant maintenance of that connection through sharing thoughts and experiences daily.

  48. Yep. If a woman isn’t even sure you like her (PDA is not proof, sex especially is not proof!) she probably won’t feel as comfortable with you being near her or touching her.

  49. Man here. I seem to be the only one of my friends who realizes that just because the attractive girl at the bar being nice and talkative with you does not mean she wants to fuck you

  50. Well, most men can't tell thw difference in flirting and being nice. Personally I'm not used to affection from anyone so if someone is just being nice to me several times I don't know if it's flirting or not

  51. I get that. It’s about the act of thinking about them enough to want to get them flowers because we think they are worth it. As a man, my Neanderthal brain tells me why buy something that’s just going to die eventually. The curse of being simple minded I guess.

  52. Changing in front of each other. It’s not weird to me or any of my friends at all but my bf and brother said it makes them really uncomfy to do that with their friends. Never really understood that one lol

  53. I wrestled in high school. I've seen more naked men than women (porn not withstanding.) I don't understand being uncomfortable, but I don't find it surprising.

  54. Hugging and kissing each other every morning at school as if they haven’t met for a long time

  55. This is more of western thing I feel. Im from south-eastern Europe nad hugging your bros as a sing of greeting is normal. Also 3 kisses on the cheeks is a form of traditional greeting widely used even today.

  56. Theres a lot of videos online of men being playful and quirky, women absolutely adore that too, but theres this underlying threat under the interactions with men vs women. Always always in the back of the girls head is "oh god is this guy gonna be some sort of stalker or weirdo that wont leave me alone later?". (I think some socially awkward men understand this when they say "hey Im nice dont worry!") The ammount of stories Ive heard of women who were kind to men only to later have guys after them/stalk them when they were visibly uncomfortable. This happened to me at night when I was chilling by a street with a skateboard and some 50 year old man approached me and talked to me (even asked for me to keep his number and talked about how he had a good job "wink wink). I really didnt want to to be mean, I dont think even those folks deserve scorn and poor treatment, I always give benefit of doubt, but I did dash out of that situation super fast. (Funny enough my friends boyfriend was suprised this had happened to me and said such a thing never happened to him, and such things had happened to both me and his girlfriend, my friend)

  57. When to back the fuck off. Social cues are something is VERY important in this world. Of you're approaching a woman, and her body language is closed off, she doesn't wanna talk to you. If she doesn't seem like she's into your advances, back off. If she says, "no thanks", back off.

  58. I’m autistic and I can’t read body language at all and barely understand incredibly exaggerated tone. If I meet someone for the first time I just tell them I’m autistic and explain that they have to explicitly say anything they want me to understand and don’t have to give me a reason for it. I also despise physical contact and stay a pretty large distance away from people even when I’m talking to them. In the example you gave, “No thanks” is explicit enough that I feel anyone would understand to back off. I think that anyone who tries to continue isn’t doing so because they don’t understand social cues but is deliberately ignoring them.

  59. I used the “I’m underage”-thing on a dude who was at least 40 and he was into it. I regret not calling the police.

  60. unironically thank you....men everywhere ruin cold approaches for everyone else by being creepy, and not leaving when they get a "no". walk the fuck away. you're not going to persuade the woman who knows nothing about you that she's in fact into you if she's not even open to talk to you or hear you out

  61. Not wanting to walk alone at night. I don’t even like walking into brightly lit, always open, gas station without having my keys positioned in my hands in case someone gets any ideas. Sadly, tonight was the first time I’ve had to deal with unwanted eyes and a dude trying to follow me to my car and grabbing my waist. The dude did drop like a sack of potatoes after one swift kick though :)

  62. Women can be so mean to each other. Was shopping with my wife and she was trying on lots of things that I thought were cute but she didn't keep. When I asked her about she was saying that she was also thinking about what others would say about her in those clothes.

  63. I remember a girl I lived with at uni who was rich, slim, pretty and had long blonde hair. (I was short, with a bit of weight on me, dark haired and fairly plain and quite shy). All of her friends were slim, pretty and with long blonde hair. They would all wear the same skin tight, short dresses on nights out.

  64. While there are obviously exceptions. The majority clothing/makeup/style choices they make are to impress other women, not to impress or attract men.

  65. Speaking from a heterosexual perspective, getting rejected by a woman is not on the same caliber as worrying about a date killing you.

  66. I’ve hung out with more women than men and being a neutral observer as a dude, I can say women understand emotions better and are easier to get along with. And I just typed that in that one narrator dude’s voice on the id channel.

  67. Yeah I think it's interesting as a guy that a conversation with someone you're close to is different depending on the gender of who you're talking to. I find that with women I talk more and am asked more about what I want and what I'm feeling, where with men we instead volunteer information about what we're planning. It's the difference between "what do you want to do with your life," and "I'm planning on doing this so that I can do these things" followed by the implication that you are now supposed to share your own plans.

  68. It's because of how we are socialized. Women are taught to be y'know, less confrontational and more compliant. And that is why we often do not say what is in our minds.

  69. I’ve seen worst enemies turn into best friends. Two of my friends hated each other for the longest time and it got to the point where they beat each other up while drunk.

  70. usually it's just because of friend politics where your other friends are friends with them. but it's also not always fake. like usually we both know we don't like each other but if we have to be together we arent gonna just be mean to each other for no reason and stir up drama

  71. My mom and aunt have been playing a 30 year game of self righteous frenemy chess and after a certain point it’s just funny. They’re clearly deeply annoyed with each other but will act out this whole fake conversation about recipes

  72. Consideration of others. Due to internalized and externaliz3d misogyny, "girls" are usually raised to consider others before themselves. I swear this is what we are confusing to be "empath" which we already know has been proven to not really exist. (Fight me lol)

  73. That if I say "please don't do that. I don't like it", I actually mean it and will get extremely pissed off if you keep doing it.

  74. Having had many conversations with male and female friends in both groups and one on one I don’t think there’s really a clear cut difference. People like to vent pretty equally and people seek advice about equally.

  75. That’s not just a woman thing, people vent to me all the time, best thing to do is just say stuff like ‘aw man that really sucks’ or ‘I can relate, etc.’ and comforting little things like that. I only give them suggestions if they say “what should I do?” or something like that.

  76. Yes. Exactly. I just want someone to say "that sucks." And for even more points maybe like a "let's get McDonald's" to seal the deal.

  77. Disagree. I'm a woman and I hate talking about my problems for no reason. I won't do it unless I need to discuss a solution. My husband will rant endlessly for emotional support without a solution. That's an individual thing, not a woman thing.

  78. Man I hate it when I’m chilling with some girls and they all start doing meth, I just feel so out of place, I’ve got my own crack pipe things going on and it just seems like there’s a social barrier between us

  79. Sometimes I don’t care actually means I don’t care. Example: what do you want for dinner? Answer: I don’t care.

  80. This is just dumb. Sometimes it means you really don't care, sometimes it means you care but don't wanna talk about it, sometimes you wanna talk about it but still get mad when we ask if you're sure you don't care. Just comunicate properly for f*cks sake.

  81. in a relationship, a lot of us seek a deep connection more than anything. if a woman is consistently talking to you, it means she wants to get to know about your past, not listen to you talk about stocks for 30 minutes. they want to have meaningful conversations, not ones that can be “thrown away.”

  82. Why do most women own so much shoes ? Im a typical man in that department, I own a total of 3 pairs. Sorry if that doesnt fit your question. Im not sure if I totally got it.

  83. I think that there’s a large difference in womens outfits for different situations. I don’t think there’s as large of a difference for men. we need different types of shoes for those outfits, because those shoes are part of the outfit. Like, they contribute to the image.

  84. Great question. My wife owns a dozen or more watches, and same for sunglasses. I couldn’t even venture a guess on how many pairs of her shoes are in our closet right now. I own 6 shotguns, and at least 15 different types of hand drills. For me, each is a tool I’ve acquired for a specific purpose. Her “collections” aren’t practical to me, but they make sense to her, and they make her happy, so I respect that (she views my “collections” similarly). Is it possible that you have a collection of something that a woman might find impractical?

  85. The fact that most of us women have a billion different escape plans/self defense moves/weapons on our person every time we leave the house. I don't trust men in public and assume the worst when one approaches me. Most women are like this and it baffles me that men don't understand why.

  86. From a man's perspective, I've been told women say things that are obvious to women, but when I've asked men, it's cryptic and hard to read.... Explains my last relationship XD

  87. You can be texting your partner all day that you are horny as hell, but sometime it will just go away and we will not be in the mood later tonight. It is definitely an on/off switch sometimes.

  88. And it goes both ways. If you're a woman and tell me no to see how far I'll go, you'll be very disappointed

  89. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I grew up in a very large city in texas. Not only is it in the top 10, it's part of the same metro area as 3 of the other top 10 cities.

  90. That how a woman dresses is an act of creative expression. Like painting a picture or playing a piece of music, its the desire to create something beautiful and thats it.

  91. This is the 1000th fucking variation of the same question I've seen here. Seriously this subreddit is turning into Quora.

  92. Women’s every decisions are not made with making sure a man will approve or like her. Makeup isn’t for men to “approve of”. Being nice does not mean we want to sleep with someone.

  93. You know, I have a good friend who I talk with a lot and I’d recently mentioned that I don’t particularly care for makeup/women who use it habitually. I don’t recall why this came up.

  94. telling to every single female friend that they love her and that shes so beautiful etc etc even if they dont mean it

  95. Why would you assume we don't meant it though ? I have yet to meet a woman that is not pretty in a way or another. In my eyes, most people are honestly average looking but everyone has a special something. As long as you're a nice person, I will find something pretty about you and mean it. And yes I love every single one of my friends.

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