1. Some of us know this very well. Another favorite is "gluten free" on products that never would have had gluten to begin with.

  2. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, DareDevil, Mr. Fantastic, Kick-Ass, Venom, Professor X, The new Black Widow, The Thing, Loki, Nebula, any more?

  3. Oh yeah??? Well British actors are amazing, and do perfect American accents, and we enjoy the shit out of them. HOW ABOUT THAT???

  4. I live in the southern US. I still see Trump flags. My son in law's neighbor has a big ass banner on her front porch. She told my SIL he's coming back! Like the second coming of Christ. It's really scary

  5. Yes, I generally am against having a royal family here in the UK, but the one good things is that we have all the pageantry centred around the royals - who basically don't have the power to run our lives - and it isn't given to the politicians.

  6. And it was like the exact opposite of what a lot of the founders wanted. We honestly should have never put them on money. Gave them undeserved clout. All our money should be animals and different national parks, it's the coolest stuff we have.

  7. That's like 1% of people though. At least in my area. Like once a week maybe Ill see Trump 2024 stickers and what not. Now that we have a president who isn't front page news with whatever dumb shit he tweets its been a lot more quiet. I don't hear about Biden much, which is how it should be.

  8. That's kind of a Trump thing. I've been an American for 50 years or so (born here) and I've never seen anything like it. I'm still freaked out by how culty it is.

  9. I know. I kind of want to say "Rest of the world, are you ready to hear that Americans aren't as oblivious as you think we are?".

  10. Basically what the rest of the world hears or sees is the most vocal Americans on either side of anything. Most Americans just go to work/school, hang out with friends and family, watch TV, play games/sports, etc.

  11. Still unsure how we don't have a minimum paid maternity leave here in the US. Along with paternity leave. Yet they yell at us for not having enough kids. Smh

  12. We know, but you're not changing it by refusing to tip you're just screwing over the server. We'd love to change the system too.

  13. Religion in America is, in general, a mess. Here in the UK, religion has some power in politics but not to the extent that it has in America. Bishops mainly speak on topics like Euthanasia as they have experience with dying people.

  14. Funny, there seems to be *licks finger and flips through some pages* here a founding document or two about that .... separation of church ... and ... and ... ah, shit that was a long time ago.

  15. Who isn’t ready to hear this lmao, who is like nah I want to spend 3000 - 6000 dollars for going to the ER WITH health insurance

  16. Other countries don't usually have such an obsession with high school sports. We have teams, maybe soccer, basketball, hockey... but if the team wins the cup or smth, good for them, no one else really cares about other people's after-school activities when you have your own

  17. I’m an American but my one of my professors is from Jamaica. He says that high school football (soccer for other Americans) was treated like the biggest thing ever and if you were a good player in high school they treated you like celebrities. Then you get to college and no one cares.

  18. It’s the community factor. It’s really fun during homecoming week to get dressed up and excited, to go to games and hang out with the people you know. I went to an arts magnet school, so all of our activities and extracurriculars sort of tied into each other. Often students in sports are the same students in band, choir, debate, etc. You really feel like one big team and it’s fun.

  19. I think that while many Americans would be surprised to learn this, it’s not really a bad thing to have students support each others school teams. It’s fun

  20. It’ll be the pinnacle of accomplishment for a lot of those kids, especially the rural communities where the kids have no intent of ever leaving that small town.

  21. Celebrity pastors, commercial mega churches and other such things go against the teacings of Christianity

  22. The only people who don't know that are the people who attend mega churches, have celebrity pastors and other such things.

  23. The issue here is that the U.S. is GIGANTIC and English is most widely spoken. It's not like Europe where crossing into another country is a fairly simple endeavor. There's usually never a need for an American to learn another language. It's nice but... probably won't be an important thing for most Americans to learn.

  24. Yeah, here in Canada, it's usually referred to as "the states" or "the US". It's never America, or "the United States", and certainly never "The United States of America".

  25. It used to anger me (not it only tickles me because many times it is spoken of in an entitled way but whatever) but then I understood is a linguistic thing. It is the united states of america. In spanish we say "united states" and "united-statian" (estadounidense) which sounds weird af in english

  26. Ya know, out of all the top comments I’ve read so far, I agree with this the most. Most of the others are stuff I’m like “yeah I’m well aware, can’t do shit about it”

  27. I work in the trades in the US. I never bothered to learn the metric system or had a very minimal experience with it. Mostly through science class or whatever. On this one particular job I was forced to use the metric system for a month or so and It finally clicked for me. I took the time to learn it and it honestly was so much easier and made so much more sense. I think there is too much push back in the US for it to ever take hold though. Everything is a political issue now.

  28. Someone once asked me how much a five litter bottle of water weighed, and I said “a bit over five kilograms”. They asked me how I knew the answer so fast. I slowly said “because it is a standard unit of measurement? One kilogram per litre of water, plus a bit more for the weight of the plastic bottle.”

  29. And have a tendency to paint every other country in the world's issues as being exactly the same as our own race-based issues.

  30. This drives me nuts. I work in law enforcement in Canada and our official way of writing the date is YYYY/MM/DD. It’s the way I’ve been doing it for 15 years. Recently got a new reporting system (an American system) and it has dates as MM/DD/YYYY. Every time I have to enter a date I almost storm out and quit.

  31. Although, technically YYYY/MM/DD is the best. Its how we count numbers... working from the highest units at the left, to smallest units to the right. That way you can order file names from largest to smallest. Like today is 20220419.

  32. The US makes it incredibly difficult to immigrate out. As a citizen we are taxed on any income we make abroad and to renounce your citizenship it costs like $3,000.

  33. It is bad and actually un ethical that the price tag, dosn't include the tax on it, is not fair having do math in order to know how much you are paying

  34. Further education shouldn't be an opportunity for people to make money out of young people. It should be an investment in the future of the country.

  35. Working colleges should be more of a thing. Imagine working your way through college working on something related to that degree, so you get experience but also helps out with the cost of the school. Only a handful of schools still do this

  36. That not everyone on the internet is from the US. They assume that everyone they’re speaking to lives there and asking questions like “what state are you in right now” or answering things like “you can buy this product at *insert American only store”. I’ve noticed that people who live elsewhere always state where they’re from first before continuing

  37. You can see that in like every advice subreddit where a non-American will begin their post with "I do not live in America", and yet I'd say probably a quarter of the comments are still what to do in an American context.

  38. Straight up facts on this post. I just want to live comfortably and not have to worry about going into debt if I ever need to go to the hospital. Hopefully things change for the better in the near future

  39. For real. I get people like to hate on us, but we are aware (a lot of us) and would allow someone to hate-marry us to get us out of here.

  40. That's the argument though. If you look at what taxes in Europe go to, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, people see the benefits of paying taxes. If you look at what taxes go to in the US then you see why Americans are against high taxes. They don't get the benefits.

  41. like every comment i’ve seen is just a common progressive take here in the us “guns bad” “your healthcare is insane” these are pretty commonly known things by the us. the people that don’t know these things are the loud spoken traditionalists that are most often the face of americans

  42. Americans like to bash places like China for overthetop propaganda and brainwashing, but have you seen the amount of that shit happening in the US? The US isn't the greatest country in the world, and the way Americans talk about it is obnoxious and does more harm than good.

  43. I've read a comment on reddit that US could end the war in Ukraine by sending a group of 20 elite marines and a single A10. I've also read comments of people writing stuff like "Fearless and powerful president Joe Biden"

  44. The US has a serious problem with the farmaceutic industry, like serious, you consume a lot of drugs or medicins since early in life, and may have a large impact in your over all health in the long term.

  45. This needs to be discussed more. Medical industry is seriously using the population, not in their best interests (and they sadly don't know any better or to question medical advice).

  46. To be fair, I'd not at all be surprised if those numbers were to collapse with actual proper healthcare. How many people need pain killers because they are unable to pay for the treatment that would fix the underlying issue, but unable to function with the pain the issue causes? An opioid epidemic like in the US is unheard of in other countries afaik.

  47. You shouldn't be able to get into a university just because you're good at sports and they want to win the next football match even though your grades are terrible.

  48. Americans never adopted imperial units. They adapted English units into US customary units. Britain adapted English units into imperial units.

  49. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a crime, a tragedy, and completely unacceptable. And the last time this happened, it was when the US invaded Iraq.

  50. No, the last time was when Russia invaded Georgia/Ossetia. Then it was Iraq by US, then it was Russia with 2x invasion of Chechnya.

  51. To be fair, I don't think there is a best. It all seems like a bunch of pros and cons when looking at each country. Nobody has quite figured it out yet.

  52. America isn't free. Everything costs the most here and we have the highest percentage of incarcerated people put of any country by far.

  53. American laws don't apply to other countries. So you shouldn't act like you are in America. I'm talking to you those white guys in Japan.

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