1. I taught my baby cousin to say that! She had it perfected when she was a little over a year old. Apparently, she got some weird looks when she greeted an old lady like that in a restaurant, but my uncle thought it was hilarious.

  2. There used to be parts of town where there would literally 1,000+ Plus people walking around playing pokemon, and like half of them didn’t even know a Pokémon besides pickachu before it. Kids. Old people. 75 year old couples, drug addicts, Hugh school kids. Everyone was out just in giant mobs playing pokemon. And honestly there was a surprisingly low amount of fights for having that many people on one area.

  3. Atlas Obscura made a pretty cool map of all the 2016 killer clown sightings in the US. UIt was a damn crazy time, from harambe to killer clowns to Pokemon GO.

  4. Yo-yos were all the rage for like a year in the 90s. Schools had assemblies with yo-yo performers who sold the kids yo-yos afterwards. I checked with a couple friends to confirm this wasn’t only my school.

  5. Lmao the 90’s were something else, Yo yos were banned at my elementary school a few weeks after this. Too many kids were trying to do around the world shit and they said it was dangerous.

  6. People calling each other "Bitches." Like from 2011-2013 it was considered so funny for someone to just say "Whadup Bitchezzz"

  7. Prank Answers are getting big, filming the shit you tell Telemarketers and seeing how long you can keep them on the line believing you are Hugh Janus or Phil McCracken.

  8. I still get those at work, but kids these days don’t know how to do it right. There’s never a punchline, just weird open-ended questions.

  9. Back in highschool, so like in 98, we would skip school, and have prank contests. Rules were always that a stereotypical prank would be decided, and you'd receive points if you made it to the punchline. Nothing beat pretending to be a surveyor finding out about local appliance ownership, just to bust out 'and I just want to confirm the refrigerator you own is running'. People would die laughing when they realized the 10 minutes of cataloguing all their toaster ovens and hair dryers were for naught.

  10. The best part is when Segway sued a Chinese company for making Segway copies...the Chinese company just bought Segway and dropped the lawsuit

  11. Relatedly: the lead up called “project ginger” and it was going to “change how cities are designed.” Every brainy person on the internet invested some brain cells to project ginger

  12. These were so strange. Toys R Us in NYC had one once where a mass amount of people gathered around the giant T-Rex robot and just screamed in unison. Toys r us, who was struggling to stay in business, had no idea what to do or what it meant.

  13. My brother and I talked about this recently. He's several years younger so his peers were super into it, while my friends were more suspicious.

  14. We were quite poor so occasionally as a special treat we would go to the local video store and rent a vcr for the weekend and a few videos.

  15. I was pretty naive to fidget spinners then I visited Istanbul in 2017 and all these street vendors were trying to sell them and I was just like, “wtf are those, Turkey is weird”

  16. Pooping in urinals. That was all the rage back in the early 90s. It seemed like every public restroom you went in had a dookie Eiffel Tower staring you in the eye as you came in, like a senile Walmart greeter. Good times.

  17. Ummmm ever since I met my husband everywhere we go everyday he gets called “boss” by EVERYONE. I’m not even exaggerating. I literally mean everywhere we go. he just gives off those boss vibes and he is a boss. I always make fun of him when we walk away I’m like not again boss it’s EVERY. single. time! 😂 so far I haven’t heard anyone call him anything else now that I think about it

  18. It’s currently being used a lot as part of a Tiktok trend where people tell really tragic facts about themselves lol

  19. Buying trendy belt buckles for your belts. You would get them at mall kiosks in the 2000’s and it would usually be something like the Jordan logo or brass knuckles

  20. I think I still have my favorite one somewhere. Rainbow with white paint splats for studs on the belt, and then the bomb ammo guy from Mario is the buckle.

  21. When all these "influencers" and celebs were doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They should bring back something similar on a yearly basis, a random challenge that they all start doing and make it viral, in order to specifically raise money for good causes.

  22. I didn't understand how the ALS ice bucket challenge worked. It was to raise money, but how ? As a spectator of a challengee, was I supposed to donate so they would do it ? Was someone required to do it if challenged, unless they made a donation ? Or did they still have to get wet even if they made a donation ?

  23. Remember about a year ago when everyone was talking about Birdgerton? Season two just came out and I’ve hardly seen anything about it.

  24. Gel pens, mondos,side pony tales, this stretchy fabric belts over jeans that made you look like you were wearing a long singlet, pointed shoes, hipster jeans, glitter jeans…

  25. They were called ring-back tones. I had “People Are Strange” by The Doors. My little brother would get drunk and call my phone to hear it, and get mad when I had the audacity to answer my phone.

  26. Removing and stretching the plastic seal inside of the cap of a bottle so it would fit around your wrist. Then not-so-inconspicuously trying to pursude your crush of the opposite gender to break the plastic off your wrist.

  27. I remember if someone could perfectly peel a label off a beer bottle at a bar, and they gave it to someone, everyone around would somehow all know to say "They gave you a label! Now you gotta go down on them!"

  28. How about the technical support staff that was also right alongside them in the ICU, building nice platforms so the physicians and nurses could speak face to face to the patients without compromising their own health?

  29. In a meeting at my old job with six figure salary co workers someone mentioned the applause, and I said if you want to really support folks you should donate time or money. Got real quiet in the meeting, then.

  30. maybe not in popular culture, but I remember the 1979 book Godel, Escher, Bach being a huge sensation among a certain set of people, but it seems like almost none of them remember that now

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