1. I’ll submit on behalf of my Reddit-less father. He grew up in genuine poverty (non-canned meat only on Sundays kind of poverty) in the South, and so tomato and mayo sandwiches on white bread were a staple for him.

  2. I crave tomato sandwiches all winter because they just don’t slap as hard if the tomato isn’t local and fresh. Definitely a poor country boy’s delicacy!

  3. when my grandma left my biological grandfather, my dad's step-dad would take them out for milkshakes every week. and the first time he did it, everyone was so confused. they were like "... we all get our own milkshake? are you out of your mind?!?!?!"

  4. Instead of mayo try roasting a head of garlic with some oil - cut off the top of the head, oil into it, wrap in foil, roast in oven/toaster oven/air fryer until the garlic is squishy - then just... spread the garlic instead of mayo. Garlic and tomato sandwiches are my summer go-to.

  5. Tacos! They're always so cheap to make, and many times cheap to purchase. Tacos just make you feel happy. I don't know what it is. They also seem to fill you up!

  6. I live in Denver and it’s crazy the price difference for tacos. If I drive 5 minutes then each taco is $4-5, while 20 minutes away they’re $2 each and way better

  7. To me, microwave popcorn is the luxury. My parents weren't poor or lacking a microwave, they just were really price-conscious and never saw the need to spend on bags when a big ol' jar of kernels was cheaper by the ounce. I was amazed when I was at sleepovers and those parents just used a bag. So convenient! No shaking! No melting butter beforehand! No cleanup! Everyone got their own bag! And it has an exotic, artificial taste just like the movie theatre!

  8. I like to make rice in the rice cooker and just crack an egg right into it. Mix it into the rice and it cooks it up nice and goes great with soy sauce. Easiest meal to make when I don't feel like making something

  9. When I was a kid my mum always used to put potato in her curries. As I got older I couldn't understand why other people didn't do this or why this wasn't an option in restaurants. Was then told this was something poor people did to make their food last longer.

  10. Potatoes are an astounding source of potassium. Sweet potatoes are almost as good by the same metric. WAY better than bananas.

  11. The potato is a food of the gods. It contains so many vital nutrients and has a good amount of calories, it can be cooked in 1,000 different ways, you can make healthy food with it, you can make disgusting carnival level food on it, it can go with almost any meal, you can grow it just about anywhere. Hell you could subside soley off potatoes for a number of years before you run into problems and indefinitely if you just add a small amount of meat to it.

  12. As the great Canadian poets the barenaked ladies said “if I had a million dollars, we wouldn’t have to eat Kraft dinner. But we would eat Kraft dinner, we’d just eat more. With fancy Dijon ketchup.”

  13. Frozen pizza. I LOVE pizza - fancy pizza, good pizza, mediocre pizza. But something about controlling how your own frozen pizza comes out and devouring it will always be satisfying.

  14. It's how I fell in love with Jack's pizza. Four for $10 isn't bad. Cut into fourths to really stretch to budget.

  15. I literally make about 1000 pierogi a month (we have a little cottage industry going on) and I’m always down with pierogi for a quick dinner.

  16. Every birthday party we have is Costco pizza, a sheet cake from the bakery, and we grill dogs and burgers.

  17. Costco pizza is so fucking good. Not even for the price, which is unbeatable. I would take costco over dominos, pizza hut ANYDAY.

  18. My dad always made it with 3 slices of toast, two eggs, two slices of cheddar cheese. (Bacon or fried salami/bologna optional additions). So it ends up being: toast, cheese, egg, (meat optional), toast, egg, cheese, toast. Something about that extra slice of bread in the middle just makes it better. I still make my egg sandwiches the same way.

  19. My Dad used to always make this and let me steal a few from his plate. He passed 8 years ago and now I find myself making this as a comfort food. So good!

  20. I put so many things in Maruchan Ramen. Spinach, onions, hot sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, sausage, cheese….just everything

  21. Creamy Chicken Maruchan is incredible and I won’t hear otherwise. It needs to go back to being more readily available.

  22. Yes, I ate it at work for like a week and people legit asked me if everything is ok? I mean I appreciate that they care but I actually like PB&J

  23. Last weekend we bought $15 in raspberry jam. When the grocery store has raspberry jam, you gotta stock up. Didn’t feel like poor people food by any means. And in complete agreement with PB&Js.

  24. Came here for this comment. So much you can do with rice and beans. I'm convinced you could live on that if you had to.

  25. any time i forget to eat and am so nauseous bc of that, butter noodles is always the only thing i can eat to make that feeling go away

  26. Chicken & rice cooked and smothered in cream of mushroom soup. Haven't made it myself, but it's a cheap, easy chicken dish according to my mother.

  27. I go for the ones that come in packs of 10. But those are danger foods for me. Too delicious to have in the house. Beef and bean ftw. I used to eat 4 at a time. God I miss them.

  28. I used to never eat porridge except for the Quaker Oats insta packs when I was a kid. Then one day my gf showed how easy it was to make and now I eat it almost every day that I have time to make it in the morning. With raisins, butter, and brown sugar. Shit now I want some.

  29. Beans and cornbread. Especially the way my wife makes them, better than my momma's, (but I'll never tell my momma that, lol).

  30. I used to request this for my birthday meal every year growing up! I have a January birthday so it was always a top comfort meal.

  31. I'm not even Salvadoreño but I love these. I'm half Mexican, but lived with a Salvadorean family when I was a teenager. Pupusas are fucking life and easy to make. You can crank out so many and they're filling and a great comfort food. Don't forget the curtido lol

  32. I'm always comforted by the thought that, if there's ever a global apocalypse, i just gotta catch some chickens and find a pot and then i can probably survive the rest of my life mostly on hard-boiled eggs.

  33. My mom used to make goulash in this giant stock pot, enough to feed us for a week. As a young kid, I hated goulash because she used whole stewed tomatoes. Then I grew to love it. After 14 years without her, I'd give pretty much anything for another bowl of that goulash.

  34. Every time I make this for dinner, my husband cracks some sort of "hamburger helper" joke. I love him, but sometimes I wanna punch him.

  35. Cup of noodles, the are still a guilty pleasure, I try to avoid them because of the sodium, but sometime I just get a craving.

  36. GoldenCrust Jamaican Jerk chicken pastries that I get at Dollar Tree. They are $1.25 each now and they used to be $1. I would still buy them if they raised the price again.

  37. I'm doing alright, especially considering I grew up in a single parent low income home. My wife still gets me pizza lunchables. I always longed for them as a kid but they cost too much so it was something I only ever got to have if a friend shared.

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