1. are you talking about the albanian ottoman governor of egypt who rose through the ranks starting as a simple artilleryman to being the governor of the richest province to gaining independence and was defeated by the help of great britain? if thats the case that man has a crazy backstory.

  2. Gotta admit, the brief quandary as to what Cassius Clay's children could do to provoke such a rebuke from Egyptians really got my attention.

  3. Two giant pieces of shit. And fuck the Canadian justice system for letting Karla out of jail. I love how she will ALWAYS be doxxed no matter where she goes.

  4. I would put anyone involved in opening and keeping open the Residential schools. This is the darkest stain in our countries history, and it isn't close.

  5. I had a kid in my High School WW2 history class whose last name was Quisling and was related. Our teacher asked him why he never changed his last name.

  6. I always remind my American students of Quisling when I talk about the death penalty, and how Norway briefly reinstated it just for him…

  7. I only know this name from reading World War Z. It’s what they called the people who willingly became zombies iirc

  8. For Croatia, that would be Ante Pavelić, the leader of the Axis puppet state called the Independent State of Croatia, which commited genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma.

  9. If you haven't already, check out how the police treated his whole family. It sure makes you wonder who created the monster.

  10. He seems like a classic case of what happens when society makes it difficult for folks to survive through legal means. It sounds like his parents tried to make an honest go of it for a time, but life is rough and they were more fertile than their land. That's what I get from a 5 minute scroll through search results, anyway.

  11. Hero to the people, villain to the establishment. Yes he killed some cops, but to be fair they were there to kill him. He robbed banks and gave the money to poor farmers. He burned mortgages to wipe people's debts. I'll drink to a Northern Republic. Cheers Ned.

  12. You should know just about half of my kids read about him as a sort of hero during their English as Foreign Language class, as do countless others.

  13. My grandparents’ childhood village in the south still has propaganda paintings on the walls from the war. The younger people want them gone thank god but still.

  14. I spent a week in Istanbul and my tour guide refused to say his name, only calling him the Tall Man. Any questions we asked about him were answered in a huddle and in hushed voices. I was blown away by the level of fear everyone had for him

  15. For 4 years, I would tell my friends when visiting Turkey that the difference between them and me is I can say “my president is a corrupt, megalomaniac, piece of shit who has surrounded himself with sycophants and whose grave I will piss on” without worrying about getting arrested.

  16. Welp, power went out at 18:00 today, came back on at 20:35 and now I sit here in darkness, literally went out 2 minutes ago again.

  17. Fuck no I would argue it's the cunt/cunts we have in office right now/the last 30 years they have fucked this country for the sole goal of wealth and power. The little stingray fella was just spooked.

  18. None of my friends believe me about that. They think I’m completely lying. Even had two of them who went to Australia & asked a couple people there & said none of them knew what they were talking about so I must be a liar.

  19. I’ve been reading about Peter the Great and what a murderous psycho he was. Even Ivan ‘the Terrible’ was more of a compliment

  20. Also Russian here. Not all of them are THAT bad, the only people who can be called "national villain" are Stalin and... Um ... You understand.

  21. No one knows for sure (or maybe some people do), but probably the guy who murdered our prime minister in an open street in 1986 and was never convinced for it.

  22. There's this guy called general dyer. He's probably the most hated guy in India. Here's the story: Britan has imposed rowlatt act in india. This act made protests and debates among indians illegal. And also gave the cops right to arrest poltical prisoners without trail for 2 years. Ofcourse people were angry. On 13 April 1919 people gathered up at Jallianwala Bagh. The people here consisted of protestors, residents and people who came to pray in a temple that exists in this area. When dyer was said about this he ordered to close all the gates of this place and shoot the people. And when he was asked why later he said"Inorder to create a moral effect and fear in people".

  23. As a French, I think it's going to Maréchal Petain. The guy responsible for the whole "surrender" joke. He surrendered and signed the annexion of France by Germany after a few weeks of war in 1940 because of bad strategy. His government was Germany's little dog and the French gestapo sure did a good job ☹️

  24. As someone born in the USA but who immigrated to France decades ago, I'd have to agree that Petain is the national villain (although he has his supporters, who say that he prevented Hitler from doing even worse -- not that I believe that).

  25. I’d say Jimmy Saville is a modern day British Villain though. Wonder if we’ll burn effigies if him in years to come?! Imagine the injuries from all the molten shell suits.

  26. There's a couple joke ones here, and Saville was disgusting. However I firmly believe Andrew Wakefield is far and away the worst/most evil person from the UK. Through his greed and hunger for money he has thrown shade on one of the greatest medical interventions indirectly causing preventable deaths and harm of people worldwide.

  27. In the UK he is not only hated for what he did but he is the personification of what the elite do in our country under our noses everyday.

  28. Harold Shipman has gotta be worse. Dude is one of the worlds worst serial killers, preying on elderly people. Saville a close second in my book. Dirty, creepy bastard.

  29. For Ireland, has to definitely be oliver Cromwell. I don't use comparisons to Hitler flippantly, but Cromwells conquest and command in Ireland definitely fits the comparison (albeit at a smaller scale).

  30. Is it not benedict arnold tho? He is like the OG villain. Even had a secret evil plan. Successfully switched sides. Has a type of egg cooking technique named after him.

  31. US can be split on a lot of political figures- but I think we can all agree that Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are good candidates for US villain spots

  32. Depending on whose door you knock on? Yeah that’s the perfect way to put it. Some hate Good ole Benedict Arnold, Some hate JWB, Some Jefferson Davis hell some hate our founding fathers

  33. The name I'd really like to add to the conversation would be Al Capone. The face of the American criminal underworld who still serves as a sort of inspiration to ideas about organized crime in the states today.

  34. Scrolled down for this comment. Imo i would say about 60% of the people in politics. It varies on who you speak with. Would the person who killed Heneral Luna not be more of a villan than the Marcos’, or how about the Cojuangcos and Hacienda Luisita? I think the farmers may still not have the land promised to them. The list goes on, but im a fair bit tired to keep writing.

  35. It really says something when the army is called in to quash the uprising against you and then immediately switched sides.

  36. I wanna say former doctor (because his license was revoked) Andrew Wakefield. The father of the modern Anti Vaccine movement. All because he faked a study to discredit a vaccine. Not because he didn't like vaccines, but because he had a financial interest in an opposing vaccine.

  37. Honestly that guy should probably be the answer for the global villain. Him and Jenny McCarthy can rot in hell...

  38. Clive Palmer takes it out purely for his endless fucking YouTube ads. Man, interrupting my show every 3 minutes to listen to some dude bang on about politics and rubbish is NOT how you win my vote. Who are they targeting with these ads? How do I block them? Why do they seem to have been running for eternity before the campaign season for whatever election is coming up??

  39. In Mexico it would arguably be Porfirio Diaz, who was the president for life at the time of the Revolution, but he has undergone a reassessment and has been given praise for modernizing the country, as he ordered the construction of many emblematic landmarks.

  40. I was looking for my country in this thread. I was expecting to find a more recent one figures, like former president Salinas de Gortari, or the other guy who said that he was gonna defend "peso like a dog" Lopez Portillo. However, I truly think that Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is the malevolent immortal force that keeps fucking around everything that it touches since 1920's!

  41. As a Mexican, I feel the PRI (political party in power for over 70.years) could fit the role. However if I had to choose only one, it would be president Díaz Ordaz for the Tlatelolco massacre.

  42. Can’t argue with Stalin. But with Lavrentiy Beria also being from Georgia, I have to say you guys have more than your fair share of scumbags.

  43. The President and the former President. Just depends which side you’re on. The other side is always the Embodiment of Evil and we’re all doomed. Doomed, I tell you!

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