1. When I was in the Army I once blindly reached for the refreshing relief of some water in the dark and took two solid gulps of rotting dip spit. Wished for the sweet release of death immediately after.

  2. I used to work as a house keeper at a nursing home and it was my responsibility to take at the big trash can full of soiled diapers. It always smelled gross, but it was even worse when they had anything spicy.

  3. What's even worse is when you have a resident who will refuse to let you touch them to change them and per policy we're required to leave them alone. When you finally change their diaper after 24+ hours the stench of ammonia nearly knocks you over. By far the worst thing I've ever smelled.

  4. when i was studying to get my STNA certification, we did our clinicals at a nursing home and this one lady called her poop "a special surprise" and her brief would be filled. i had to change her two times within i think 1 or 2 hours. changing briefs was the worst thing i've ever had to smell. and now that i'll be working in pediatrics, i'll get to relive it all over again! 😂

  5. I had a miserable ancient bitch completely and proudly soak a mattress topper with her liquified shit. She came at me with a smile and told me, “I had an accident, you, go clean it now.” She had no shame; it wasn’t as if she was bedridden. She just didn’t give a fuck about shitting the bed. There were these huge overlapping circles of shit at various depths of saturation; she must have had several shit spurts throughout the night and just laid in the bed, scooted a little, and made more. I didn’t bother laundering the sheets; into the trash bags they went full of rotten diarrhea the consistency of clam chowder, chunks and all. But the mattress topper was too big for the trash bags I had on hand, so I had to take a knife, and sort of saw it into slices. A gigantic shit sponge of the most foul and evil smelling crap, which repeatedly leaked out heinous shit water in disgusting rivulets as I sawed through it. I literally threw up twice during the breakdown process, right onto the same mattress topper. So my giant “sponge” became soaked with old lady diarrhea and garlicky Chinese food vomit. Finally I got the mattress topper broken down small enough for the only damn trash bags I had; Lavender Febreeze scented kitchen bags.

  6. I’m a plumber and we got a call at a nursing home for sewer smell. My poor coworker goes over, opens the hatch to the crawl space underneath and BAM gets hit with a horrible stink. The building sewer pipe had snapped and there was a mountain of raw sewage, wipes, food from the disposals, and everything else going down the sinks, toilets and any drain. A Hazmat team had to come in to clean before he could fix the pipe. He has over 30 years experience plumbing and said he can’t get the smell off his mind.

  7. We had a whale wash up on shore and the authorities were cutting it up with chainsaws to be able to handle it better. Everything was going fine until they started cutting the stomach open. The entire crowd turned and ran like a single entity. It was magical. It was also rank as fuck.

  8. I wonder if this was what I experienced once as a housekeeper in a hospital. A patient in the ER apparently had severe alcoholism and something going on with GI. The poop that kept coming out of that room was the worst thing I've ever smelled. I felt so terrible for them as they were so sick and distressed and probably in pain.

  9. When my friend’s wife went into the hospital for the last time when she was dying from a very rare disease this happened in his car (he and I arrived in a different car). It was the worst thing I’d ever smelled in my life and I was determined that he would not leave the hospital and have to smell it. I went to an auto store and bought every cleaning thing that they had. I spent hours outside in the Texas heat while he was with her inside, dry heaving the whole time. The only thing that kept me doing it was the drive to not allow him to have to smell that smell when he left the hospital.

  10. Had one of these I'd left in the top of my cabinet. Looking for the source of the strange smell, I started to pull on the bag and the whole liquid-filled mess just tumbled out, sprayed me in the face, and exploded all over the kitchen counter and floor. I don't think the smell ever really left.

  11. There was a case in Russia where somebody opened a basement storage with poor ventillation and there were rotten potatoes. They didnt survive

  12. I have some old potatoes, not rotten yet but they started to grow their roots. All these comments are really making me want to get rid of them now

  13. Similarly, rotting broccoli can really stink up a fridge, but in a way that makes you wonder if something is "off", not in the must burn down the home because of rotten potato smell.

  14. When I worked ER, we had a woman come in with a complaint of breast pain. She was probably in her late 50’s early 60’s, history of breast CA. According to her, she had been diagnosed awhile ago, sought out treatment for awhile, but couldn’t tolerate the side effects. Eventually she just decided to stop treatment and let the disease take its course.

  15. That is fucking nasty on so many levels. My question is, how did the maggots get in there and she never felt it? Like don't you feel a tickling if that ever happens?

  16. I was 19 years old. Me and my friend moved into our first ever apartment, went grocery shopping to stock up our place. We bought a bag of potatoes, tossed them under the sink to be utilized at a later time. Fast forward to 14 months later, we notice fruit flies in the kitchen. A couple bug bombs and fruit fly traps later, we begin to investigate. We open the cabinet under the sink, discover the potatoes have completely liquified in the bag. The stench was something I’ve never experienced in my life. I was audibly retching any time the cabinet would open.

  17. I visited a potato product manufacturer in college and they took us inside a shed that was built on top of a giant hole where they put all the tons of potato scraps to rot. I’ll never ever forget the smell and am glad to hear it’s not just me who understands the horrific rotten potato smell lol

  18. My friend once put a potato in my backpack at lunch and it took me about a month to realize why my backpack reeked so bad i wanted to puke, I don't want to imagine how bad they'd be after 14 months.

  19. Rotten potatoes for sure, I've never smelled anything as bad in my life. Even a dead body isn't as bad as rotten potatoes and I've smelled both.

  20. Saw vultures up the hill behind our house. Went up to investigate and found what was left of a Chihuahua. Collar didn't have any info on it but I remembered some kids going around asking about a lost dog a week or so ago. Bagged it up, sealed it in a box, and hunted down the lost dog flyer. Owner came to pick it up. She started to open it and I stopped her. Told her it's best to remember him how he was.

  21. Our elderly cat was sick and nearing her end. She was an indoor cat but decided to die under the stars and ran out when I opened the door before bed. I couldnt find her in the morning. When I got home after work I went around back of the house to keep calling for her and saw the biggest flipping bird I've ever seen in my life. Toddler sized. It took off when I walked towards it and thats when I saw what it was eating. My cat was strewn all over the backyard. I collected what I could, spine, skinned head, a paw, etc and buried it before the kids got home. I read later that vultures only eat carrion and my cat was dead long before she was eaten so that's a relief. But the way that bird was going, if I'd gotten back there 15 minutes later I would have never known what happened to her.

  22. My uncle left us access to his summer home one yet, we got there, opened the door and immediately realized something was wrong. I was trying to find the source of the smell and I traced it to the kitchen and opened the freezer.

  23. I used to visit people with disabilities in their homes. One mentally ill lady stocked up on all kinds of meats, preparing for the future, but then couldn’t afford her electricity. The smell of that rotted meat would make me feel ill for days.

  24. Almost the same story, but i worked at a farm for a year and a half. Before winter came we killed off a few pigs for christmas ham, and the farmowner's mother wanted to save the heads to make brawn. They put the pig heads in a fridge to keep them cool, and ultimatlely store them over the winter. The fridge was however not plugged in.

  25. Lol this happened to my neighbor when he was on a hunting trip but it was in his garage. Even airing it out for days did nothing.

  26. Solution is to turn it on again if possivle and wait for content to freeze again. Then throw away freezer.

  27. I see your c-dif and raise you necrotic bowels. Smells like small animals died inside the colon and fermented in there for a few decades before liquifying and oozing out.

  28. I had C diff once. I had to go real bad before the doctor got in to my room see me. When he came in the room he asked if I had used the restroom there at the doctor's office. I answered yes I had. By the smell he told me I had C diff. Wrote me the script for the antibiotics and in two days everything was much better.

  29. I had a patient that would only shower every couple of days. He also didn’t wear deodorant and he always had a very strong body odor smell. He ended up getting c diff and the smell of his room after having shit the bed and then taken himself to the bathroom was to this day the worst smell I’ve ever encountered. His body odor plus the c diff made for this pungent cocktail of smells that would gag a maggot.

  30. Here is me and another EMT about to transport someone with C. Diff that also has a colostomy bag. I notice the colostomy bag is B U L G I N G with the ungodly liquid miasma, I mention to the nurse that we are going to the hospital that's several hours away and that bag isnt going to make it. She then proceeds to try and change the bag but apparently the fitting is stuck on and it is the reason the bag wasnt changed previously.

  31. All the smells of liver disease. Fetor Hepaticus (a smell on the breath of liver disease patients caused by toxins in the body) smells like bad eggs while also being sickly sweet with allium and fecal notes. Their sweat also has a similar odor, but with a metallic smell over the top of it. And then there’s the blood. Dear god, the blood. Many patients in late or end-stage liver disease tend to have veins in their esophagus that burst (esophageal varices) due to the backup of blood that the liver is trying to process. These can either slow-bleed or straight up exsanguinate and once that blood begins to digest it just smells god awful. Like death… that’s the only way I can describe it. A razor-sharp assault on the senses. It’s really hard to compare it to anything else besides the smell of death, but once you smell it you’ll never forget it.

  32. I had a close family friend in the end stages of liver disease. She ended up with burst varicies of the esophagus. She was on the transplant list at the time. I rushed her to the hospital where they saved her life. Shortly after she got her liver transplant. She’s still alive. 30 years later. Modern medicine is miraculous.

  33. Ive taken care of lots of liver patients and i agree the smells they produce can be foul. Emptying foley bags for some reason really got to me having to smell that sickly sweet odor

  34. One time my mom was baking bread and there was a mouse family living in the bottom of the stove and they got toasted and the smell was like nothing I'd ever smelled before and I've never smelled it again since that very day.

  35. My aunt and her family once made salad dressing which they thought tasted really weird... Then they realised a mouse had crawled into and then drowned in the oil they used.

  36. First BBQ of the year. My dad was super excited and prepped a great dinner. After 10 mins he comes in and tells us a family of mice were nesting in the BBQ and went up in flames before he noticed. I had to go see and yea, I smell your pain.

  37. Ah yes I know that smell very well, accidentally grilled a mouse in our oven once, absolutely vile...paid my brother-in-law $20 to remove the mouse corpse.

  38. One time my cat brought my mom a present, a newly dead mouse. Where did he put the mouse for her to find? In the clothes dryer of course. We had to toss out all of the cloths from the dryer they smelled so badly of burned mouse.

  39. My dogs anal glands when they leak, which happens more often than I’d like. I work in healthcare so have seen/smelt plenty of rancid stuff but non more so than the smell of my dogs glands leaking.

  40. We get our dogs butt squeezed at the vet like once a month. It's around $30, so maybe you could take your dog too. Better than it getting on stuff in your house.

  41. I had a similar situation but mine wasn't from UC. While I didn't have incontinence, I woke up every morning doubled over in pain until I shat basically half my body weight in rotten sludge that genuinely smelled of death & decay. I threw up from the smell every single time. Took a year to figure it out but ended up being my liver just dumping bile into my digestive system like crazy because my gallbladder is gone. Genuinely one of the more godawful things my body has done to me.

  42. I have Crohn’s and once was in Parkland ER in Dallas. I had to shit in a bedside commode and it was mostly congealed blood. The guy in the bed next to me, who had a compound ankle fracture, got up and power walked away.

  43. Omg. I had really bad good poisoning I think. Started out like it normally does. But then I shit black for 4 days. Googled it because I'm poor and they said most likely blood. It was the worst smelling thing I have ever dealt with. I felt so bad because we only have one bathroom and my poor husband had to go in after me. But it was the worst and most painful thing I have ever had. I thought I was going to die from the smell alone.

  44. A rotting lion. It was green and sticky. I had to take care of it. Let me tell you, a little vicks under the nose really doesn't help in that situation. Smelled it on me for weeks.

  45. Agree. As a Hindu, it's in my liberty to burn my father's body when he had passed away. It's a smell I would never like to experience again.

  46. I used to work at an OB GYN. This mother brought her daughter in cause there was a smell coming from down there. Turns out tampon had been up there for over 3 weeks. I puked. Some other staff puked. We closed the office the rest of the day since it was unbearable and filled the entire office. Poor girl was never taught how to use a tampon correctly. Luckily somehow she didn’t have toxic shock syndrome.

  47. Yup came here to say retained tampon. Had a patient with this, she just forgot to remove it for like 3 weeks. We triple biohazard bagged it and boxed it and taped it up but we could still continue to smell it until the biohazard guy came to pick up our medical waste.

  48. Also came here to say this. I worked at a womens reproductive health clinic. A retained tampon, when removed, could clear a whole clinic.

  49. If she had tampon in for three weeks and didn’t get toxic shock syndrome she better buy a lotto ticket next cause boy is she lucky

  50. F*ck, she must've had an insane immune system. A friend of mine had just become sexually active and realized soon after a sexual experience that her tampon was missing. Had to go to the hospital for them to pull it out. Still not sure how neither she nor her partner noticed it...

  51. My friend is an Urgent Care receptionist and had this one patient walk up that the nurses could smell from all the way in the back. She came in with her boyfriend who announced out loud in a lobby of people that her vagina stank. Turns out she had 9 tampons inside her. No one taught her how to use them properly either and didn't know you had to remove them, just kept stuffing them in there. She did not get toxic shock syndrome but she was very close.

  52. I was taking care of my neighbor's fish and they advised me to microwave the blood worms before feeding them. I put them in way too long.

  53. I understand that mistake. When I was little I was told to microwave some macaroni and cheese that was in a plastic bowl for 2 minutes. accidentally hit 20 minutes. I had walked outside to do something else and forgot. My mom smelled the burning food/bowl after what was probably 14 minutes. I had to use oven mitts to move the whole thing outside to cool down before we threw it away.

  54. Homie I think you had actual Hydrogen sulfide poisoning from the sewage... I don't think that vertigo and nervous system damage was from stank alone

  55. Can relate, just less sad. Had a geriatric DOA 2 months in an apartment. No A/C. Talk about liquefied.

  56. Adipocere. It is what happens to human fat as it putrifies in an anaerobic environment (i.e underwater). Nothing like it and the scent adheres to the lining of your nose. You take one whiff and you'll be smelling that rank odor for days. I have smelled decomposing fish and animals many times and I would much rather smear those deceased critters on my pillow than smell that gassy waxy soap that forms underwater on human corpses for even a minute. Unless you know first hand, you don't know.

  57. I work in a medical examiners lab and let me tell you the smell of rotting human flesh is burned into my nose for the rest of my life. We have a room for decomposed bodies, it’s basically a car wash for dead bodies. They put them through it and all the chunks of flesh and maggots gets washed down a drain on the floor, needless to say rotting human is at the top of my list for worst smell I’ve ever encountered. Most people I work with are nose blind to it from working there so long. Lucky bastards....

  58. Something awful coming from the pipes in my bathroom. I still don't know what it was but it smelt like something had died, rolled around in some shit and then died again.

  59. Dead human being. Long story, basically rooming house converting to hotel, checked in, resident died the day before, nobody's checking up on 'em. The smell kinda makes you panic inside, and it f's you up for days. Every moderately stale or bad smell becomes "old dead guy".

  60. My uncle cupcaked me when I was 7… he farted into his hand , he then proceeded to put his hand over my nose and mouth like a mask . I was struggling to get out of his mask lock and try and fight for fresh air. After 20 seconds he let me free but the damage was already done .

  61. Omg. I went to a store one time and used the off brand hand sanitizer there and it was sticky and smelled horrendous. I couldn't figure out if I was crazy or it was somehow rancid/rotten or that was just... what it was supposed to be like? Honestly thought it was just me but knowing someone else has experienced the nastiness of this is weirdly reassuring. I washed my hands so many times and after every time I'd sniff my hands to see if it was gone and gagged again. Took hours for the smell to go away after washing them over and over again.

  62. Dad use to be a ranger and our family lived with him out bush. Someone had illegaly poached a salt water croc on the park and taken it's head as a trophy. My brother and I were mucking around where the rangers disposed of its body without knowing amd kept getting foul whiffs when the wind came our way. We tracked it down and the entire salties kneck where they had cut off the head was covered in wriggling maggots. You could hear them squirming a good 10 metres away. Pretty bad smell.

  63. Weirdly...my protein powder shakes if I dont clean them right away like forget its in my lunch box more than a day smells absolutely RANCID. Wtf is in it that makes it that way!?

  64. Complete set of amino acids + sugar (in powder or milk) + air + warm/moist environment in your bottle/lunchbox = near-ideal conditions for bacterial growth.

  65. In eighth grade, i was part of this tight knit group of families - all the kids were in scouts together, we went to the same schools, did band together, mostly went to the same churches. One family was moving away to another city about 3 hours away and so that Saturday, morning we all met up and finished moving the last few things into the big truck and a couple of us kids volunteered to ride up with the family and unpack the truck at their new home.

  66. I don't know what that soup is, but I worked with a Filipino guy that brought in some specialty dish that was about that bad. We worked at a factory that dealt with dangerous enough stuff that most people wore respirators. Whatever this dish was it smelled like rotten feet that had been fermented. The smell saturated the front office area for hours and most people either ate outside or in their car.

  67. I used to live in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory of Australia. Like, really remote. Three hours drive out of Alice Springs. I won't lie - it was an experience like nothing before, seeing the raw, pure arid landscape of Australia in all of its beauty.

  68. Umm, Whoever cleaned up and took care of his body should have burned those sheets. That is biohazard. And why on earth would anyone keep those in a trash bag in the closet under the stairs?

  69. That's the main reason I took out my 0g plugs (many years ago). I got tired of smelling like belly button cheese, and even daily cleaning didn't kill it for long!

  70. Yes. Everytime my son gets sick and has to go to hospital, his urine is absolutely rank. The chemo fucks himalready but when hes sick and dehydrated... horrific. I told the nurses I thought he was dehydrated cause of the smell and when they came in after he'd had an accident in his bed they agreed.

  71. Went to buy weed from a new connection. Instantly upon walking into his place, I realized that there does exist potential smells that cause actual, physical pain. That it would infact physically hurt to inhale such aromas. The smell was: Unwashed laundry (for what looked like months-worth of clothes, as though it was possible that they may have been simply buying used clothes as they went instead of ever washing the previous days clothing) coupled with: compounding amounts of sweat from the dude and his girlfriend having (clearly) never showered once while in that place and the copious amount of varying smells one can imagine through numerous hardcore drugs being used and casually strewn about.

  72. This just reminded me of when I worked at this rehab facility in socal. I was a residential aid so I would search their luggage and items when they first came in. There were a lot of kids that came in off the streets or from other rehabs and they didn’t have time, a place to, or the want, to wash their dirty laundry. I was searching this young man’s luggage and it smells SO bad I could hardly keep it together. I didn’t want to be rude, and we had to thoroughly search, and of course I wore gloves. I then noticed that he had feces in a bag with clothes. I just left that alone, I didn’t get paid enough for that! The combination of dirty sweat all types of smells laundry and poop was overwhelming, and I ended up checking him off as good to go. I then realized later, by other staff that, he was hiding substances in the grocery bag with the poop and the clothes! He did this so no one would look in there! I had the smell stuck in my nose for days.

  73. My wife’s extended family and I took a ten day or so vacation. When we got back my nephew went to get something out of their garage freezer, where they had a bunch of fish and bait shrimp stored. While we were gone the power went out (in 100 degree Texas during the summer.) it was all we could do to not barf.

  74. So.. im a pet groomer. While in my studies I've come across dogs left in pure neglect. Im talking about months worth of shit and piss caked on old, dirty and matted fur.

  75. I worked as a nursing assistant at an inpatient rehab few years back. Am obese patient had been admitted to recover from a fall and a stroke. She smelled awful so we decided to put her in the shower and give her a shower. Turns out, since she was obese she had multiple folds, and all of those folds had fungus accumulated I'm them. The hot water + the fungus smell was awful. It was so strong multiple people were gagging. This must have been a result of her not being able to do her ADLs and also having no help (even though she lived at home with family). Once we showered her we got her back to her room and had her stand using the 'sit to stand' machine. That way we were able dry her and her folds and 'air her out'. That smell traveled the entire hallway. She was a really sweet old lady and she repeatedly thanked us. But that smell....! Poor thing.

  76. I'm a former US Army CID agent, and we had to open investigations on any death that wasn't attended by a physician/hospital. Usually pretty routine stuff, fill out some forms, get the medical examiners report, close the file.

  77. Former ER nurse…a perirectal abscess was the only thing in 10 years that had us propping doors open for ventilation. Doctors didn’t realize how large it was until they started draining it, I’m quite certain the patient wound up going to the OR.

  78. Grew up on a farm. Beef cattle. One of them had issues giving birth. Usually, you can see the feet poking out so you know there is an issue and you attend to it right away. This time tho, there was nothing. Calf died and maybe 4 days later I went down and the smell coming off the cow was terrible. Got it up into the corral and the vet came out. Pulled the calf out in pieces. There are no words to describe the smell. Worse than just something dead. Worse than a raging infection. When I disposed of it, I inadvertently left part of a leg in the back of the truck and my brother came by and got within 2 feet of it and tossed his lunch.

  79. i’m in the area most devastated by the flooding in british columbia. 640,000 farm animals have been reported dead. you can smell every single one of the corpses at the same time when you walk outside.

  80. Came to say this one. When my pup does it we call it tuna’ing because it smells like rotten fish imo. I say this is the worst because it happens a lot for how bad it smells

  81. Sacramento summer, 110F, two dogs rolled in days-old dead salmon at the American River and then got in my 120F car for the ride home.

  82. I stumbled onto a forum of people that all believed they had the "tiny bugs under their skin issue" and a solid 80% of them were probably tweakers. Was a fascinating read tho

  83. When I was about 13/14 years old, my dad would have my brother and I work with him over the summer. Our job for that day was to clean out hotel rooms and install new furniture. Well In one of the rooms, the previous renter had used the room to perform a DIY Abortion. That was the most horrific smell I ever came across. We paid some random strangers 40$ to empty it out

  84. I was in the army, training to be a supply core NCO. The camp where our group trained to make food on these outside cookers, had a huge underground tank for food waste.

  85. I work in a grocery store. During lockdown, so many people seemed to have just stopped showering. After all, why bother showering if you're not physically going into work? As such, so many customers absolutely stunk. But the worst was a guy that genuinely smelled like rancid sewerage water. I almost threw up. I know what you're all thinking, how bad can BO really be? But trust me, it was absolutely repulsive. I couldn't believe anyone could live with that smell clinging to them like that.

  86. Maybe not the most intensely, overwhelmingly foul smell I've ever smelled, but the smell of month-old rotting corpse in a Eucalyptus grove was the one that stuck with me the most.

  87. Wait wait wait hold up. I need details Boys scouts? Eucalyptus in north America? Why metal detector? What fugitive hunts?

  88. it was in 98 or 99. the local goodwill. my friend and i opened a thermos and the smell inside was just…. i immediately dry heaved in the aisle.

  89. The exact moment where the open air meat market met the open air fish market in Managua, Nicaragua on a very hot August morning, where the meat and fish had already been baking in the hot sun for quite a while

  90. While I can think of many, ill go with Smelly feet and breath. Its bad because its not like you can toss the person out of the room in some cases so have no control over it.

  91. I referred a woman to her medical doctor for oral cancer on the roof of her mouth. She was 89 yrs old and refused fo get it treated. It was small at the time of my referral. I didn’t see her for two years and she called to make an appointment at my office. OMFG, when she came into our office, it smelled soooo bad — I now know what death and decay smell like — the cancer had distorted half of her face and she had a hole the size of a golf ball in her palate! She was unrecognizable and we had to open all the doors and windows afterwards and even then the horrible smell lingered the whole day. It’s a smell I won’t ever forget.

  92. So ive worked on an egg farm, in a nursing home as a cleaner and in a store as a general/customer assistent.

  93. Back when i worked at a diner a clearly homeless woman came in and sat down. Instantly the room filled with this godawful smell, she had this huge gaping hole in her chest, it was clearly infected and scary to look at. She sat in the diner for hours at a time aggressively talking to the chair across from her. She came and left for a few days until the managers told her not to come in anymore. Customers would start coughing and leave whenever she entered, the only area i couldnt smell it was way in the back of the diner. At least two employees threw up because of it. I felt really bad for the customers, I cant imagine trying to eat with that odor around.

  94. I could smell my dead neighbour when passing her home every morning and evening..she had been dead for over a week in the summer. I thought the drains were blocked but that smell, I will always remember that smell now!!

  95. Burnt flesh or burnt hair - I've experienced both with either scorching my nose hairs and by having a bit of skin cancer cut out of my check right next to my nose.

  96. Very advanced yeast infection under an elderly patient's breasts. She wasn't cared for well in her nursing home, unfortunately. I can still smell it sometimes and it's been a few years ago.

  97. Have a patient who hasn’t showered in 3 years. Is VERY obese, dependent on caregivers for care. She won’t let us use soap. Just tea tree oil and water. So…. Her.

  98. People have mentioned things here that I imagine are way worse than this, but for me personally, the worst smell I ever smelled was the time that I was dog-sitting and the poor pup had terrible diarrhea. I basically woke up to the smell of dog diarrhea and had to scrape it off (several spots on) the floor and the walls, after first having washed the dog of course. I really loved that dog and felt so bad for him feeling so ill, but the smell was terrible.

  99. My previous dog had a soft lump about two inches in size at the top of his flank for about a year. It didn't seem to bother him and the vet wasn't worried about it, so we just left it as it was. Well now, one day he bumped his on the edge of the coffee table and we found out that lump had a hideous filling of white gunk that seeped all over the floor. It smelt like dead badger with a sour edge of blue cheese and a finishing touch of wet dog. The other contenders would be the dead badger and multiple dead sheep.

  100. You might want to have a fecal checked out at a vet he might have an overgrowth of coccidia or the motile trophozoites beardies get if it's super stinky.

  101. Was digging out our compost. Got to the bottom and discovered an egg that one of our backyard hens had laid in there. I knew it had been there for at least 2 years. I tried to gently move it aside with the shovel and as soon as I touched it it exploded with an almighty POP. My wife was at the other end of the yard and heard it go. She started to come running to see what the hell I had hit. That's when I saw the green and black stuff it had ejected. Then the smell hit me. Imagine the classic rotten egg stench, but mixed with rotting skunk. We had to evacuate the yard until the wind took it away. Luckily, none of the "hell yolk" got on me. I can still smell it now though. BLECH. Or our dog. Can't decide.

  102. My roommate junior year of college somehow forgot about a pack of raw hamburger meat, then started piling clothes on top of it in her bedroom. No she didn't do laundry often. So I'm like what smells like death in here? I figured it was a mouse until I finally had to dig through her clothes and find the expired hamburger meat.

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