1. My grandmother was an identical twin. She and my great aunt, who was functionally my second maternal grandmother, LOVED being dressed identically for all major life events. Every birthday, Christmas, they they are in the photo as a matched set. Ironically, the older they got the less like each other they looked, so by the time I knew them they were quite easy to tell apart. But I loved seeing them in matching things.

  2. My best friend growing up had three sisters. Her older sister was adopted, and right after she was adopted her parents found out their fertility treatment worked after all and they were pregnant with triplet girls. So all four of them were within a year of each other. They basically just had one massive shared closet. They didn’t look alike but were all thin and similar enough body types to share clothes. It was always entertaining to see the same clothes rotate on all four of them.

  3. Count yourself lucky, I’m a waiter and on several occasions I’ve had parents either ask to have the cake taken out twice or have two sets of candles on either side of the cake. Once someone did a shared cake where half was like a Princess castle and the other was a football pitch, I think that was probably more effort than getting 2 separate in fairness so I’ll let them off that one.

  4. We do it up for our twins. They each get their own cake, they each get their own meal, and they each get their own party. The rule is if you don't invite one, don't expect to go to theirs either.

  5. Yep, it's awesome. I like chocolate, he likes sponge, so two cakes for us. To be fair, it is two people's birthdays though.

  6. I'm not a twin but have identical twins. One year, one of them got tired during a shopping trip for school clothes. She said to her sister, "Try this on. I want to see how it looks on me."

  7. My mom once told one of us to go pick out a coat then she sent the other one to go get a coat. We picked the exact same coat. For petes sake.

  8. My sister and I still do this! If I really like a shirt, I’ll grab two (especially on sale) and give her one, and we try on clothes for each other when one of us isn’t feeling up to it. It’s amazingly convenient

  9. Yeah, this was me basically my whole childhood. Whenever we were shopping for school clothes or something similar with our parents, we'd go half-and-half each (trying on clothes you don't particularly want sucks)

  10. My identical twin made my wedding dress for me in a different state by just making it for herself. I didn’t even try it on until the night before my wedding. It fit perfectly.

  11. Lol this is hillarious and also brilliant. How cool it is to be able to have a third person view of yourself

  12. my twin and i used to switch classes to take exams for each other in middle and high school. it was pretty fun, but we started to differ in looks as we got older so it probably wouldn’t work anymore lol. although, our voices still sound exactly the same, so we can often trick our parents on the phone and stuff like that. also not trying to say we have telepathy, but when you spend literally every waking second of your life together, we can always kind of know what each other is thinking. it’s like we’ve developed our own language

  13. I heard a story about two twin girls at my high school who tried that once and they almost got away with it but the one taking the test for the other accidentally wrote her own name on it

  14. I dated a twin. They used to fuck with me on the phone and the other would pretend to be my boyfriend. Their voices sounded exactly the same so he would generally trick me for a few minutes. Got to the point where if I was on the phone with him and I knew his brother was there I would ask something only he would know so I know who I was talking to. In person it was very easy to tell them apart though.

  15. This is the same with me. One time my twin and I were scrolling through reddit. We both found a meme that was funny and wanted to show each other. It turned out to be the same meme.

  16. Yeah, this is a flaw with the newest phone models- can unlock my twin's phone with my face, but before that I wouldn't have been able with Touch ID. So is Touch ID better?

  17. My nephew looks enough like his dad that Facebook software labels the boy’s pics with the dad’s name each and every time.

  18. I am an identical twin and I can't unlock my twin's iPad with my face, but I can unlock her android phone, and Google Photos thinks we are the same person. It's so weird how the different facial recognition tech can be so different across platforms. lol.

  19. I woke up one morning to one of my brothers ( who is a twin) shouting up a storm. My mom was as confused as I was trying to calm him down and ask him what had happened. We were able to gather that my other brother (his twin) had gotten onto his computer and drawn dicks on some page he had open. My mom understandably confused asked him if he didn’t have his computer locked. My brother fuming shouted that he did, my other goblin of a sibling was obviously giggling and my mom then asked him how he got in then. He then smilingly grabs the computer and says “I just did this” and puts his face up to the screen. My mom and I about lost it. She understood why he was upset but through her laughter asked him if he didn’t think that maybe it was a bad idea to have face recognition as a way to lock the computer when he had an identical twin in the house. They were 21 when this occurred.

  20. I have a twin brother but we never did a switcheroo or anything. It’s probably much more mundane than people think. To me he’s just my brother. One great thing though is I don’t have to try to remember the names of random acquaintances because no one remembers ‘which one’ I am.

  21. Hah as a twin, it's always awkward when someone you don't remember approaches you and just says your last name. You don't want to admit you don't remember them so start fishing for details of who they are before admitting you're the other one.

  22. It’s not the which one BS that pisses me off so much as the people who don’t even attempt to learn to tell the differences. I’ve had people tel me they won’t learn to tell the difference, so I pretend I don’t know them when they approach me. Not sure that’s actual justice, but it makes me happy.

  23. On the other side of that I have been yelled at by teachers because they think I’m my brother (I am the goody two shoes that looked at myself and life as if it were a dating sim, I would always be nice to everyone no matter what it made me feel like, which made me loved by many teachers and adults, but my brother was mischievous, and the teachers could never tell which one was which, so while I would get yelled at my brother would be congratulated on getting good grades, the only people that could tell us apart is one girl I remember and my parents

  24. I don't have a twin but I want to say that with time you start not giving a fuck about remembering names of random acquaintances

  25. Are you actually that identical? Because most little kids already look pretty much the same as one another, but I babysit identical twin 5-year-old girls and it only took me a couple months to reliably tell them apart. At this point I only need a split second to know who I’m looking at.

  26. I know of a pair of twins, and when they were younger they developed their "own way of speaking". Not with different words and phrases, but they meshed their words in such a way that they're difficult to understand. They have a sibling who's able to understand most of what they're saying, but is "not fluent", so to speak.

  27. I grew up with a speech impediment and my sister was my translator. I would mash all my words together with no spaces and my parents would just stare at me. Then call my sister and have me repeat myself so she could interpret

  28. My twin sis and I had a language called "Rocko Bondo" growing up. I distinctly remember having full conversations with her long before I could talk to anyone else, but I don't remember a single word of it anymore

  29. My twin brother and I did this before/during when we learned how to speak. Lubbylubby was washing/cleaning and bee was share. I don’t remember any others.

  30. Ooh, my twin and I have "twin talk" too! It uses more normal speech than made-up words though. When we were younger, the made-up words usually originated from sounds we would imitate (like R2D2's beeps and boops), and we still do that sometimes. But nowadays, words mainly originate from book quotes we like or deliberately mispronouncing existing words because it's funny (like "musy" instead of "music"; that came from a typo I made).

  31. Essentially all twins, and people who spend similar levels of time together in life, develop their own language.

  32. Downside is some people fetishize it. I had my ex-boyfriend beg for a threesome with my twin, which was gross and weird. He offered to buy both of us $600 designer bracelets if we did it. Sharing birthday gifts can suck as well.

  33. I'm a triplet and one person asked me if I get a boner if my brother would get one too. Not sure why he thought I would want any kind of insight into my brothers boners but it made us laugh.

  34. When I started dating I ran into this a lot! When people were like, "tell me something cool about you," I just was like "oh I have a twin!" Everyone wanted to know who was bigger and stuff like that, and I don't know and don't care. It's really creepy. My ex fetishized it and I'm pretty sure he had a crush on my brother. When I told him how creepy his comments about threesomes and incest was and tried to turn it around on him saying "How would you feel if I said stuff like that about you and your brother" and he was like "It's different." It's at a point I don't tell anyone I'm dating I have a twin until like a month or two in because I just don't want to deal with it.

  35. In my high school there was an unusually high number of twins. As in, minimum 3 sets of twins per 90-person class. One class had 6 sets.

  36. My super small-town school had an unusually high number of twins too. Probably close to the same ratio you said, just half or a third of the class size.

  37. I took a college course with five girls who all looked nearly identical. Two actually were twins, the others unrelated, but they grew up together and had gone to the same schools. I think there was some issue with their names, too, like three Jennifers.

  38. I have a twin brother. The advantage is always having some one to talk to. No matter how good or shitty our days were we’re there for each other.

  39. Yep, this. There was ONE time when I had my brother’s ID so I could pick up a food order he’d paid for with his credit card over the phone, but they didn’t even ask to see it when I got there.

  40. my wife is a one egg twin, and she talks to her sister every day, she didn't get my joke that if she was a real twin she could talk to her telepathically, worth to mention, we live in sweden and her sister is in lithuania

  41. As an identical twin I will say there can be a fine line between being close and being the weird twins who are oddly close

  42. I had a twin brother and yeah, this. High school our teenage angst was a little rough but in college I realized that I'd always have a lifetime friend, always someone to talk to and hang with and we could always be there for each other.

  43. Yeah, this would be my favorite advantage as well! My twin sister has been my best friend since day 1 and always will be. We are always there for each other, no matter what’s happening in our own lives. Even if we are mad at each other, I know she is still there for me and I’m there for her as well!

  44. Totally this, I hate when people try to say they have a relationship that close. It’s like being born married. Everyone has a mom and dad, significant other, and siblings but not many know what it is like to be a twin.

  45. My sister and I aren't twins but very close in age. We do the same thing and it's always a good time. Even though we live in different states it still happens or we'll talk at the same time/in the same tone when someone asks us a question. Our dad thinks we're nuts.

  46. I make absolutely every mundane task into a two-man job if I can. No matter how easy it would be to do on my own, if I can rope my brother in, I do.

  47. My dad is friends with identical twins and he told me this funny story. He was with them at an open house for their aero club (my dad and the two twins are all pilots and were supporting the event). Someone was really curious and asked the twins if there was any truth to the stories about twin telepathy (where twins have some sort of psychic connection). They were both quiet for a few moments and it started to get uncomfortable. The man looked a little embarrassed and said something along the lines that he was just curious and it was a silly question. One of the twins looked him in the eyes and said, "Oh it's not a problem, we were just discussing how we were going to answer." There was a moment of confusion on the man's face and the twins busted out laughing saying they had been waiting for an opportunity to try that joke out.

  48. Me and my twin as kids had a long list of pre-arranged numbers for this situation, "twin telepathy? I don't know, how about if I tell you a number in your ear and ask him what it was...." Never got past three numbers before someone called bullshit

  49. Ooh, that's funny! We've been asked that as well (at an aero club too lol), but we didn't give such a clever answer as your dad's friends did. :D

  50. I have a twin and our twin telepathy word is “pink elephants”. We also have a twin language (the language from the tv show Zoom mixed with pig Latin).

  51. As a twin (not identical) this is most common rumor I'd like to dispel. Imagine you spent close contact with mostly one person or friend, for 20 years. For better or worse, you'd learn how to anticipate them, mannerisms, emotions, humor, shared a great deal of thought and experiences most importantly during developmental years. If you were to ask me, how my twin would answer a question, I could likely guess/mirror his response.

  52. I was good friends with identical twins in college. My favorite story with them was one night at the bar, one of them was hooking up with a girl, and walked away to either go to the bathroom or get a drink or something. At that very moment, his brother showed up and walked into the bar, and the girl just grabbed him and started kissing him. The look of shock/happiness on his face was hilarious.

  53. I also had friends that were twins in college. One of them was in a serious relationship of 3+ years. One time, we were all at the bar and very very drunk. The twin with the serious girlfriend went to the bathroom, and she didn’t notice. While he was in the bathroom, she walked up behind her boyfriends twin and whispered something dirty in his ear along with gently grazing his crotch. He turned around confused, and she immediately realized it wasn’t her boyfriend and she made a fool of herself. They got a kick out of it, as they both know she can definitely tell them apart

  54. Friends with identical twins in high school and college, one was such a lady’s man/dog (depending who you asked), and the other was a serial monogamy kinda guy.

  55. I have a twin! I'm a woman, and he's a man, and by far the most common question I get if I tell someone I have a twin brother is "are you identical?" So, I'd say the greatest advantage is alerting me to people who don't think before they speak.

  56. I had a client who was asked a lot of her twins (a boy and girl) were identical. She said she started answering “No, my son has a penis!”

  57. Ooh someone else who knows the joy of "Are you identical?" while being girl/boy twins! In our case we do actually look quite similar as he's got very fine features but we've still developed a look for people who throw that one out there.

  58. Twin here. This questions answers vary vastly based on if they're identical or fraternal. My twin brother and I are fraternal so the main advantage was always having something to do with someone. We are very different personally, so it was more akin to a life long best friend than having a copy of myself walking around.

  59. I have a fraternal twin too, and we have such a wide friend group because we are total opposites of each other. He is mostly shy and keeps to himself and I am more out going and extroverted. So he has a bunch of friends and so do I so we all know each other. But he does piss me off a ton.

  60. I can tell you that as an identical twin, the only thing that's identical is our looks. We have some similar hobbies and interests but our views are vastly different from one another's in so many things.

  61. Something similar happened to me and my twin sister for the project but it worked out better for us. We each took a math test in the same class and we got the same score. She told us she would've thought we cheated off of each other or something, but we got different questions wrong. For projects, we always made sure our things were a little bit different just to prevent things like that as well.

  62. I just wanted to say your English is perfect! I can't imagine being able to use another language so fluently! I wish I had learned another =/

  63. Damn there are very few actually upvoted stories from first hand twins. Some of them are just plain boring. This is probably too late. But here are some of mine:

  64. That’s interesting about the photos – and incentive to label ours! My nephews are identical twins (just turned 5). To me and close family, they are so different to look at I can never understand how anyone mixes them up. But! Then I look at even year-old photos, and it’s a struggle. It’s like in this moment who’s who is perfectly clear, but that data is constantly being replaced. Weird. They get mixed up by photos of themselves too... but that suspiciously is influenced by who in the photo is the “cutest”.

  65. I tell people all the time that i can’t tell us apart in pictures from birth through probably 6 years old. It’s so wild. I always have to ask my mom who’s who. She always knows. Or pretends to lol

  66. I have a twin brother (I’m a girl) and it sucked. We went to the same class for 8 years and shared the same bedroom, shared the same friends and were always compared. I always wished we were one year apart so that we didn’t have to see each other 24 hours a day. When it’s 2 boys or 2 girls it’s different. Those 8 years were hell. He was always mean to me, hit me, wouldn’t let me hang out with “his” friends even though we were all in the same class... We are 22 now. I don’t think there is a single advantage in my case (that doesn’t mean it’s bad). We’re grown up now. The problem was that they made us go to the same class and that made us grow apart. When you’re forced to do something, you want to do that less. They shouldn’t have forced us.

  67. That's a bummer. My twin sister (I'm a guy) and I similarly shared a lot (we were always in the same classes until high school). We both did reasonably well in school, but in very different subjects, so where she was strong, I was usually weak, and vice versa. Having each other doing the same stuff meant we were able to work on stuff together and better explain it.

  68. I'm a girl also with a twin brother. 100% agree with the "always being compared" bit. People think having an older sibling affects their reputation? They have no idea.

  69. I am also a girl twin with a boy twin brother! We went to different high schools. We did always physically fight each other growing up which wasn't really fair as he grew bigger/stronger than me. Although we were close as small children we have grown apart as adults.

  70. My (f) little brother and I are one year apart. Out of 12 years of primary education, we were apart for just 3 of them. We were essentially raised as twins in many ways. Same clubs, sports teams, activities, friends, and classrooms for many years. We definitely resented each other. Even though I'm older, I was the less dominant personality and I had to comply with what little brother wanted to do. He wanted to play hockey, so I had to play hockey on the same team. He wanted to join high school sports, so I was forced to do the same because my parents/older siblings wouldn't pick me up from school until he was done. We stopped doing the one sport I actually liked, speedskating, because lil brother wanted to do hockey again and it conflicted with his new schedule.

  71. Wow, my twin and I weren't allowed to be in the same classes (till highschool, I think we still only had 1 class together...)

  72. It’s hard to talk about “taking advantage” of being a twin because there aren’t really opportunities to do that. I guess people think of the movies where you do pranks and trick people into thinking there is just one of you or something but real life isn’t really like that since even identical twins always look distinguishable to people who know them. One cool thing about having a twin is you are in the same classes together so if you are the irresponsible one and don’t remember what the homework is your twin probably remembers. Also you can have a wider friend group. But that’s all I can think of really.

  73. I always thought if I had a twin, he could study something different than me and we both officially get two degrees, because we can take the exams for one another.

  74. Can confirm the shared class advantage. My twin was going through something and didn’t do the reading on our book for English class. I love to read anyways, so I would summarize it well enough for her to ace the reading tests we’d have in class each day.

  75. Yes exactly! Especially the homework part, if my twin doesn't know of an assignment I'll remind them or if there is something happening that day we'll tell each other it so we don't forget

  76. My brothers are twins and the only thing I remember them talking about that they took advantage of is one twin would take spankings for the other twin.

  77. I took advantage of that on accident once. I'm an identical twin. When we were younger (6ish? No idea) we were playing catch with an orange in our living room. Our mom had told us to stop a couple times and of course we didn't. Well eventually one of us, don't remember which, had a bad toss and it hit a painting and broke the glass. It was nothing super fancy, but it was a nice piece from a relatively known artist that our mom absolutely loved.

  78. Your parents couldn't tell them apart? I'm a triplet and I could never have gotten away with that because my parents could always tell us apart.

  79. I have twin siblings, and I just notice that they think in very similar ways. One time when we were all in the car, my brother kept talking about "graffiti" but in a way that didn't make any sense. But my sister knew exactly what he meant, and he meant to be saying "voodoo." No idea where they saw the connection between those words, but they both saw them.

  80. I have an Identical twin brother. Basically any time there’s a “one per person” limit, I get a second time through with a different sweatshirt. If they say I’ve already gone through, I just say I have a twin brother and talk about how crazy it is that we both went though there without knowing it and show them a picture or two of us.

  81. Was in Vegas with twins and one had her wallet stolen. How to get thru TSA at the airport to get back home? I went thru security with one twin, took her ID back out to the non secure area, went back thru security with twin 2.

  82. My twin and I used to do the lower stakes version of this at bars... whatever guy one of us were dating would do the handoff. We lost a lot of IDs in our early 20s lol.

  83. I'm half of an identical twin. We never really did anything with this fact BUT we agreed to not donate any organs or stuff in case the other one needs it (organs which you can donate and keep living). No search or waiting list for these kind of organs since I've got my twin. We also have other medical search advantages

  84. My identical twin got cancer when we were 27, and it was a huge advantage to him to have me. Blood? Stem cells? Bone marrow? Whatever he needed, he got, with no chance of rejection. I’d have given him a kidney, liver, whatever he needed, without hesitation.

  85. I have a fraternal twin sister so we didn’t have the opportunity to pull any pranks or switch identities or anything like that.

  86. Taught a set of triplets, two of which were identical. One was a jerk, literally stole a kid's money in front of his friends and walked off to buy ice cream with it. When caught out, he tried to claim his parents gave it to him when both his brothers denied getting any ice cream money. The other identical was as sweet as could be, very sensitive and always wanted to help. Nice triplet always got yelled at until someone figured out they got the wrong one. Poor kid always ended up crying over it, while his triplet shrugged and went off to go break rules in whatever area he hadn't been kicked out of.

  87. Damn at least about ten years ago where I'm from if you're between 16 and 18 with a license and get a moving violation you have it suspended 30 days. I would be fucking pissed if there was a chance someone else is the reason I couldn't drive!

  88. I think its more that twins have been asked this question a million times, so it gets kind of boring to answer

  89. Well I'm a twin, I didn't comment because I can't think of anything really. We're not identical. I copied his coursework for GCSE physics once...

  90. The only switch we ever pulled was senior year of high school. We were lined up for our senior yearbook photos and the administrator handed us each others' paperwork.

  91. Ultimately it's so much easier to pretend to be the other person. Advantages my twin and I my twin have done: I've used his driving licence to drive. He has used my ID to get into clubs he was banned from. We can pick up each others parcels and take each others tests. When I got an injury during a sporting tournament I'd sneak off, swop gear and he would play for me. As we got older we played pranks each other friends to see how long it would take for them to realise.

  92. I have an Identical twin brother. It has its ups and downs. Most of the time when people find out it's usually, "which one wins in a fight?" Or "which one is the evil twin? LOLOL!" Every single day when we meet someone new. It gets overwhelming sometimes when you're never treated as an individual. It's always, " the twins" or "blank and blank".

  93. My brother and I swapped one day in middle school when the teacher stepped out for a minute. At the end of the class, every one of our classmates were dying laughing and she refused to believe every single person in the room when they told her what was so funny.

  94. I used to do that with my twin on April fools day when we were young. At the time he was had glasses and I didn't, so I just wore his for the day. No one was the wiser.

  95. The only thing that's common for my twin brother and I is getting asked "you're [name] right?" So I explain it's like having an identity crisis your whole life lol

  96. My grandfather was one of a set of twins, and they were both in the navy together. Didn't get a chance to ask him because he died when I was young, but apparently he sucked at swimming and his brother didn't, so his brother would take his swim tests for him.

  97. It’s just fun to always have someone your age around and It never gets boring. It’s like you were gifted a best friend for life.

  98. I agree and think it's awesome, though I find it can make making other friends harder. The level of friendship between twins isn't really matched elsewhere, and so with other friends you don't have that same level of constant understanding and trust.

  99. I’m a fraternal boy-girl twin so it’s not really the same, but it’s really awesome having someone there for you no matter what throughout life because you’re so much on the same page. More so than a regular sibling relationship because our way of thinking is so aligned with one another’s.

  100. Twin here. both late 20's M. It sucks constantly being compared to someone for my whole life. We are opposites in almost every way. He is very emotionally sensitive and lashes out all the time about everything inconvenient. He is embarrassing a lot of time because he is so quick to take things to an extreme. I worry that anything he does will automatically be applied to how people view me. When I've fought for my whole life to NOT be like him. When people meet both of us for the first time, they always describe out loud how different we are "You're fatter in the face" "You're taller", etc. It sucks because I'm by no means fat, I have an average build although I'm about an inch taller than he is. He suffers from so much that he doesn't sleep or eat as much as I do, and I've casually worked out for the past 10 years and he really hasn't. So yeah, I get to the be the "fat" but emotionally stable twin, and he gets to be shorter, unstable, thin twin. I haven't been able to rely on him for much of anything, as he normally literally crumples into a pile of hyperventilation on the floor any time one of our few remaining family members goes to the hospital in an ambulance. We were so remarkably different over the years that we have never really taken advantage of the fact that we look similar. Occasionally, someone who my brother has really wronged (with a public freakout, a direct insult, etc.) will see me and confront me about his actions. Then I have to explain that I don't know what they're talking about, and the flimsy "Oh, you must have met my twin" excuse doesn't usually cut it.

  101. I’m an identical twin too and the comparisons drive me batty. We STILL get compared to each other and we are in our early 30s! And the comment about being viewed a certain way based off things your twin does hits close to home. It was worse when we were younger but I’m still always worried people will automatically think I feel the same way she does on all issues. I feel like I’m never my own person.

  102. I swear the only reason my brother and I get along today is because we are in such completely different social circles and circumstances that nobody really knows we have a twin. The constant comparisons our entire lives caused us to do everything to be different from each other. Only when this stopped were we able to actually build a close relationship.

  103. My twin brother got recruited to play college baseball. They had no idea he had a twin until a week before the visit. They said why don’t you bring him on the visit. Ended up getting a scholarship to play there as well!

  104. not a twin but there was a pair of identical twins that used to try and cash each other's checks when i worked at the bank back in the day. i went on a couple of dates with one of them but they were so creepily co-dependent it was off putting

  105. This is probably super boring, I never really did anything crazy with my identical twin but I always use it for the super annoying ice breakers where they ask 'tell everyone something interesting about yourself' and it's always good!

  106. So far, we have always taken the same classes in college because we have each other to work in a study group and figure out the homework (we still have to do our own work though). More recently, we decided to be in the same group project for an engineering design class so we wouldn't have to worry as much about communication breakdown due to working virtually (we were planning to be in different groups when we started college, but that ain't gonna happen).

  107. Our friends learned very quickly that we could not be on the same Pictionary team. One would draw a line and the other would guess the correct thing.

  108. Im a Man, i have a female twin sister, when i was a younger i would get all the ladies data (who liked me or didnt) and bla bla, she Is a great wing(Wo)Man, got me laid a lot

  109. I mean this isn’t a way I took advantage of it but rather my twin... we were in highschool and he really liked to run his mouth of to people right? A real dick swinger. So this one day he does it to quite possibly the biggest dude in school because fuck it, why not. And then leaves for class. Well the dude didn’t like that so he runs after my brother. Well coincidentally we pass each other on our way to class so I am now going towards said big guy. I come around the corner and this guys just uppercuts me to the stomach. I drop completely winded and the guy thinks he just got his revenge. Well later in the office he finds out it’s not my brother and his excuse for hitting me was, “I thought it was his twin”. And for some reason this just clears it up and he doesn’t even get reprimanded.

  110. I'm married to an identical twin. When my husband's brother comes over to help with any house projects they work amazingly well together without needing to talk much. One time my nextdoor neighbour stared at them through the fence for a solid half hour while they worked on putting together a trampoline. He said he had never seen something so mesmerizing.... they put together something they never had before without saying more than 2 words to eachother. He compared it to watching synchronized swimmers.

  111. An advantage is being the middle child, embracing the middle child syndrome. 1 minute apart and I was never treated the same, or with the same tone as my twin. I wasn’t babied at all, so gave me room to grow

  112. Super naughty, but if we had a history test covering two chapters, I would read one chapter and he would read the other chapter. In the middle of the test, I would get up to sharpen my pencil, and he would go ask the teacher a question, and we would then sit at the others desk and complete the test. We are identical and the teacher couldn’t tell us apart so we never got busted.

  113. I once got lost at the beach.. Mom took my twin and walked around asking people if they saw someone who looks just like her

  114. My twin brother and I went to the same college. Because he had taken a year off between high school and college I graduated a year before him. I walked in May but technically had an elective, Film Studies, I needed to complete. Problem is I lived out of state. I would pay him to go to my class and sit there and watch movies essentially.

  115. Once my twin got into a fender bender and realized her license wasn’t in her purse. I was only about 5 min away, so I drove up there and gave her mine. Nobody was the wiser. Realized afterwards that it was a stupid and unnecessary thing to do and the insurance was confusing because they would call me and I would run the phone to her because I couldn’t answer all their questions. Wish I could say that was the last time I’ve had to give her my license but it’s not. She’s so forgetful

  116. My twin sister and I are best friends now! We were close as children and then grew apart in middle school when we were trying to carve out our own identities. It didn’t help that we were both competitive and angry about sharing literally everything from a bedroom to all our friends. I remember throwing a fit in eighth grade because my twin wanted to wear the same Bath and Body Works cherry blossom fragrance because by god, THAT WAS MY SCENT.

  117. Not a twin but i look alot like my brother.. my probation officer saw me outside when I wasn't supposed to be, I quickly went in before he got out of the car and switched clothes with my brother in like 10 seconds, and sent him outside to pretend it was him. Worked like a charm and saved myself a trip to jail

  118. My twin brother is into buying nice fashionable clothes. I'm not. They eventually end up in my wardrobe when he gets new stuff, same size fits all!

  119. I’m an identical twin. I have a few...I got my drivers license first and my Twin took my license and took car for a spin before she had her license. (Nothing bad happened and she got her license a month later.) Also I am better in math than my twin, so I took a couple math tests for her in high school and 1 in collage. My fee was her making my lunch for a month. Now that we are older, main benefits are medical. Like when I needed glasses, she knew she’d need them soon. We both had similar issues with pregnancy and delivery, that kind of thing. It’s a nice ‘heads up’ for what to expect :)

  120. My ex wife's twin tried to prank me by getting in bed with me. I got handsy and everything. She didn't say a word. It was only when i ran my hands through her hair that I noticed it wasn't the right length. We all had a good laugh, and I got to feel up my wife's equally hot twin.

  121. When we were little we couldn't climb up onto the couch, so I laid my head on the floor and said "Hewe bwotha, step on my head." So that became a thing for just a short time.

  122. I met a set of twins who joined the Army together and got immediately reassigned to the Secret Service. Their job was to travel with dignitaries (and the dignitaries body doubles) and simply be seen in public in various locations, to fake out would-be assassins. They spent their entire Amy hitch traveling around the world, staying in the best hotels, with their only duty walking in front of press with either dignitaries or their doubles.

  123. Me and my twin sister decided we would try to swap places when she was having sex with her boyfriend to see if he would notice, she excused herself to go use the toilet and that was when I was to go in and switch places, he knew straight away that it was me, my beard and penis gave the game away I think

  124. I’m F with a twin brother. I called him my “built-in best friend.” I guess I took advantage by learning to be comfortable around a more masculine point of view; guys aren’t a mystery. All my dating relationships were really positive and healthy, with smart, funny guys. I’m married now and he’s very different from my brother, but it’s so easy and comfortable for me to talk to him and listen to a different point of view.

  125. Growing up you always had someone to study with for classes. And always had someone to play video games or build lego together

  126. Mainly playing in bands really helped. I played guitar and he played drums. We synced together really well and were able to write some cool stuff together. Being a twin is awesome because you’ll forever have their back and they’ll always do the same for you. Also it was easy to confront other people about grievances because of the amount of times you confronted each other.

  127. A bit morbid, but because my identical twin brother works as a nurse practitioner, he is considered an essential, frontline worker and, thus, has already been vaccinated against COVID-19. I guess I had the advantage to wait to see if there would be any adverse effects (none!) from the vaccine. Sure, epigenetics and mutations, but by-and-large we have a very good biological model in the other.

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