1. Murray from The Wiggles. He claims to be "The King of Guitars" yet I haven't even seen him do so much as a single pinch harmonic. Pathetic.

  2. Y’know, this is a really weird comment to read considering how just yesterday I was telling someone that my absolute first memory is meeting him when I saw The Wiggles when I was like 2.

  3. I never understood why Nickleback was so hated and became the butt end of every pop culture joke for like 8 years. Sure their music was bland and formulaic but it was no worse than 80% of popular music.

  4. I knew a dude who's girlfriend cheated on him with Mike Mills from REM. The turtle-looking bass player. He got pissed off whenever he heard them.

  5. i think your girlfriend was probably overrated here and if anything you escaped before you got in too deep with her!

  6. Don't like his music, and seems like he's got shady behavior with minors and young women. I don't blame anyone for disliking the guy.

  7. I had to sort by controversial just to find an artist I had ever listened to in the first place.

  8. I don't know man, that one guy said Mozart and I'm about to write him a whole ass sonnet explaining why he's wrong and should unplug his router.

  9. Agreed. Neha Kakkar stealing a living murdering remakes of classic songs by legendary singers, and then using her brand to build her husband's and brother's brands. Everything wrong with Bollywood in a nutshell.

  10. This post has morphed from overrated musician into “who do you dislike regardless of their music”

  11. I scrolled so far and didn't see Adam Levine...he is such a fucking tool. Literally made one good album (imo) with Maroon 5. Songs about Jane was fantastic, but I can't escape his suckage. His very existence is just irritating...

  12. Songs About Jane is actually just a great album. Then it seems like Levine took the reigns for himself and turned Maroon 5 into a standard pop band, launching him into total stardom, and now he has transformed into a tool. Bleck.

  13. I dislike most of the maroon 5 catalog, but they paid their dues. Working back in the LA club scene for a long long time before they got their break. Band can actually play. He’s a solid guitar player too.

  14. I used to have a little backpack with my disc player in it blasting Songs About Jane 24/7 when I was 10. Such a banger album.

  15. He's made decent music and he's decent at guitar... But I dunno, I just don't enjoy the way he does all of it.

  16. While I don't particularly like the dude, and I can't stand maroon 5, his performance of purple rain at Howard Stern's birthday party some years back made me respect him as a musician. The performance also has a cameo from that dickbag from Train, who I also hate, but boy if they don't kill it...

  17. Plenty of examples of this guy making a fool of himself, but my personal favorite is his appearance on Hot Ones. He acts like an absolute tool.

  18. The worst thing about these threads is just how it's the same reddit-centric answers repeated over and over. This sub is such a wild west when it comes to any sort of moderation, I've scrolled halfway down the page and have only seen three unique answers.

  19. The top upvoted comments are people that Reddit notoriously always hates (DJ Khaled, Drake, MGK) like nobody overrates these people if you read any reddit thread lol

  20. Beyonce (she's runs a sweatshop), Drake (a groomer, apparently), Cardi B (she drugged men), Chris Brown (he beats women). We are just missing someone somehow tying James Corden and the Kardashians into the conversation and we are hitting our Reddit milestones.

  21. I think [insert artist here] is overrated because I have only heard one or two of their songs in the radio and the general public seems to like them. No I have never actually listened to their albums or mixtapes.

  22. "Oh look at me! I'm cool because I listen to Radiohead and not to (c)rap like Drake or po(o)p like Doja Cat 😎"

  23. So I read an article once that interviewed Drake's personal trainer. He said something along the lines of "Drake is so fit that he can do 100 burpees in an hour!" or something like that.

  24. People don't talk enough about the fact that he very obviously grooms young girls either. He's a pervert and his music isn't even that good.

  25. Kid Rock. I don't care what he's rated, it's better than he deserves. If the worst music ever recorded were stuffed in a trash bag, Kid Rock would be the liquid that leaks out on the kitchen floor.

  26. Child me knew the song was going to be bomb once I saw “Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbul” in the title. Maybe she was a bigger hit in Europe than in the states

  27. No one has ever rated jlo highly vocally. She has made a lot of catchy pop music, and is a great performer. Don't really see her fitting on this list.

  28. This style makes sense when you realize a lot of the dudes doing production work on modern country got their start on arena rock in the 80s or butt rock in the 90s. Most modern pop/bro country isn’t really so much musically descended from George Jones or even Kenny Chesney as it is from 3 Doors Down and Bon Jovi.

  29. Some of y’all don’t seem to be understanding the question. Your musician isn’t overrated if they are a terrible person, they’re overrated if they overly praised without actually bringing much to the table. id say right now Ice Spice is an overrated musician. Kanye and Beyonce are not, they have greatly influenced Hip-Hop as a whole and even though I don’t care for Beyonce I gotta give her her flowers.

  30. Ice Spice is a great answer lol. Munch was pretty fun, but it is clear she's so popular because she is fine as hell. And she is fine as hell. But she'll vanish after a couple years and another beautiful person will take her place.

  31. Imo Ed Sheeran is overrated. Most songs are average lyrics packed in an unemotional guitar pling plong that sparks no excitement whatsoever.

  32. Yngwie Malmsteen. Considered the greatest guitarist in history by many, all of his music sounds the same. Just super fast notes going widdly widdly, it's all classical sauce and sounds like christmas horror music at times which is cool but it never breaks that mold. I would put others like Tosin Abasi and John Petrucci over him. They may not be on the same level as Malmsteen in some areas but it's all about how music hits the ear, and I can only listen to like 2 Malmsteen songs anymore because the rest is going to be just shredding for the sake of shredding. Don't get me wrong, he's amazing, but I can't call him the greatest, even when we're talking skill level. If you see some of these flamenco guitarists shred then you'll see who I'm talking about.

  33. Malmsteen isn't really something I would listen to (I do play guitar so I listen to a lot of instrumental wanky guitar music), but I saw him on a tour with Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt, and Tosin Abasi and seeing them all onstage at the same time really put into perspective how talented Malmsteen is. Yes, he's a total douche and his music is repetitive and just fast showboating, but he was noticeably faster and cleaner than those dudes. He's not a great songwriter but he can play the fuck out of a guitar. He's also really, really fucking good at wearing too many necklaces at once

  34. 100% agree, it’s just music that exists to highlight the fact that he’s a virtuoso. It’s all very masturbatory to me.

  35. Santana at least brought a lot of Latin music conventions to western popular music and especially rock guitar. Yngwie just brought lackluster power metal when other bands are writing way better songs, and virtuoso guitar that has zero expression in his playing

  36. Early Malmsteen really had some unseen energy, it still give me the shills. I get what you say about flamenco players and such, be he added the crazy rock'n'roll touch to that, in a kind of way EVH did.

  37. "He's got to calm down. He's not Paganini – though he thinks he is. When Yngwie can break all of his strings but one, and play the same piece on one string, then I'll be impressed.” - Yngwie’s idol Ritchie Blackmore

  38. Only considered the greatest guitarist in history to people who have a surface level interest in guitar. Most players I know and see know that title is mostly attributed to Guthrie Govan.

  39. But most people who don't play guitar have never even heard of Yngwie. Say what you will about how he fits into the world of guitar, but I think to take the crown of "most overrated", somebody needs to be a household name. Outside of guitar nerds, Yngwie doesn't even "rate", much less be overrated.

  40. Drake. Doesn’t write his own lyrics. Doesn’t produce his own beats. Sings in all auto tune. Raps about being a gangster and starting at the bottom but he was on a Canadian teen drama where he played a kid in a wheelchair so he got to sit on his ass all day. Talentless hack

  41. I just... Don't care for her music? My best friends crucify me when I say this, but I don't get where she gets this reputation of being such a lyricist. As far as I can tell her lyrics aren't anything super special. I like my lyrics to be more poetic, maybe that's why I don't get it?

  42. I don't listen to her music but she uses child and sweatshop labor for her clothes so she can catch a boat to fuck off island in my book.

  43. I told my husband he's like Barry Manilow or Tom Jones for his generation. No one said they are amazing musicians but they were swoon-worthy.

  44. I mean him and his bandmates have said their labels were so picky with production they lacked creativity... it's why Zayn left

  45. His feature in Lil Nas X's clip is hilarious. His whole feature is like "I ain't gay, it's cool though. But if I'm in this clip I want people to know I'm not gay. Can we put a woman in the clip with me? And make it clear I slept with her because I'm not gay. But yeah, great stuff Lil Nas!....not gay..."

  46. I took my daughter to see her. It was my daughter's first concert, and she loved it. Sang every song and danced nonstop. It's not my generation or my music. But she had the time of her life, and that is fine with me.

  47. Hmm, once you strip all the gimmick away their songs are really not much there. But I guess a lot of simple songs really get people going.

  48. In certain circles that are mostly made up of disaffected pale posh girls, Grimes is highly rated. For someone who puts so much effort into portraying themselves as boundlessly eccentric, her music is bizarrely unremarkable

  49. I don't personally agree with your assessment, as I think her music is brilliant, but I will say that Grimes kinda sucks as a person.

  50. I'm just about the exact opposite of a "disaffected pale posh girl" and some of her albums are amazing. Now I hate her as a person but that's a different story.

  51. Katy perry? I get that she was cute and the songs were decent, but she had very limited vocal range and strangled a few songs to death. She practically drowned that “fireworks” song face down in a bathtub

  52. I’ve heard Katy Perry’s menulog ad more than any of her actual songs, so it’s all I associate her with now.

  53. Have you ever listened to a live session? I know her songs that end up on the radio come off that way. She has a great natural voice and fantastic breath control. Most vocalists today use some sort of pitch correction or other tools. I've seen her live and she sang with no backing track on one song for sure because there were no instrumentals for a good bit of it, just her voice.

  54. Kerry King of Slayer is overrated. Imo. The guy has a terrible solo style and any good slayer solo was played by Jeff Hanneman.

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