1. Just wait for the holograms. Holo your family on the moon? No can do. You need to do the linky thing with the other thing. It's all in plain English but you can hardly read the print because it's in a light wave that's easy for young people to see but damned if you can at 66. Kid comes over and stabs at the air twice and vuela. Stupid holograms.

  2. 31 and I can relate but I just don't care about it anymore, I just don't care anymore about the latest technology or gadgets. It feels like life is just a series of phases, you accept you are not in that phase anymore and move on.

  3. All the mobile platforms I never cared to learn about much. I’ve played maybe one mobile phone game in my life and don’t have any sort of tablet at all. Most 3 year olds know mobile platforms better than I do at 40.

  4. I grew up a PC gamer. I can’t understand the language PC gamers use these days. When people talk about GPUs and FPS and stuff like that, I mean I understand to an extent, but I just don’t care. We didn’t talk about that stuff growing up because it didn’t really matter. If it worked, that was good enough. I remember trying deal with sound drivers when I’d launch every game. Kids have it so easy these days.

  5. I’m 39. I learned what a Plex server is a few weeks ago from a 12 year old. He can access it from his phone also 🤯 It’s too much trouble to set one up in my opinion.

  6. I started feeling my age in my early 30's. Seeing older people around me deteriorate because don't exercise, and then also seeing other people in their 70's and 80's have the physical abilities of someone decades younger. That really motivated me to get in shape so I can really enjoy the second half of my life.

  7. That's my boss all day. 65 Years Old, Works a 66 hour week at work, runs a whole 2nd business on the side where he occasionally has to climb trees.

  8. I work at a cigar lounge and I asked a woman today if she was 21 she was 29 people look a lot younger the older you get 😆

  9. I’m 42. Probably 5ish years ago I was in the pit at a death metal show and was getting knocked on my ass consistently by a group of young bucks who were easily 10-15 years younger than me. It wasn’t really a sign that I was old in general but more that I was an old idiot in a young mans game. I still go to shows, I just stand in the back with a beer in my hand.

  10. I was walking down my stairs in my sweatpants, and it sounded like I had a bunch of cellophane crinkling in my pockets. So I went to the trash to clean the cellophane out of my pockets, but they were empty.

  11. Mine are like that after 10+ years of heavy lower bar squats. No pain at all but you don’t even have to listen carefully, it’s very audibly noticeable. No pain at from it tho.

  12. Go get some hyaluronic acid shots in your knees ASAP before you get arthritis! Seriously. It makes a huge difference in quality of life.

  13. I f’d up a deadlift earlier today and let’s just say my back is making me feel pretty friggin old right now!

  14. This is true - I was a v overweight guy in his early 50s, then got into cycling 3 years ago and ride 10-20km a day. Still overweight but by much less, and feel way more energetic and alert, and stronger mentally. Find something you actually enjoy then sticking to it is easier.

  15. I'm closing in on 40 here, and I've been in varying degrees of physical shape throughout my 30s- currently in pretty good shape, and I have to say, that make a HUGE difference- not just with aches, pains, and stiffness, but mentally, too. Exercise keeps depression and anxiety at bay.

  16. Yeah, funny enough I started exercising regularly when I was 31 and had my first kid. I was on parental leave, so I put him in a stroller and started going jogging. I wouldn't call it "training," but it really set me up to keep healthy through my 30s.

  17. I’m turning 29 and my life is JUST coming together in the way I always dreamed of. Can you expand on how life began for you in your 30s?

  18. I am 37 and I finally start accepting I am a grownup now. My body, age, home, career says so. I resisted for the last 7-8 years being an adult, afraid to loose “youth” while in fact I was delaying sense of responsibility and afraid to loose being hungry and foolish.

  19. I didn't even have any kids at 33. My baby girl came along when I was 35. That was when I physically felt old, or maybe out of shape.

  20. Sounds ridiculous but I knew I wasn’t young at age 11 when my dad died major depression for years ( no treatment back then)

  21. You’d be surprised how this is still a common enough thing as dads are still seen as the one who needs to be strong and silent and has no emotional needs outside of football and a big tv.

  22. I’m 55. I still feel young. Once something I used to do becomes a little bit more challenging to do I find a different way to do it. For me it’s all about my mindset. I don’t tell myself that I’m getting older and instead tell myself that I need to work smarter.

  23. 33 ??. That’s the prime of your life my dude. I just turned 50 and for the first time in my life I’m starting to feel old.

  24. Getting into solid shape made working 10 hour days in the field go from completely exhausting to quite doable. Still tired but not so much I can't go on a run after.

  25. I realized it when I turned 32 last year. Like I’m always tired. I can barley keep up with our 4 yr old and something always hurts lol

  26. I personally think it’s all about your mindset. It’s okay that. You’re 33 ! That’s a huge deal. You have lived 33 years on this earth. And have absorbed a lot of knowledge in that time frame. Abs there is still so much life ahead. As to the music and movies and sports. Think of it as you’ve required a taste that you like. Exercising and getting outside helps me feel rejuvenated. Also reading keeping your brain stimulated. Go treat yourself to something fun you like to do. And remember age is nothing but a number. As cliche as that is. It’s all about the quality of life that you are allowing yourself to live. If you don’t like start to work on the things you want to change. Last note for the moving of furniture…. That’s what (if you are a dad) your kids, nieces , nephews, neighbor kid or your other friends are their for . Put them to work 😂😂 just give the kids a couple bucks or pizza and your friends wine and pizza as payment. Hope this helps!

  27. 29. Spring break at corpus. 21 year old brother wanted to go party. Never felt so simultaneously creepy and cringe in my life.

  28. I'm 38 and honestly I'm feeling the best I ever have. I'm having to watch my family age horribly due to poor nutrition/exercise/lifestyle habits and it scared me into really nailing down my health to the best of my ability. I think the more you take care of your mental and physical well-being, the better and younger you feel overall.

  29. I thought I was old for the first time at 6. I vividly remember a memory dump from that time of the majority of my early life memories. At the same time I was transitioning to schooling which was more demanding. It felt more adult.

  30. Physically I'd slowed down way before I felt old. It's the mental stuff though. My parents died when I was 46 and that brought the idea of mortality crashing down. They were both life long smokers and I never picked it up. Still feel like death is now around every corner.

  31. 58! That was when I realized I could no longer do what I had been my whole life. I needed 8-9 hours sleep. It took 20 min. To jump start my body in the morning and the time was running out on fulfilling my college aged dreams. That said, enjoy where you are, you have never been as old as you are right now. Look to what comes next. You will never again be as young as you are now. So play, set a goal & work for it. Don’t take your relationships for granted. Be kind. Laugh. Floss.

  32. 33 and feeling it. Seems like you need to start exercising. I’m 10 years older than you and with two kids under 5 and a wife that wants our whole house remodeled, there’s no time to feel it.

  33. Probably at 38? I was a late bloomer in a way and met my partner when I was 34 and she was in the same mode. We went to a ton of events, day drinking bingo, parties etc.

  34. I'm 42 now, and while I dont really feel "old" started to get a few white/grey hairs in my chest hair and beard a little over a year ago, and that was definitely a mental change for sure..like, I was just randomly after 40 years made aware of all the years catching up in an instant. It was a weird feeling.

  35. I'm the same age, haven't been in better shape in my life. Can't drink like I used to and that was originally a bummer but working out and being 'on point' in the morning wanting to accomplish goals and tasks has me not worrying about aging. I had a big depressive thing about it when I turned 30 but I realized I was acting childish, so many more chances to shape yourself into who you want to be or who you thought you'd be

  36. I hit the wall physically at 31. Injuries started mounting up outta nowhere despite gym and playing sport regularly/stretching and so on. Just years of sport took its toll on the knees and that was when it all went to shit.

  37. I have passed 40 now so I do realize I'm not young anymore of course. But it's hard to say when exactly I came to that realization, but after turning 30 more and more small things pointed towards it.

  38. I honestly think it's more about your mental state. I "feel" old vs I am old is a big difference. To be real I think I am more capable to perform better at my age, just get past the whole age aspect

  39. When I started noticing that the year of the "if you were born before this day in year X" had gotten past all sorts of critically important historical events from my childhood.

  40. just now at 61, rare when I can screw twice in a session, we have sex almost every day though, she loves to be driven into hard … keep you young

  41. Oof, man. I'm 42, and I have random aches and pains that make me feel old. I still like new music on a cycle (usually 2 years between lots of music I like), and I think TV is pretty great these days. I've never idolized athletes. The pandemic has left me feeling worse overall, but if I may give a suggestion, the TV show Peacemaker actually reassured me that I am able to feel joy and am not utterly depressed.

  42. I feel you bro. Speaking from experience start going to the gym, do yoga. Unfortunately after 30 we have to start working hard if we want our bodies keep up with the brain. In my mind im still 20, just little bit wiser.

  43. It hasn't really happened yet however the other day my wife and I were laughing because a song came on the radio and I said "I've got the single of this in the Jukebox!"

  44. 24. I realized the next year I would be mid 20's and then it hit me. I'm not young anymore. The 20's are the best part of your life and they were already half over. Older people always mock young people for feeling old but screw em. That's the age I felt old.

  45. 17 I made it through basic and was on my first deployment, realised I wasn't a KID anymore. 30 I got divorced and felt ancient. At 31, new partner and feel young and alive again. So only as young as you feel haha

  46. When I meet students and they seem like children to me. Or when I see a young person driving a car and I ask myself "are they old enough?" That's when I get some perspective on my age.

  47. I'm 30 and actually I feel way more mature than even 2-3 years ago. However I still feel pretty young. Though I noticed people more often adress to me as a "sir" not a "young man" like when I was in my twenties.

  48. I'm around 40 and still feel like I'm 16. Work is too easy and hence boring (so mentally I'm doing fine), physically I'm more active and in much better shape than when I was an actual teenager. Socially I might feel a tad worse, but that's just because everyone else has become boring adults.

  49. 38. I love social media, etc so I feel like I'm pretty good with the lingo and trends. But recently I heard the term "Slide deck". Apparently this is a PowerPoint presentation. Had no idea and it made me feel old. And it's been called this for quite sometime. Tbf, I don't live in the US anymore and I will not be returning anytime soon. It's just one of those terms that has passed me by.

  50. Just turned 34 yesterday, been feeling it for a while but today, hungover and laid up from a sciatica flare up its hit me.

  51. I'm 47. My body sometimes plays me some bad tricks, but it does not really matter. I feel like I'm 25, but an enhanced upgraded version of me at 25.

  52. It’s a slow burn. I just turned 40. A week or so ago I had to take the dog out in my pyjamas at about 4am and we were surprised to find quite a lot of people walking home from the bars. That was a realization.

  53. Everything slows in your thirties and drops off a cliff after 40. Of course in perspective I was complaining about getting older when my mother in law chimed in "Yep, it's hell once you hit 80."

  54. Last week. I went to a lecture that I paid more than a cinder ticket. Also hoping it would wrap up in just a few hours because it started at 730pm and I’d normally be getting ready for bed :/

  55. I’m 31 and I went to bend over and pick my little girl up after I just got out of bed. I pulled something in my back! The day I turned 30 I’ve gotten rusty and feel like the bones grind some days . All those surgeries in my early teens from broken bones are in the beginning stages of arthritis and whatever else is going on. I should try to work out more, I climb 200ft steel hydro towers so feel it’s efficient enough.

  56. The older I get the less I care about rejections or other people's opinions generally. I live my life and try to enjoy it as much as I can. That's all there is to it really.

  57. Wait till you get to your 40s and think to yourself 33 was young, and then in your 50s and say..I was young in my 40s.

  58. I started feeling old around 27 or so when my taste buds changed from now not enjoying triple brownie batter explosion in favor of a lemon sorbet. Or instead a cheeseburger, opting for some salmon when eating out.

  59. I’m 28 and I’m yet to feel that. However, I also feel very lost in life. Barely have any motivation to push me to do better in anything that used to interest me. Everything seems stagnant at this moment.

  60. I work as a composer/producer. It was a big shock to me when I realized I needed to actually research current styles to stay on top of things, because what I was listening to was no longer considered “cutting edge”.

  61. I'm 41 and switched careers 4 times so far and 3 years ago I started on a path to become an arborist. Currently in level 2 arboriculture in Ontario. Climbing trees with 20 year Olds and it's extremely hard and taxing physically. But because of how hard it pushes me my mental health is better than ever. I'm so exhausted that I can only be bothered with big issues and small things don't have any *effect on me.

  62. When I was 32, I dropped off a sample to a client who worked in my old high school. There were kids walking around, and I realized that I was twice their age.

  63. It was at 32, but I didn't feel old for like a physical reason. My Dad passed that year at the age of 56. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I might already be half-way finished. Feeling like I might not have that much time left.

  64. Lol when my body began hurting and healing from wounds took longer. Around 36 maybe. At 45 I forgot my 30's really

  65. I'm 45 and I'm realizing it more and more everyday and I hate it. I realized it once our oldest daughter graduated high school and left for college and that was in 2018. Kids are just like ticking calendars lol

  66. Kinda hit me when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at 29. Then I got nuts about working out and bounced back for a while… now I’ve got several children and my back is killing me 😐

  67. Before becoming a dad, I would drink usually every weekend. I could definitely handle my liquor and be productive the next day. When I was 28 and my second child was a month old, I went to a birthday party and took shots like I was still in college. Ended up throwing up a lot and getting home at about 5:30am. My son, who was about to turn 2, decided to wake me up at 7am by sitting on my chest and jumping up and down. I've never felt worse. That is when I realized I wasn't young anymore. I rarely drink now.

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