1. That depends. A lot of sundresses are see-through in the sun. My ex had a few I had to ask her to stop wearing when she wasn’t wearing underwear — that was too much for me to be okay with on a personal level, as sexy as she was I knew it would gain a lot of attention.

  2. Last night my wife had a shower. She just had a slim dress on after. Just a silky little night dress that hit her right above the knee, no underwear, no bra, just her dress.

  3. My highschool history teacher said that our papers need to be like a skirt, long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting. This was catholic school lmao

  4. Yup, they’re beautiful, I’m kinda scared of talking to girls, but once this pretty girl was wearing a sundress and it was so amazing to me that I couldn’t help but tell her she was beautiful

  5. i love how you can see the body shape, slim waist/bottom and still see the legs all while being classy. booty shorts and crop top are hot but not innocent/playful/classy

  6. For me- pair of good quality jeans that fit just right- not too tight, but not loose. And a plain white or black T-shirt or the button-up with rolled up sleeves. Oh! And a watch with a leather band.

  7. Looking washed and crisp is a turn on. I don’t mind a bit of the expensive smelly stuff either. If I guy eg at work or in a social environment has aftershave on, I can’t help but comment, you smell good. It is not common so those that do it stick out and smell lush.

  8. I really like when my husband wears any dark royal blue or red shirt. It’s a very flattering color on him. So I’d have to say something that’s flattering and gives them confidence. Bonus points if it’s comfy because I’ll just steal it for myself every so often.

  9. I just bought a pair of jeans because my wife said they make my butt look good. They're a little tighter than what I would normally buy...but I guess it hugged my butt right.

  10. A well fitted suit with a tie, not expensive just well fitted. Maybe after a day's work, when the tie comes loose around the neck, the neck collar is open, the jacket is off and the sleeves are rolled up on the shirt. I've heard lots of appreciative sighs at my workplace from my female colleagues, so I'm guessing that's something. 😅

  11. Well, usually, at least in NYC, sundresses become abondent after a long frigid winter. So you go from seeing girls in full winter coats, to sundresses on the first warm day. That juxtaposition immediately makes one love sundresses.

  12. How much it shows off the female form while still covering so much. Plus women look really cute in them, even if they’re a smoke show.

  13. Our imaginations, we get a glimpse of your figure, your silhouette, it's subtle but revealing and leaves alot to the imagination. It's a classic case of less is more. The less you show the more enticing it can be.

  14. EVERYTHING TURNS US ON. Pants, skirts, dresses, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, long boots. Long hair, short hair, bald, mohawk, blonde, brunette, green, orange, whatever. Shirts, bras, jackets, strapless, straps, Lederhosen, whatever.

  15. My opinion; sundresses make me think "happiness, flirty, & enticement" and there's nothing more sexy in my mind than a lady who's flirting with you, in a good mood, and enticing you along. It's the thrill of the chase!

  16. Pretty sure there's some cultural thing in USA regarding it too. Never heard men outside of USA freak the same way American men does when sun-dresses are mentioned.

  17. “He could see the honey, he could smell the honey, but he couldn’t quite reach the honey.” - A.A. Milne, Winnie The Pooh.

  18. A sundress is a good mix of concealment and exposed skin, and the fabric still rests in a way that will show her figure as she moves. And some of them show a silhouette of her legs when the sun shines through it

  19. No one has mentioned the access part of it yet. Its all thats listed plus imagining her pulling up said sundress while making out and being able to have sex while its all ruffled up, that's crazy hot.

  20. Idk about arousal, but the way the fabric swings is positively enchanting. Then add it to someone I already think is attractive. Hypnotic for my monkey ADD brain.

  21. Access and visibility of the fun bits. There’s a reason why the rockettes wear short skirts while doing high kicks and twirls.

  22. HA! Joke’s on you! I don’t WEAR undies! It’s just 18 more layers of petticoat under here, plus a hoop skirt, some linen bloomers and nylons! How’s THAT for “easy access”?! Feel free to let your imaginations run wild, gentlemen! Will she suffer a heat stroke? Will a strong breeze carry her far away to the land of Oz? Nobody knows, and a lady never tells!

  23. I think sundresses give off the "lady in the streets, freak in the sheets" vibe. They're cute and classy but also reveal just enough to make your mind wander. My girlfriend looks so amazing in them.

  24. Personally it's a lot to do with how they compliment women's legs. They expose a lot of leg while maintaining some mystery.

  25. Worn by a gal who knows, they are the essence of flirt. Essence of gal. She could weigh 250 lbs., but if that milkshake hits the hemline, its Momentary Flowers from Heaven. Can not explain it, don't understand it..just love it when I see it.

  26. For me dresses are very feminine and when it comes to sundresses they show a little skin, a little figure, a little confidence, a little happiness, great taste, some class, and a ton of beauty.

  27. It’s the right amount of cute+classy+provocative. Tends to show off neck/chest, legs, and arms, in a flattering way. And it works on women of very varying body types while being flattering to said types. The dresses also tend to be colorful, bright, and have visually eye-grabbing designs on them.

  28. Many, many years ago a middle school PE coach (retired military) related to us young men the importance of good communication skills. One of those skills was conversation, itself.

  29. They catch the wind in a way that enhances the voluptuous-ness of the female form. PS: girls that like girls like girls in sundresses, too, fam.

  30. It's the difference between erotic vs. porngraphic: porn is about what you can see, whereas the erotic is about what you can't see.

  31. A sundress is like a body suit with an opening at the bottom. It just fits so good around curves. Cheeks be looking clappy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  32. There is nothing about skirts and sundresses that turn guys on it’s the hot chick wearing them that does that

  33. My husband said he likes that at any moment he would just have to lift my dress to see the goods and get to action which I can understand

  34. It's decent enough to be out in public and provides easy enough access for some pretty interesting parts of the female body if your girl is down for that. And they just look nice all around, imo pretty much any girl looks better in a sundress than in many "modern" styles

  35. They make the femininity more evident, which is definitely an attractive trait. I wouldn't say "sexually aroused" automatically, but it definitely is cute

  36. Historically, this is what women wore, so dresses/skirts were basically synonimous with females. Thus, people are more attracted to them than, say, jeans, a vestimentary item originally invented for slaves working on cotton fields.

  37. They're feminine and it's hot to just hike one up and get busy, or watch as they unzip/unbutton it and let it cascade down around their ankles and step out of it.

  38. The imagination I think can make it better than seen nude! For me sundress brings back A great memory ! 2 great memory's now that think about it.The best was woman with wearing one with nothing under it ..What turn on it was!!! What fun we had

  39. I think it’s their sheerness and comfortable drape that makes me feel great in them, but I sure get weird looks as a fat middle age hairy guy wearing them.

  40. The way the dress falls between her curves, slightly follows her breasts to the point of the nipple, how it moves with her body, how it falls down her gorgeous midriff and to her hips and hugs her buttcheeks, oof I'm in love with my wife

  41. They are super feminine, and have a certain purity/innocence about them. They harken back to the old days where men could feel like a strong masculine protector. Also to wear a sundress requires a certain elegance and femininity of movement. You can't be "manspreading" or bending over, while wearing a sundress. And of course they reveal a great amount of skin while not considered slutty. It's leaves a lot for the imagination while being extremely pleasing to the eye. And on a more practical note they are extremely easy to take off, so it's possible to engage in sex literally at the drop of a hat if one were so inclined.

  42. It works because women know exactly how and why they appeal to men, that then boosts their confidence and thus makes them look even more attractive to men.

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