1. Compile a list based on Zillow results. Group them according to neighborhoods. Walk around the neighborhoods and cross out undesirable ones. Call leasing offices of the desirable ones for tours. And be lucky.

  2. Craigslist. Saw a listing that had no pics but seemed like it fit what I wanted. Showed up the same day. They said they just had to reject someone that had already been approved because that person lied about having a pet. I applied and got the place. Lived there for 3 years. Loved that dumpy little dingbat.

  3. Zillow to avoid multiple application fees. Drove around the area while the app was on trying to catch places that were just listed. Lucked out by being the first one to the place and had great rapport with the landlord.

  4. Same, was driving around town for days with my list of properties to check out and just lucked out by being the first to see it appear on Zillow while I was refreshing the app in my car and driving over immediately.

  5. Craigslist - I saw it, I contacted them, we toured it, applied and were accepted. But this was 10 years ago. More recently, I saw that the unit across the hall was listed on Westside Rentals instead of Craiglist.

  6. I found the place on Craigslist, I toured it, I applied at the company website, they charged a $25 fee for the application. Later I had to give proof of employment, bank statements, pay stubs and proof of my credit score. Then my application was accepted and I moved.

  7. I asked my friend to send photos of for rent signs in their area (ktown) called one, and within 3 days I went to visit - applied same day, signed a lease a day later. The place is better than anything I was finding on any website for this area.

  8. Craigslist. I saw it, called and emailed right away. Went and saw it asap, asked for paperwork and applied same day within a few hours. Made sure all my docs were in order. That took me a full solid week of searching all day everyday. Move fast, or someone else will. I went and got the cashiers check they wanted same day, too.

  9. Wife and I drove around Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena and saw some vacancy signs. I would say more than half of the apartments were NOT listed on any sites like Zillow or PadMapper or even CraigsList. Apartment we settled on was small (as expected) but very clean and in a safe area.

  10. I contacted the property manager of the place that I was at and asked what other properties they manage and if they would work with me if I moved to another one of theirs. Found one I liked and I moved in without filling out an application.

  11. Believe it or not this truly hadn't occurred to me lol. How silly is that? We live in an age so dependent on technology (and I'm very guilty!). Would never have thought of looking anywhere but the internet for this.

  12. Call the agent on Zillow as soon as it’s listed… they don’t respond quickly to emails…. If you find something you like apply right away as there will be 100 other people waiting to see the apartment. Be ready to make a decision!!

  13. Craigslist. Get notifications to call within 30 minutes of posting. Put in application sight unseen, try to see it that same day within an hour or two, leave work if you have to.

  14. I knew someone that lived in the building, talked to the manager, paid 6 months in advance and I was in!

  15. Call the person on the phone and schedule a showing to see the property. Then apply if a mutual fits. I don’t respond to any application to Zillow if I don’t know who the person is might as well as scam to property manager or owner if someone applying without due diligence.

  16. Saw listing on Craigslist. Called. Went to see it next day. Filled out application and turned in the day after. Next day they call me with questions about monthly income. (Had a problem with me not making EXACTLY 2.5 times the rent) Explained how my checks vary. Manager says she'll run it by the owner. Calls me next day to say i got the apartment. (my credit score helped them look past the whole 2.5 times rent thing) Moved in 3 days later.

  17. My parents bought a duplex about 30 years ago. I grew up coming almost every weekend to fix stuff (pipes, sprinklers, painting, cleaning). After I graduated college I needed a place to stay after getting a job and living with my parents for a couple years. A tenant moved out and I asked if I could move in. EZPZ.

  18. My brother owns the place, paying $1,600 for a 2 bedroom with my own driveway, free wifi, garage, washer and dryer, and no bills. . It’s the only way to get by now. 😭 Know someone or make 3X the rent, which frankly at that point I wouldn’t be renting. 🤌🏼

  19. We wrote a nice letter to the landlord introducing ourselves, attached a family picture of my wife and kids, and offered $500 in cash.

  20. Was living in AZ, traveled to LA about twice a month to make movies. Got tired of traveling and told wife we need to move there. Scoured Zillow and CL for apartments. I’d call them and ask for virtual tours. Some were real nice, others said they wouldn’t tour unless I was in person. Found a nice place in mid-city. Got a tour from the land lady over FaceTime and had a pleasant interview with her over the phone. Felt confident enough to sign lease and send deposit without physically seeing the place. Showed up and everything was as described. Our land lady has been amazing and responsive and really cares about her building and tenants. We pay $2k a month for a 800sqft 1bd and will stay here until we can afford a condo. I continue to work in film and love every minute of what I do. A lot of things could have gone wrong with this but we treaded carefully and everything worked out well!

  21. House went up on Realtor.com. For some reason it wasn’t listed on more popular sites like Zillow. We did some sleuthing to find the listing on the realtor’s website. Sent a request via a form on the website to set up a viewing. Called a few hours later. Confirmed appointment for a virtual showing (not currently living in LA) 2 days later. Sent them an email with a PDF of a “prospective tenant overview” doc we put together (I think this really helps). Did the virtual showing. Applied immediately afterward. Heard the good news a day later.

  22. Craigslist for my last place and a broker for my current place. I was looking for months for the place I’m in now and finally but the bullet on a broker. He was able to send us automated MLS emails and then help us apply to places as soon as possible.

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