1. There's a good offer from s-budget right now, 10€ for 30gb and 1000 min/text. I think it's one of the best in Austria, not many offer so many gb!

  2. 21,99 € ($23.15 USD) for unlimited calls inside the country, unlimited text messages, and 300 Mbit 4G LTE (unlimited data in all Nordic and Baltic countries, and 31 GB / month in other EU/ETA countries).

  3. French here. 7€ for unlimited mobile phone and around 30Go data. This was a limited offer I think.

  4. I use a prepaid account, and refresh it for €5 a month. It can stay inactive for up to 3 months before lapsing. It depends entirely how much I'm using the telephone, and I only place a call occasionally. The rate is proportional to the call time without "free" items included in a subscription fee.

  5. Paying for cell service monthly never appealed to me. I prefer the top-up option. Mostly because I never ever needed mobile data internet. There's WiFI pretty much everywhere, and if there isn't it doesn't bother me.

  6. Swiss here, 26 Fr per month for unlimited internet use in Switzerland (calls, sms, internet abroad must be paid). This is cobsidered quite cheap.

  7. I pay nearly the same amount and am a bit suprised how expensive it is in other countries in comparison to us. 25CHF unlimited suddendly seems low in a European scale (at least on this sub)

  8. €5.99 for 70GB and unlimited calls. Data limit would drop to 2GB if I were to use the service in the EU (except Italy of course).

  9. 10 euro for 150 calling minutes, unlimited texts (who still uses texts, though) and a paltry 1.5GB of data.

  10. I have the same provider, and what in my experience is the best partner deal is with hello Bank - every time I make a payment with my bank card, it takes a little amount (don't remeber how much) off my phone bill.

  11. I pay 30€ per month for unlimited use of my cell in my country. I don't remember if there are limitations in the rest of the EU but there was a sentence about that some years ago.

  12. Around 20€ (150HRK) for unlimited data, unlimited SMS and calls towards all intra-country providers. Telemach Croatia

  13. That’s probably the cheapest option for unlimited calls, SMS and mobile data in Croatia. Looking at other comments, we are getting robbed.

  14. I pay 5 € per Month for 3 or 4 Gigs of Data and unlimited calls and text. Since I am not a heavy data user it works perfectly for me

  15. 11 euro for 100 minutes and 2GB of data. It's about the cheapest you can get, but not really a big user of 4G data anyway, am mostly at home on WiFi. IIRC, unlimited with my current provider is about 25-30 euro's.

  16. In Spain it's pretty common to have packs that include cellphone service and internet service for home all in one, with the same company.

  17. 119 DKK or about 16 € for unlimited calls, texts and, 80 GB data within the country, and 30 GB within the EU. Unlimited data is 199 DKK or about 27 €, but I am never even close to my current maximum.

  18. 10,50€ (79 DKK) for 10 GB/month, 10 hours talk time, free text messages and EU wide roaming (with the full 10 GB/hours).

  19. My plan costs an equivalent of 4,46$/month for unlimited calls, sms and 20 GB of data. I did have some problems with coverage compared to other providers, but I live in a big city so it's rarely a problem I need to deal with

  20. Cheapest normal contracts start around 10 EUR, there are discount ones at 8,90 and 9,90 per month. I've used one for 14 EUR for years now, which admittedly is only 4G but I've not run into anything as I use it mostly for reading news , reddit and phonecalls.

  21. Back home in SRB I was paying 10€ for a monthly postpaid package which included 5k minutes, unlimited texts and 10GB of data + unlimited data on app you get to choose (Instagram was my pick). Data would accumulate and transfer into next month if not used. Wifi was unlimited, bundled with cable TV and the price was around 30€.

  22. 30 - 40 bgn ( 15 - 20 € ) it's the average here , the lowest I've seen in resent years was 18 bgn ( 9€ ) . All this is with 4g data included .

  23. 70 euros/month on a company plan. 7 SIM cards, unlimited calls, texts, internet and a few hundred minutes of roaming calls + GB in roaming data (cannot remember how many).

  24. I get unlimited calls and texts and 4gb data for about $8. It’s a bit expensive but that’s because I’m not on a contract.

  25. iD mobile, pay monthly no contact. £7 For 12Gb. I think there's a glitch because I've used EU roaming almost exclusively for years 4 waiting to get cut off but they just keep letting me use it abroad where the local SIMs are at least double. I think they just don't care.

  26. 14€ a month for 25gb (or more?) of data, the rest is unlimited and some worldwide minutes included. It’s student contract so cheaper than normal.

  27. 3€ for 20GB 4G speed, unlimited calls and sms inside the country and in EU roaming, and if I want to also have internet outside of my country I have to pay an extra 5€ in that month

  28. 14 €/month for unlimited internet in Lithuania (50 GB/month in EEA), unlimited calls and unlimited messages.

  29. *cries in German* my contract is unlimited calls/SMS into EU networks and 3 GB LTE for ~21€ and that’s a good one. German phone networks will also rip you off, you’re not alone.

  30. 7.95€ for unlimited calls, 150sms, 150GB of data in Italy (6GB in the rest of the EU), and decent cell service

  31. 20€ for unlimited calls and texts to any European, USA, Mexican, Canadian and Australian number and unlimited data

  32. Roughly 25€ for unlimited call, sms, mobile data and also a landline + broadband internet + 4k tv in one. (which is stupid because I don't use TV, but without tv it'd be 30 €)

  33. Roughly 55€/month, this also includes the payments for the phone tho. If we're only counting the actual mobile plan for getting calls and data it's only 20€/month for 15GB of data, free calls and SMS within the EU/EAA, and of course access to 5G where they have it and then also no extra costs for using data abroad in roughly 80 countries or so.

  34. I pay €8 a month for unlimited data and a few hundred minutes and texts (of which I use almost none)

  35. I pay 7€ for 80 gigs. I take good offers every year and change service provider every years so I get good prices.

  36. I pay £8 a month for unlimited texts and minutes and 2gb of data. It's perfect for me bc I never use all of my data but I know most people pay more. Except from people who are also paying off their phone in my experience people tend to pay £10-20 a month depending on their network and how much data they need

  37. French, 22€ for unlimited calls, 120 GB of data and some coverage in a foreign country (varies from country to country)

  38. My subscription is around 15€ a month and includes unlimited text messages and 5G data per month. It applies in all of the EU normally.

  39. It's very cheap in France because of Free, with 5 € you can have a good 40 Go (+10 abroad), which is what I have, 10 € is worth about 100-200 Go and higher prices usually have unlimited data

  40. 20€/month. Unlimited calls, texts (EU/EEA) and unlimited data at gigabit speeds (if you're lucky enough to get 5G). The plan also includes 15gb in EU/EEA and 200mb in the US.

  41. I currently pay 9€ for 20GB and unlimited calls (not sure about sms). My girlfriend pays 20€ for 24GB with Vodafone, but she has an extended roaming that allows her to use her phone in some countries outside the EU such as USA or UK. Pay per call rates are pretty weird, so you usually pays around 0,5-1€ per GB, unlimited data plans are usually around 30€, depending the provider calls included, they usually apply discounts if you have home internet service or more phone lines in the contract.

  42. In Poland I pay 16€ for 3 numbers with unlimited call/sms and 10GB internet each. PLUS GSM, no devices included.

  43. £10 a month for 30GB data, including unlimited use of some social platforms and then £8 per 8 days roaming.

  44. I think it’s 60 CHF per line on our plan. I can’t remember, though. My husband takes care of the bills, so I’m not sure.

  45. 27€.....unlimited calls, sms,mms. 15Gb with "rollover" so can max 30Gb. This subscription actually cost €38 but I got a discount after calling them and got a deal, although I'm locked to the provider for a year.

  46. I'm in Czech Republic, pay 300czk (12€/$13) for 6GB of LTE data at around 50Mbps + unlimited data for social medias/messaging apps, 100min and 100sms. All unused units also always move on to next month, so in reality I have like 4 times that available :D

  47. American here but last week I bought a month of unlimited 5G in Finland (works across the Nordic and Baltic countries) for 34€

  48. €20 for 20GB that I hardly use any of, even with my data permanently on. It uses my WiFi at home but nearly everywhere else I am using data.

  49. Husband and I have a package for two SIM cards at €42.50 total. We share 200Gb/month of data between the two, and we have unlimited calls and texts. From that, we can spend 40Gb and 100 minutes/texts per month for free within the EU. (Netherlands here)

  50. I pay 22,74 EUR (24 USD) for unlimited calls, SMSs and mobile data (in the EU it is restricted to 10 GB per month)

  51. Slovenia - my bill is 9.89€ - unlimited calls, mms,sms, 10gb data (enough for me) + 6,5 gb data in EU roaming.

  52. I don't pay for a contract. I have two prepaid sims. One for calls and SMS (on that 10 Euro lasts me 3-4 months usually), the other one I pay 12 Euro every month for 100GB of LTE. It was a limited deal though, you can't buy that SIM card today.

  53. Around 40€ a month but I need A LOT of GB plus I travel a lot so I pay for multiple travel plans on the tops of my normal plan.

  54. 130 zł - 27 euros Unlimited calls and text messages, practically unlimited internet on phones and wifi for two phones

  55. 25€ for unlimited data, calls and sms in Spain, Italy and Romania and capped to 20GB in the rest of Europe.

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