1. I love how we get made fun of for putting too much milk in our coffee but also not enough milk in our tea.

  2. Yes it’s common, but no one is going to post a picture of their morning cup of coffee because it’s not picture worthy like a Starbucks creation.

  3. Most people who drink coffee do so within the typical bounds of "normal" - black, a little cream and/or sugar, a classic espresso drink (latte/cappuccino/flat white/etc), etc. Getting the super sweet dessert coffees Starbucks is famous for is not normally an everyday event.

  4. Nobody is going to make a social media post featuring their plain old mug full of drip coffee. Of course you don't see it.

  5. While I am not what reddit would consider 'young' I drink my coffee black, my wife drinks it with cream and sugar.

  6. Next they’ll be telling us that most young American adults drink fruity mixed drinks instead of craft bears or martinis.

  7. What Gen Y/Z Americans are you seeing? The ones on TV or Instagram? That's not real life, just like every single other thing you see on TV or social media. You're not seeing a standard cup of coffee because it's mundane and not worth bragging about. No one I know is getting those fancy-ass coffee drinks on a regular basis, and as an aged Gen-Xer, I'll get a fancy-ass coffee drink from time-to-time as a treat.

  8. Most Gen Y/Gen Z-Americans I see mostly drink Starbucks "coffees" of frappuccinos that wouldn't be considered coffee but coffee flavoured milk shake in Germany.

  9. Context: for a lot of people, going to Starbucks is an event. We drink "normal" coffee at home. Meeting up with friends at Starbucks is special, so we get something more elaborate like a frappucino. Also, the drip coffee at Starbucks is just plain awful.

  10. Most people I know drink plain black coffee. I've often seen Starbucks called "coffee for people who don't like coffee". There's lots of other chains that are popular for plain coffee.

  11. I love black coffee. Most folks around here drink “normal” coffee. Some of the weird fancy drinks are popular amongst (primarily) young women.

  12. "A coffee" most places here is just a cup of black drip coffee and you can add cream and sugar if you like. Frappuccinos just look prettier on Instagram.

  13. It is very common. I know more people that just drink drip coffee (including myself) than get Starbucks style coffee drinks. Those are certainly very popular but so is just "normal" coffee, taken black, with milk and/or sugar, or with a creamer.

  14. I've always drunk regular brewed coffee with some half & half and sweetener. Those Starbucks type concoctions are a 2-3x a year thing.

  15. I never drank coffee until I was living in a place outside the US where coffee drinking was much more a part of the workday and then I started drinking it a few times a week (not everyday). Can't say I'm a fan of straight black coffee though, so it does need a little something.

  16. I'm pretty well past the 20-something range, but most of my team is in that range and we go on coffee runs about once a week. We also have a coffee machine in the break room.

  17. Just FYI, a lot of people order plain old black (unsweetened, no milk or cream) coffee when they go to Starbucks.

  18. I mean, I do both... When I'm at home i'll just brew a hot black coffee. If I want to treat myself on occasion I might get a large iced flavored coffee or something.

  19. I have two young adult children. The youngest doesn't drink coffee (she likes it, but she's very sensitive to caffeine). The eldest loves coffee and drinks it black - generally either espresso or Cafe Americano.

  20. It seems common enough, but a lot of people don’t like the taste of black coffee. Black coffee is not an enjoyable experience for me personally, so I’m not drinking that swill unless it’s half milk and vanilla creamer to make it the least bit palatable.

  21. I'm a black coffee guy, and honestly? Cheap black coffee. I picked it up when I was selling cars out of necessity (very long hours) and haven't gone back. Maxwell house, Folgers, McDonald's coffee, pretty much anything you might find in a truck stop that's been brewing all day. It genuinely tastes better in my opinion.

  22. I think with Gen-Z it's mostly energy drinks, not coffees. With Millenials though, I think that they drink coffee with milk and sugar, or coffee with vanilla creamer.

  23. I cut out coffee when I realized it was what was making me shaky and anxious. People who suck down four cups of that shit don’t realize how potent caffeine is. Kudos to y’all, I’ll stick to my adderall and cocaine

  24. For most USA-Americans, a frappuccino is an infrequent treat. Their daily coffee has a little cream or milk and a little sugar.

  25. In my neck of the woods Starbucks is mostly only popular with a subset of young women. That's not a stereotype unique to Florida, and it's also why you see triple mocha caramel brown sugar brownie fuckaccinos or whatever plastered all over instagram.

  26. For most college Age kids I’d say black is not the norm. I drink it black, but rarely see anyone my age do the same. Always adding cream or suger

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