1. That's because it's true. With APs, this is an adapted survival tactic for us. Their reactions and need to control give us every reason to not trust them with anything. We've learned from personal first-hand experience that it's much easier and more convenient to just make something up and tell them what they want to hear, creating backup lies in case, than to pay the price for our honesty.

  2. I do the same. Stuff like this makes me feel I don't really even have parents. I don't even share major life things with them anymore because they never have any emotional support to offer or anything nice to say. It's so messed up and I grieve these relationships a lot.

  3. I mean, it's nice and convenient if you're under 18 forever lol. Just survive and go; the problem comes down to what happens when you're in the real world; don't know about you, but for me, sometimes it's easier to lie to people than to confront their bullshit or I let people walk all over me because I was so used to that in my home.

  4. It took me some time to deal with this too. But now I am sure that life just becomes a little easier if I talk about a few topics and leave out other details.

  5. Yes because they throw massive fits over the tiniest things ("why did you go out? Why did you go see your bf that we told you you couldn't travel to see even though you're 24 years old lol") that throw me back into traumatic childhood events, but "wahh I'm sad that you felt you had to lie to me... Why?"

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