1. Holy moly, absolutely incredible preservation of the leather and the details of the patterning for this item's age!

  2. People already do that: Experimental Archeology. It's a small and newer field as far as most stuff goes but it exists. The side i'm used to is hobbyists/reenactors so no grand budget or perfect materials but roman reenactment is a thing.

  3. We have of those at an iron age museum in denmark. Spent a week or 2 wearing em. Will say they allright. About as usefull as slippers. But better than bare feet

  4. A lot of people seem to underestimate how skilled craftsman were back in ancient times, if you were wealthy enough you could buy some pretty crazy looking clothes and jewellery

  5. the Shoe looks like they were two layered unless that's insert to keep it's form in the display. There looks like there holes on the bottom of the shoe. Are those intended to be treads of some kind grip ground but their shallow holes?

  6. I'm guessing that must either be damage/wear (the sole looks like it has been mended several times with patches of leather) or perhaps holes meant for ventilation (and that the person wearing them wore wooden overshoes of some kind?)

  7. That shoe definitely wound up down there from an act of spite. Stealing the one shoe screws with someone way more than stealing both

  8. Is that not allowed here? Because I see cool artefacts on other subs all the time and want to crosspost them here, but it won't let me because it has to have the image size...

  9. Worn some reproduction leather shooes at an iron age museum for a week as a part of 'acting the role of a family from the era'. Those shoes are horrible to wear when the leather gets wet. No solid soles so rocks feel still like lego on barefeet if you unlucky. But hey. Its better than nothing and allmost as easy to put on as a pair of sandals

  10. Yo when ppl find shit like this, I wonder how long it took to destroy the item. Like how bad can we distress this so we can fool someone into thinking this shit is 2000 years old.

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