1. Same omg I thought I was so weird, this comment was a relief that others deal with this aswell

  2. Noise can be like that but I feel not all noise is like that. A busy workplace and people talking on and off, is triggering but a live band is not... I guess it is about isolating from what triggers you

  3. Yes I feel that too, some noisy is ok. But others can steess me. The live band can actually work opposite and make me feel comfortable but other styles of music will make me feel uncomfortable.

  4. Had a stressful office job where, already distracted by colleagues and phones, my coworkers insisted on having the windows open with traffic noise and all :(

  5. Sensory processing problems can def be a trigger for overstimulation and anxiety. Think large groups of people or parties and how that affect can have on a person

  6. Omg I just went for a visit to Hemet CA, out of the city. It is in the valley and wow I loved it there. I’ll rather live away from the city too if even if people find living out of the city boring. To me it was heaven. But it’s not easy to move if you don’t have the money.

  7. My anxiety immediately kicks in when things are too loud. Even if it’s just me watching tv by myself. I find myself constantly with my hand on the remote to turn the volume down or up to an acceptable level that doesn’t make me so anxious.

  8. Yes! In the car alone I can crank the music all the way up, but when I’m with other people I get so overstimulated by any music at all. Anxiety is immediately through the roof.

  9. I know not a lot of people can afford this, but the Sony (1000XM4 or XM5) or Bose noise-cancelling headphones are amazing and really helpful. You can put it on while walking or being in school and not feel super bothered :)

  10. My neighbor's kids always yell and squeal while playing. It makes me so anxious. I usually put on some noise cancelling headphones or sit as far away from the windows as possible.

  11. I swear! I’m dealing with this right now. When anyone talks too loud, any video plays on the phone, or multiple noises at once. People who have naturally elevated voices (who I’m constantly around). It’s so hard for me.

  12. Have you heard of misophonia? I struggle with misophonia and am particularly bothered by people chewing. It gets worse when I'm anxious for sure.

  13. Honestly, I’d suggest buying a pair or two of Loop Earplugs, they help take the harshness out of the noise and you can get a variety of plugs to change the decibels for your comfort level.

  14. I suggest installing a metronome app on your phone. Having something monotonous to listen to helps drown out whatever noise is eating at you.

  15. My husband is the exact same! Also a musician and he loves noise. He will sometimes have music playing and be playing a completely different song on his guitar at the same time, while also trying to have a conversation with me. He is very understanding when I’m having hard days though, and he knows not to bother me if I’m sitting out on the porch with my eyes closed for a few minutes

  16. I get this. Loud noises irritate me but I try to hold it together. I feel it may stem from childhood memories of my dad yelling so any loud noises It triggers this almost ptds response. I love peace and quiet but even the slightest noise of dinner plates clashing together makes me want to leave the room.

  17. I live my life with earplugs in, they have really helped me. I still hide away where it’s quietest, but I always have my earplugs with me no matter what. Maybe try it out and see if it works for you. It helps to take the edge off all the noise.

  18. Yep I get that. I have parrots too so that doesn’t help sometimes. Thankfully, they’re usually quieter than the average parrots

  19. Yes all the time! Try to take some “you” time when you feel this way so you don’t get to a point where you become too uncomfortable. If it’s an option, you can always get ear plugs that reduce noise or even noise canceling headphones as well.

  20. I work in restaurants, when I start to get overwhelmed I usually plug my ears with my fingers and disconnect for a second. I just drop everything and cancel the sound. You’re not alone

  21. I wear earplugs during the day sometimes in my apartment. Can’t stand any noise, makes me feel so uncomfortable and anxious

  22. I am feeling this right now! I just worked all day, went and got groceries and then walked in the house to immediately kids screaming, yelling, arguing. Whenever I hear that kind of thing my brain just wants to go into shutdown mode and I want to retreat. I went into my room and laid down to try and relax myself so I didn’t spiral into an anxiety attack, but could still hear the kids fighting and yelling. Took all my energy to will myself to go out there and sort it out. It’s so disheartening when you’ve been feeling pretty good and then the mood can turn so quickly.

  23. A few year ago I took a student job at a huuge printing factory, they were printing advertisement for big companies. At that time my anxiety was extreme - I was obsessed with the thought that I might go schizophrenic and might hear voices (even though I didn’t). Anyway so the noise in this factory was not loud per se, but it was a really weird mixture of stuff moving, people talking in the distance, paper rustling and all bunch of stuff. I couldn’t stand it for more than two days and had to quit, because some of the noises made me believe I would hear stuff that wasn’t there... Hence triggering my anxiety to go insane. Didn’t really experience that again, but I know really well what you mean.

  24. Yes, i’m like that almost always all the time, especially now that pandemic related restrictions eased up and offices starts opening again, and all of us returned to office, my office room is not that big and can be filled with up to 16 people at a time, a noisy environment.

  25. All the time, looking to buy a house in the country with no neighbors because of it, I absolutely hate loud noises and my anxiety goes through the roof when i hear loud music especially. I live in one of the most densely populated countries in the world so finding a quiet spot is extremely difficult. I use noise canceling headphones when im in my garden otherwise i would go crazy.

  26. Aside from my tinnitus driving me crazy, I hate the sound of leaf blowers, weedeaters and chainsaws.... The random up and down tones makes me anxious all over.

  27. I also experience this often. I have found that if it’s impossible to escape the noise in that moment, sometimes just closing my eyes for a little bit helps. Like I can’t control the overstimulation of one sense right now but I can control another, if that makes sense.

  28. Once in a while I can be overly stimulated. It's usually repetitive noises. It starts out as a anxious feeling but then leads to agitation. I think I have misophonia. I don't think it's abnormal for most people to not like certain noises that are overly loud, or just plain obnoxious. I prefer the quiet. It's imperative when under chronic stress.

  29. Yesss. Most recently this happened at the airport (non stop chatter, intercom etc). All of a sudden I felt really weird, like I had to get out, couldn’t think clearly etc, but I was about to board my flight so I couldn’t really leave to deal with my blood pressure spike and panic attack. I’m typically a good flier but the noise has started to trigger my anxiety. My only saving grace is immediately going grabbing Airpods and playing a saved playlist from my phone. It’s the only way to cut the noise I can’t control by incorporating sounds I’m familiar with (music).

  30. When the custodians clean the bathrooms at work they leave the toilet seats up. This morning I'm doing my daily periodic business and some hamster-fathered, elderberry -smelling mothered ingrate comes in and tips the seat down and lets it SLAM DOWN! Since this is a bathroom it freaking echoed!

  31. I was in a Hardee’s restaurant and the woman behind the counter (not the cashier, not the cook, another worker) was YELLING each order as it came across the screen. I felt like saying, “They can read lady.” For some reason, that tore me out of frame. I couldn’t wait to leave. It was unnecessary noise. Restaurants also bother me. The clinking of the loud dishes at Waffle House make my skin crawl.

  32. The clinging of the dishes bothers me too! I can wash dishes myself but I hate putting them away after they are dried, for some reason the noise bothers me.

  33. I'm the ADHD type the desperately needs background noise going on as often as I can. There are times though when it becomes too much stimulation and affects me negatively. Like a duel edged sword lol

  34. My daughter does, she has autism and is frequently overwhelmed by noise. She's trying out some loop earplugs to cut down on background noise, they were recommended by a friend with similar issues.

  35. Always. Sometime overstimulation causes my anxiety and other times, the noise and commotion adds it. It’s normal to look for less stressful areas to calm yourself down

  36. Yes. I get so stressed from loud noises I can’t function properly. Definitely enjoy silence after being out in public at loud places.

  37. Overstimulation was one of the reasons I had to quit my job. I used to work in a childcare center and a lot of the teachers there would be playing music all day long. One had a white noise machine playing at the same time as the radio. Both at a loud volume. So when I walked in, I shut off the radio after she left. (Those poor babies tbh). Another teacher liked to play children's songs all day at an unberable level. I hated being in that classroom with her. So I called it quits.

  38. I actually have the opposite of this. I can be somewhere where it's already quiet, but if I'm in a place where there is lots of noise or even just one consistent noise and it suddenly becomes quiet then I start to feel extremely uncomfortable.

  39. Even loud movies, anime or TV shows trigger my anxiety and I hate it. I see other people enjoying the same stuff that makes me anxious

  40. I quite enjoy the hustle and bustle of some places. Now if it's too loud, I can feel overwhelmed but I feel that may be everyone. However, I wouldn't say I like quiet places.

  41. I have ADHD and very often loud or shrill noises really get under my skin. Not so much anxiety, more like anger and the need to make it stop.

  42. It triggers me on and off. Like someone else said, a concert wouldn’t bother me, but trying to talk to my husband while a YouTube video is playing and the overhead fan is on can send me spiraling. Anxiety is weird man

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