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  2. I will say treatment absolutely saved my life. I did a month inpatient and 3 months outpatient 4 days a week. The outpatient was more helpful for me emotionally as I was able to be home and with my friends and family, but I needed impatient to really start restoring weight.

  3. I have been through inpatient treatment twice. no, it wasn't successful. I am autistic and the programs wouldn't make any accommodations for me. people could have been more understanding about how difficult it was to be in that situation. to have my autism completely ignored in inpatient. I found my hospital stays stressful and completely unhelpful. I wish they would have listened to me. I would say in order for inpatient to work, you really have to try to help yourself and it helps if you feel like people are taking your anxieties and fears about eating into consideration. I fought and resisted the entire time. now when inpatient treatment gets recommended to me, I refuse. I would say the hospital helps many people, but it doesn't cure everyone

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