1. Anyone able to help me get a pre-roll Indica or hybrid pre-roll? My flight gets in at 24:45 and coffee shops will be closed. Looking to get it before 2 am tonight. Staying in the city center

  2. Hi all, coming over in a couple of weeks and got a place near Park de Oeverlanden. Would this be much of an issue? Could we easily cycle into the centre for food, museums, etc? Easy public transport options? Or is there some solid stuff to do and visit out that way?

  3. You can use Google maps for all travel options tbh, including public transport. No need to download an extra app just for the trip.

  4. I double purchased 3 Anne Frank tickets for Saturday, 8/20, 9:00 AM. I'd love to give away the 3 I don't need to someone who wants to go and didn't get tickets in time (and hopefully not just a re-seller) They are sold out that day. Is there an online platform for this kind of thing, or, could anyone here use them? Or should I just bring paper copies of the tickets to Amsterdam and see if I come across anyone who could use them?

  5. Hi me and my partner will be in Amsterdam that day. Although any idea if the time can be changed at all as we may be double booked. Feel free to DM me about it. Thanks.

  6. Me and my wife wanna see a sex show but dont wanna go to all the touristy stuff like moulin rouge or cassa rossa. Do the window girls offer this if asked for?

  7. I'm planning to visit Amsterdam today, and as I have euro 3 diesel car I need to leave it on p+r. I also plan to buy the 24h gvb ticket, but the information about it is quite confusing. I says I can order it online but pick it up in gvb Tickets and info. But somewhere else it says I can buy it in a tram. And does it give me the 1 euro discount for p+r parking?

  8. amazing store to buy beer is Sterk. libations separated by style and a huge selection of each. found some nice lesser known dutch varieties there like uiltje brewing from haarlem. some nice beer bars in amsterdam as well like Cafe Gollem Raamsteeg are worth visiting.

  9. Hey I have a pretty random but urgent question. Would any of you happen to know where I can this moisturizer? Sebamed Clear Face Gel. I'm in the city for the week and just realized I'm running dangerously low. Thank you so much I really appreciate it

  10. I checked the online inventory of the large drugstore chains for you (Kruidvat, Etos, DA, Trekpleister) and while they do have some Sebamed products, they don't have the face gel..

  11. So here with my wife and friends (mostly girls) for pride, we are an ecltic mix of aussies I our 30s. Any recommendations?? pretty open minded and into the wierd and wonderful.

  12. Dear Amsterdam community, I will be moving to Amsterdam in November and just had a first look at apartments. I’m a bit scared because either I suck at searching, or there really aren’t many available that fit my criteria.

  13. What are the social rules for parking your car while moving? I’m sure the official rules are only in a designated parking spot with accurate permits, etc. But how annoying is it really to park for 30 min with hazards on, slightly on the sidewalk but not in the way of bike/car traffic?

  14. If people can get by - including delivery trucks, which will otherwise get jammed behind you and then block everyone else - then I don't think it matters much as long as there's someone outside with the car most of the time.

  15. There is a low emission zone in the centre banning diesel cars over a certain age, so long as your car doesn't breach those rules there is nothing

  16. We are travelling to Amsterdam in late September/early October. We found few hostels and one campsite near Amsterdam. We are travelling as a couple and therefore seeking for some privacy, but the apartments are too expensive since we're students.

  17. What’s the average spending per day for a solo traveler? Excluding accommodations, alcohol And weed

  18. There are quite a few new developments in buiksloterham and overhoeks. Possible catches beside being completely unfurbished: price without service costs, price without obligatory rental of parking spot, building not finished yet.

  19. Colloquially when one says "Amsterdam central" it usually refers to Central Station, which for many purposes is not that centrally located since it's at the very far north side of Centrum.

  20. If you're into aestethic instagram feed and want to make some good pics, yes. If you're not into that, nothing special. Went there and I wouldn't put it into my itinerary if visiting again.

  21. Agree with most commenters. Moco isn't great. They just have the most marketing. For modern art the Stedelijk is much better. Of course the Rijks has the largest collection out there and for new media there's the NxT Museum too.

  22. if I were to recommend 1 museum it would be Rijksmuseum, but if you were considering going to Moco that's probably not what you're looking for. Maybe Stedelijk or Nxt or Foam?

  23. Hand on my heart, I was walking by one day and a couple of guys came out and one said: "Well that was a total waste of 12 bucks."

  24. Me and my two buddies want to go to amsterdam tomorrow, but we are having a hard time finding affordable housing. We plan to leave the seventh and go back to Gothenburg. Is there anyone open to the idea of letting us couchsurf? We can pay around 300€ total for 2 nights. Thank you.

  25. I'll be in Amsterdam in September and i was wondering if there was some esoteric like Museum/bar/Place to visit. Thanks in advance!

  26. What do you mean exactly by esoteric? I looked up the definition but I'm not sure what it could apply to for a museum/bar/place. Do you have examples of such places from your own city or places you've been? Are they places you would find on Atlas Obscura? Sincere questions!

  27. This is gonna be an odd question but I need a .01 euro cent for a collection of sorts. Willing to trade a euro for it, just haven’t been able to find any shops with .01 cent coins. Any places where this would be possible?

  28. I'm visiting Netherlands very soon. I'm staying in Amsterdam for 4 days. What are must see places in the city and surrounding towns? I already booked museum tickets for Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum.

  29. I gonna stay for wednesday, thursday and friday. I've got concerns about nightlife would be crowded at weekdays and can you recomend me some clubs that we can enter with my male friend without girls. You can recomend me interesting activities to do at daylight (not visiting historical places).

  30. As my previous question about the city’s bike parking facilities is still unanswered, I’m still curious. Are they safe? Can I leave an expensive looking bike there over night? Does anyone have any experience? Thanks!

  31. You're probably fine in the guarded facilities where you use your OV chipcard to check in. I'm sure something's been stolen from there at some point but it wouldn't be common.

  32. Im moving to NL this month and asked my doctor for a medical certificate for customs. One of the meds I take is on the opium law list II. My doctor gave me a list of the medications I take for travel on my insurance letterhead, but the only writing in English is the list of medications. The rest of the document is in my native language. Can I use this to go through customs or do I need to get it translated and notarized?

  33. Is it safe for young women to visit the red light district at night, alone? I am here as a tourist and unfortunately arrived late but wanted to make the most of my time here. Want to drop by and see the red light district but want to make sure it’s safe for me to do so. If not, do you have other recommendations for me?

  34. It's a very well-policed part of the city. Some groups of drunken rowdies could be annoying but you can hear them from a mile off and steer clear. You'll see, it's crowded with people generally having a good time. I wouldn't worry.

  35. Gonna be in amsterdam a full day near end of the month. Any updated super cheap eats? I checked the ones in the wiki and with the inflation and the crysis they all seem very outdated and are pre covid.

  36. https://www.parool.nl/ps/10-onder-10-bij-welke-restaurants-kun-je-nog-goedkoop-uit-eten-in-amsterdam~bd14165ec/

  37. Not sure if super cheap but for value and good food, check places with Toko or Warung in their name - you start with a base and get to pick your sauces/toppings. It’s pretty filling!

  38. Landlords need a license to rent out a place to more than 2 adults that aren't a family unit so not a lot of sharing going on.

  39. There's been a bit of crackdown on house sharing so there is not much like that available. You can try kamernet.nl but it's mostly for students.

  40. I stayed at the sir Winston Churchill hostel in amsterdam, it’s super central !! Maybe check that out too

  41. I’d say Bee Hostel is not far away at all from the city centre - and perhaps in a much more prettier neighbourhood (with still much to do around it) than Clink. You will have to take the ferry to Clink before you get into the actual city and bypass the station, and Bee is well-served by public transport. It’s possible a night bus will go there.

  42. 18M - Any advice for what I could do tonight? I want to go out/meet people my age but don’t know where to go or what would be good as a solo traveler.

  43. I have an overnight layer and will be going into the city for dinner and some sight seeing. Any suggestions that are within walking distance of the Centraal Station? Thank you!

  44. I would take the (free) ferry on the North side of the station and have dinner at Tolhuistuin. Or take the longer ferry to NDSM wharf and have dinner in one of the restaurants there (Google is your friend), like Pllek.

  45. My partner and I will be staying near Oosterpark, are there any good places to check out or any little hidden gems near there?

  46. Most people reading this live here, or are tourists that haven't arrived yet. Maybe your question would be more suitable for a travel sub. As someone who lives here, I don't know the tourist experience. But I do know that this:

  47. Are you flying in from a non-safe, non-EU country and your last jab was more than 270 days ago? You need a booster jab. If you get one, it's considered to be effective immediately, so you can still get one before the weekend for peace of mind.

  48. I'll be visiting tomorrow 🙂 very much looking forward for the experience! My questions are about payment cards, as i only have virtual MasterCard in my phone with Euros. Are contactless payments generally accepted? Will I also be able to take out cash from ATM using it?

  49. MasterCard contactless should work everywhere except Albert Heijn supermarkets. Everywhere you can pay with card (which is near 100%) you can pay contactless. I believe all Geldmaat ATMs also have contactless pads and so yes you should also be able to take out cash there.

  50. I am visiting and have seen very few electric scooters 🛴. The law apparently says they are legal but must have the same amount of power as the electric bikes which is I guess 250W? This is strange to me as the electric bikes I see here definitely have more than 250W motors.

  51. You will likely not get "hassled" when riding a scooter, but the police could potentially seize it at any point, and if you get into an accident you are on an uninsured motorised vehicle and in a lot of trouble.

  52. Any recommendations for cheap accommodation that isn't a hostel? Preferably capping at around €400 for 4-5 nights.

  53. Go on google maps and search for hotels, as long as you don't need to be in the centre you can find a hotel room for €100/night outside of major festival times (e.g. this weekend).

  54. Hi all, I'm (26M) here for a few days. Anyone wanna meetup and talk about the good and the evil or anything that comes to mind? Alternatively we can look for some nice activities. I have no clue what the city has to offer :)

  55. Hey Dude! I'll be there from Mondayy (August 8th) till Wednesday. i'd gladly meet up if you're still there :)

  56. there are official tickets on Ticketmaster still available, and there are also resale tickets on there

  57. weather is lovely at the moment but that could change. Anywhere within the A10 ring is okay but Centrum, de Pijp, Jordaan would be ideal. Read the wiki for the rest.

  58. Hi! Visiting in October for my first solo trip to see Swedish House Mafia. I’d like a floor ticket but they’re all sold out on the main websites (ticketmaster, seatgeek etc). Is there a reputable secondhand ticket exchange or something like Craigslist I can use? TIA

  59. Five years ago I stayed at the Meeting Point hostel in Amsterdam... it looks like it no longer exist. I paid 18 euros a night for a bed in a 12-person room. Does something for the same price still exist?

  60. Highly unlikely, plus prices vary per season and depend on how far ahead you book. Compare through hostelworld.com. Unlikely to find anything below 30 euros/night.

  61. be aware that the last years most NYE parties were cancelled due to covid - so at the moment no one really knows if anything will happen at all, though we all hoping for the best.

  62. Frankendael park and other parks further out from the centre can be good for that, but in nice weather people will flock to any nice outside area!

  63. Is there a more family friendly area to watch the Pride boats sailing by on Saturday? would like to avoid crowds, smoke, loud music…

  64. Since I like the very end of a parade, I would recommend you find a spot on Westerdok, which is only a short walk West of Centraal Station. Everything finishes there. Café Restaurant Hoogendam will be happy to sell you drinks to go, and classic Dutch brown bar Cafe Westerdok is just a couple steps further.

  65. You're really not going to find one. Everywhere will be packed. Avoid the parade if you want to avoid those.

  66. Any place the boats go by will be crowded and loud. It's a loud, crowded event, that's the point of it. Maybe a webcam? Or find someone you know who has a front window overlooking the Prinsengracht.

  67. What are the social rules for taking your bike on the train? I know the actual rules like buying a ticket and you only can if there is space, but how can I be not annoying while doing this? I'm going to take mine from Amsterdam to Groningen, with a pretty large backpack as well. I'm worried I'll be perpetually in the way. Would it be best if I take my basket off? Or am I overthinking this and no one minds?

  68. In addition to what has been said already, pick a quiet time to travel, if you can. The NS app shows expected crowding for each train.

  69. Look for the train doors with the bike symbol on it. In the areas behind the other doors you'll indeed be very much in the way :)

  70. Hey! I’ve been to this farm. They’re great people. We messed up with the buses back and ended up getting a taxi back to the station - so that’s always a last resort option too. Tip: Be clear about where you need to go. We went for the forest walk but directions were misplaced so we ended up getting a cab to where the farm is. Luckily, one of the brothers was super kind to drive us to the actual meet location. 🥲 Have a great time!

  71. It's gotta be a Google glitch. The bus stop for the opposite direction is just a few steps further up that street.

  72. I’m taking a trip to dam after divorce. Looking to have fun at the red light district. Any suggestions on what days/ times are best? Where to stay etc?

  73. Just read the wiki. All these questions are answered there. Also please don't call Amsterdam "Dam". A'dam, Mokum or Amsterdam are acceptable names.

  74. Where to buy tickets for Nations League at Johan Cruyff on September 25? Anybody know a good trustworthy site to purchase seats for this match vs. Belgium? Thanks in advance!

  75. We might be visiting Amsterdam on the weekend of September 17-18, which happens to be when the Dam tot Damloop weekend is taking place. Would this be a bad time to visit because of potential disruptions to traffic or crowded streets? (We plan to sightsee in the tourist areas, as well as take a day trip or two outside of the city.)

  76. Nah, looks like they're only crossing Prins Hendrikkade and IJtunnel in the centre. Usually these events are clearly announced in advance and there will be plenty of traffic regulators around. You might not notice a thing.

  77. If you mean UK to EU you might find that at a shop in any big station, like Hema. If you just need a phone charger that will be easy to find.

  78. You can find them at MediaMarkt which is in every medium and large city. There's one a few minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

  79. Everything around Bergen and Schoorl would be my recommendation. Really unique and beautiful nature with beach, dunes, heather and forest all mixed in together. And Schoorl is a lovely village. Rent a bike - the beach at Schoorl is only accessible by bike, which makes it a lot less crowded and very chill. Bergen has lots of art and expo's.

  80. The Waddeneilanden are nice. Or towns in the Friese Meren area (for instance Woudsend, but plenty of options around).

  81. where can i buy a cheaper foam mattress? i also need it to be kind of thick as in min 15 cm. is ikea the best option?

  82. I am looking at ticket prices for Kendrick Lamar's concert at Ziggo Dome on October 7th on StubHub. Specifically I am looking at floor seats prices. The thing is that there are multiple tickets with prices ranging from 120 to 500 euros but the site doesn't say that anything distinguishes them? So why would anyone buy the 500 euro one when they can buy the 120?

  83. Stubhub is a ticket resale site, not the official seller. The regular tickets aren't sold out yet, you can buy them here:

  84. Hello you all, I will be starting my bachelors degree this September and want to register under a friends adress with the „ permission to register at address' form because I do not have a set place to stay yet. The possible problem is, that my friend has two roommates and only 3 people are allowed to be tenants at his address, so I can't be a real tenant there. But because I will not really be renting the place and only use it until I find something else, could I still register? I haven't found anything about this online and am thinking to go to my student help desk. And is it even required to be registered to start university, or could I also just stay at an Airbnb until I find something else? If anyone thinks that they could help me out with that, that would be amazing. Any help is very much appreciated.

  85. Even if you are not paying rent or registering, you could get your roommate in trouble if you stay there for longer periods (i.e. more than a few weeks).

  86. hey, visiting Amsterdam for the first time (by plane). We have 4 days and we would also like to leave the city and visit Hague for a day. I see that there is 1 hr train ride, but where can you buy tickets for that Intercity train? Can you buy them once you arrive at the station and see what is the next train to Hague? sorry for the noob question.

  87. doesn't insurance just give you the monetary equivalent if they have to pay out? They don't care what you do with the money.

  88. I've heard it said that they're leaning forward to enable movers to bring items in using the pulley and rope without breaking the windows, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's an awful lot of work to make a house lean forward, but almost no work to make the hook stick out a little further in the front, and I can't believe people back then were too stupid to realise that.

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