1. Yes it will work, You can set the CPU in to eco mode which will dramatically reduce the heat output at a cost of a minor loss in performance. If you don't like the results, get a tower cooler, not water cooling. A tower cooler will last a lifetime if you can keep adapting it to fit newer sockets. Watercoolers won't last a lifetime.

  2. While the 5800X3D does not consume much power, it's pretty difficult to cool due to high thermal density.

  3. I don't think you'll be thermal throttling much when gaming as in the CPU will boost to around 4250~ MHz or so after it heats up but you won't lose much performance. It would just run hotter and the PC will be loud. The Wraith Prism CAN cool the 5800X3D,it will just be really hard working and noisy while doing so.

  4. i’d atleast grab a descent air cooler. the factory wrath is ok if your case has good airflow but for under $50 you can do much better.

  5. A 240+ mm AIO or dual tower air cooler is recommended for the 5800X3D. You can probably get away with a Wraith Prism if you undervolt but that's silicon lottery depending on how far you can tune your chip.

  6. Thanks guys for the suggestions. The only worry is whether a large air tower will affect my clearance for the 4090. Wanted to stick to small form factor to allow max flexibility. Looks like AIO is the only solution if I want to have the best of both worlds?

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