1. Don't forget to wait for reviews first before throwing your wallet on Su's basket, while I'm confident 7800X3D will be a gaming beast given the positive track record of the 5800X3D, I'm not sure about the dual CCD models.

  2. the UPSELL strategy. They should have just been honest and called it order 28 or something more sinister.anwyays I'm just looking forward to benchmarks.

  3. Or, you know, just don’t. If buying a $450 CPU just for gaming makes sense for you, you might as well just buy the 7950X3D, imo. At some point, the multicore deficit you incur by buying an x800X3D part just isn’t worth it.

  4. I've never ran AMD processors and I don't REALLY need a new system but my friend gifted me the Aorus Master x570 so I figured what the hell, I've got a $25.00 off coupon so I'll go to Microcenter and pick up the 5800x3d for less than $299.99.

  5. I was holding for X3D chips but I pulled the trigger on 7900X, B650E-F Gaming Wi-Fi with 32GB DDR5 6000MHz RAM for $599. Microcenter is awesome.

  6. Ugh waiting til April. Now I am more considering 7600/7700(x). Prices aren’t too bad but the wait is killing me

  7. Get a 7700x at 300$ US. Use it for a few months. Sell it after the 7800x3d has its first price drop.(July?) Buy 7800x3d.

  8. I guess gaming performance of 7950x3d and 7800x3d are about same so they delayed the cheaper one to boost sales of higher margin products. eh

  9. I am also a bit surprised, that there is no other benchmark shown today, between anything new CPUs or older CPUs. Nothing talked about Windows 11 scheduler. Just a hey, it's February, and we release at the end of February. Good night!

  10. If the scheduler works correctly the 7950X3D should see similar performance in games that benefit from the extra cache but the 7950X3D should be better for games that don't benefit from the cache due to using the CCD with a higher clock speed. This is of course based on being able to cool the 7950 as well as the 7800.

  11. Here we go. Now to wait for the benchmarks to make final decision on one of these or a 13900K setup. Leaning towards this already because of the 5800X3D, but obviously need the full story first.

  12. I caved in and got in warranty(over 2y left) lightly used 13900k for 420 eur. 2 weeks ago and I am happy with it now instead of fearing that I will regret it. Got thermalright contact frame for 10€ and its been so good, especially the huge boost in fps in mmos (had 5.2ghz 8700k) in some cases 70% more perf (guild wars 2)

  13. I'm worried about the cache coherency issues. The 2 CCD chips do look awfully nice, especially at this actually ok prices, and I've been looking for something rather long term to upgrade to. But if its significantly worse over a non-3d CPU in multithread ehhhh

  14. Just a warning if you go 13900k route, you lose a lot of performance doing ddr4, even fast ddr4. My friends 13700k really under performed with fast ddr4.

  15. I'm going to ride my 5800x3d and 3080 for at least another year or two and do a full new build when the time is right. Might be 5000 series Nvidia cards and whatever the newest X3D style gaming chip happens to be.

  16. Same! I'm getting over 100fps with everything turned on and high at 1440p. This cpu is a beast.

  17. Same. The gadget-lover in me was tempted to upgrade, but it would be a small upgrade at best. So yeah. 8800X3D for us, I guess. 👍🏻

  18. I love how you say this like it is some kind of big deal to stick with one of the best gaming processors on the market for another year lmao.

  19. Im pretty sure that my AM4 and 1700 will probably last for another few years. But 5800X3D looks might tempting upgrde...

  20. 10 years for me. 144 FPS in Star Citizen in space is all I'll ever need and I'm already there at my endgame resolution of 1440p, and I have plenty of room for a GPU upgrade down the line without a CPU bottleneck ever becoming an issue.

  21. They want you people waiting it out for 7800x3d to cave and buy the more expensive parts. Why wait an extra month to spend $450 when you can spend $600 in the next 28 days?

  22. I view the 7950x3D as the ultimate gaming chip worthy of the price, assuming it's easy enough to manage the CCDs. 8 cores with extra cache for games that prefer that, or 8 cores with max boost for games that don't. Best of both worlds. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out with the scheduler automatically or if it requires a lot of user adjustment to maximize. Hopefully the former because I imagine there are games with certain threads that prefer clocks over cache so it's not clear cut and dry all the time.

  23. Alternatively surely there are quite a few others like me who where locked in for the 7800X3D but tired of waiting and will just grab a 13600k instead.

  24. WOW 7800X3D delayed to April is so huge and very lame (but fits the anniversary of the 5800X3D).

  25. That's me, I'm selling my current build to a friend and I'm leaving in a month plus need a computer, soooo guess it's 7600 or 7700 time :/ Was really hoping with the announced Feb date to get a 7800X3D for MSFS. Wouldn't be ideal in terms of looking forward to get a 5800X3D considering after that I'd have to upgrade the whole system again anyway. Guess I'll just have to wait and upgrade to another 3D CPU in the future

  26. Finally confirmation! Though a February 28th releaaw screams rushed/heavily pushed by higher-ups. Despite me wanting a 7950x3d very badly I'm not preordering for sure.

  27. It being rushed doesn't make much sense to me. The 7800X3D would be the first one to launch if they had to rush because AMD wouldn't have to worry about scheduling problems. And release the Ryzen 9s when they're ready. At least that's what makes sense if you care about reputation.

  28. AMD is suggesting 280mm+ AiO cooling solutions. Would folks have any qualms about a Noctua NH-D15 in a Fractal Torrent?

  29. If u read the article by techpowerup, they compare different coolers for the 7950x. They used a Noctua NH-U14S. And it was fine. Maybe 1-3% difference. So d15 will be even better

  30. Ughh... which means we won't see complete benchmarks until April.. Really wanted to know what the difference between one vs two CCD with one cache would look like sooner rather than later.

  31. I imagine one outlet or another will test a 7950x3d with the non-cache chiplet disabled. They can effectively turn one of these into a 7800x3d. Grain of salt and all that, but it should give an idea of what to expect.

  32. April for the 7800X3D? Fucks sake. I bought every part I need in anticipation for the February launch, and now I gotta wait over a month longer? Already been sitting on these parts for a month.

  33. I too am currently in the 3700X | 3080 pairing waiting for a new processor to not longer bottleneck the 3080! What other parts did you get?

  34. Delayong 7800X3D probably because it will be the same or even faster than the dual CCX counterparts because of scheduling issues

  35. I was really hoping to build in early March by which time I was hoping to have benchmarks of the 7800x3D vs the 13700K. Guess I'll keep waiting, bummer.

  36. This is actually good news, it's a $100-200 cheaper than what most were saying was going to be a ridiculously priced cpu. Hats off to AMD for coming in way below what everyone was predicting for prices. The 7800 x3d at $450 is actually VERY competitive price wise imo.

  37. I wonder if the April release is because they can just build up stock of 7900/7950X3Ds that had a ccd fail but not the v-cache and sell those as 7800X3Ds.

  38. I was going to say it's a question of margins, but the 7950X3D is $700 vs the 7800X3D's $450. So, it's 100% extra cores for 56% more money; only $250 more instead of $450 more. It looks like the margins will be roughly the same on both products.

  39. I had put off getting a new CPU to wait on the 7800X3D but now I have to wait another 2 months after they said February? Ugh. Incredibly tempted to just go Intel instead.

  40. Why would that be the conclusion? When running at gaming resolutions the current AMD parts are equal to Intel in gaming and often outperform in productivity.

  41. Im in a similar boat, I have my two tentative builds pretty much ready to purchase and now I gotta wait till at least late March to properly make a decision. It's not a big deal obviously but it is annoying. But hey if anything it gives more time for DDR5 to keep falling in price.

  42. They could recognize that the 7800X3D will be the most popular chip and pushed back the launch so they can increase supply. I guess it depends if you're a glass half full or half empty kind of guy.

  43. Funny thing is that the gap between releases is bigger than the cpu return window. So if you get a 7950X3D (or the other one), then 5 weeks later you find that the 7800X3D performs identically.... well, you're out of luck.

  44. I ordered all of my parts for my new build last night, thinking the 7800X3D would launch Feb 28th at the latest. After all, that’s exactly what AMD promised? Fuck me, right?

  45. I am in the same shit, my parts sitting from mid jan without the cpu, now i have to wait 2 whole months, i think i am gonna buy something else

  46. lolozloz I called Feb 29th, but since thats not till next year they did us a favor and did the 28th. Unreal.

  47. Seems like the 3D V-Cache silicon is being used for higher end, mixed (cache/no-cache) dual-CCD parts. Not surprising, given the higher margins on these parts, leading to an availability delay for 7800X3D.

  48. The prices are ok for what are slated to be top gaming chips. The board prices however are ridiculous. In Finland there is nothing below 380€ worthwhile and with that money you buy second tier chipset and less than great power delivery. Boards are shaping up being the Achilles heel of Zen 4.

  49. Define worthwhile. Even the cheapest, currently available AM5 motherboards have features you used to only get on higher end X570 boards, like 2.5 gig Ethernet, Wifi 6E, 7.1 channel audio, PCI-e gen 5, USB 4, good VRMs...

  50. Yo, the pricing is great! I really expected some kind of an insane price for 7950x3D and 7800x3D. Thank you to Intel for finally bringing back some competition to the market (how the turntables lol)!

  51. I'm more concerned about the 7800x3d being faster than the 7950x3d in the games that really benefit from that extra cache. I really hope people test the effect of disabling those cores to figure this out.

  52. The high end chips have 1 3D chiplet and 1 normal chiplet. This seems to be priced accordingly and is surprisingly reasonable.

  53. Does anyone recall if stores like Amazon and Newegg open up pre-orders on processors? I would like to avoid trying to score one in person from Microcenter on launch day. Thanks

  54. Been waiting since december when I got my 4080 for the 7800X3D. But April? No I am going to grab a 13600k for a fraction of the price, I dont want to wait another 9 weeks. Rumours about 14th gen will be dropping by then and ill be tempted to wait again.

  55. Why it's a good chip too. There is always going to be something, slightly better, then slightly better again. On and on. Bad news for people wanting the best. Good news because good chips last many years for the most part.

  56. 7800x3d in april are they stupid? So they lied about launch in february and cutting it to the limit with the 7950x3d and 7900x3d. Why am I even surprised?

  57. 7950X3d on the TUF GAMING B650M-PLUS WIFI should be fine ya? I cant believe the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E GENE is $600. Hard pill to swallow.

  58. Everyone over her arguing about performance gains in 2160p resolution makes me giggle. This is the same exact conversation that was had 3-4 years ago with AM4 platform and 1440p 144hz gaming.

  59. Fudge I have everything but the CPU and GPU. Have a planed trip to microcenter in Dallas for when I have to go down there for working. I was certain this CPU would be out by then.... But that's the 24th of Feb. Really wanted a 7800 3dx..

  60. Was really excited about the X3D chips until learning about how they're going to be paired with lower clocking chips compared to the 5800X vs 5800X3D. Looking at pairings here, you can't figure out what's going on on the 7900X3D or 7950X3D because base and boost are probably based on the fastest chiplet, which doesn't include the X3D cache. The 7800X3D on the other hand looks slower comparing the 7800X vs 7800X3D compared to the 5800X vs 5800X3D. If they're doing the same thing with the 7900 and 7950, it might end up with a slower chip to begin with, since they don't quote the speeds of the slower chips on the dual chiplet models.

  61. I bought all the parts for the 7800x3d but I guess I’m gonna have to go for 7950x3d because I just can’t wait that long. You win amd, you win this time. Im going intel in the future when I’m replacing my 7950x3d tho that’s for sure I’ve never seen this much of a bs marketing gimmick to trick people into buying the expensive products

  62. It seems that every time I'm thinking to go team red they decide to do some kind of move that pushes me right in the opposite direction.

  63. There aren't any cheap AM5 motherboards yet, but there are certainly options out there for affordable AM5 motherboards. Just today I saw a post on buildapcsales for an ASUS Prime B650m for ~$170.

  64. I can’t find any of the supposed benchmark comparisons. I’d like to see how the 7950X stacks up to the X3D version.

  65. So basically if you bought a 7950x a few months ago, you were an idiot and got screwed. I get "early adopter blah blah", but come on. AMD released a flagship part at $699, and rendered it completely obsolete in one quarter with a part that is superior in every way at the same price. For comparison, it would be like Apple releasing an "iPhone 14S" right now, at the same price as the iPhone 14.

  66. Yeah. Sometimes I wish they would chill out a bit on release cycles. It would also have the benefit of allowing developers to optimise for current hardware as opposed to meh faster hardware will make playable

  67. Not true at all. Unless you don't know what you're doing, you should have only bought the 7950X for heavy multithreaded workloads. 7950x3d will perform worse in that scenario.

  68. Huh? They're putting all the available cache on the cores that benefit from it the most. The way they do it makes the most sense, nothing fake about it.

  69. I really hope 5800x3d will drop now to something like 250, and then I will get it for my am4 build

  70. I wonder how much it will be priced a year from now. I bought a 5800x3d 2 months ago as my last upgrade on the am4 platform. Gonna switch platform a year or so from now and hand my current system to my daughter for her animation hobby.

  71. My guess is $350 and the 5800x3d will be hard to find new but probably plenty of used ones at bad prices.

  72. They'll raise the 1% lows so the frame rate is more consistent and it should also help increase overall performance.

  73. then before the mid year, somebody is gonna release Ryzen 9 8000s rumours that is 20+% faster than the 7000X3D version -*-

  74. $599 & $699 LMFAO! This is getting fucking ridiculous. They need to change the price structure of EVERYTHING. If the 7800X3D was $379 and the 7950X3D topped out at $549 and then they re-priced everything else accordingly they would dominate the market. There will be very little to prove why someone needs to spend $70 more compared to a 13700K for similar performance.

  75. What is this date format? Sure if you want to write date if wrong order... but keep the format 04/06/2023. mm.dd.rr doesn't exists, is not used anywhere...

  76. Your comment has been removed, likely because it contains rude or uncivil language, such as insults, racist and other derogatory remarks.

  77. Your comment has been removed, likely because it contains rude or uncivil language, such as insults, racist and other derogatory remarks.

  78. Alright so I know reviews aren't out yet so we can't really say 100% for sure, but is the 7900X3D going to be worth that price when the the 7900X is close to $400 now? Like I'm about to upgrade from an i7-6700K and I think the current price for the 7900X is pretty reasonable, but if the 3D version is worth the extra $200 or so, then I can wait a little longer.

  79. dumb question, does the 7800x3d have two different CCXs? Or was that just the 7900x3d. I'm worried it'd need windows 11's scheduler to run properly

  80. Given the pricing structure I’m really curious how the 7900x3d will compare with the 7950x. Which will be more important, cache or cores across a wide variety of applications?

  81. Idk why people are upset about the late launch for the 7800x3d. They never said all 3 would be out at the same time. If anything, they could have launched all 3 in April since intel has nothing to counter them with.

  82. Damnit... I have a brand new, sweet custom loop PC missing ONLY the CPU, and I'm going to a LAN party february 23rd... I was really hoping it would land before then.

  83. Sincere question: I always understood that 5800x3d is amongst the best for gaming but it suffers in productivity workflows compared to non 3d ones.

  84. "Suffers" is a big word for it imho. It's not like the 5800X3D is bad at productivity, it's still a very capable Zen 3 CPU, the performance difference is negligible for people that aren't using their PCs as a workstation. And if you are, what are you doing with a consumer class CPU meant for gaming?

  85. For me personally I been patiently waiting on the 7950x3d. I already have 4090 ect still in box never opened. I almost gave up on waiting. I probably would’ve if I didn’t already get am5 mobo.

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