1. We had had an in-person conversation about mlm sex and sex toys related to male pleasure, so I sent him a few links and photos. I also gave him some anecdotes about things I had experienced. I suppose, if taken out of context, it could seem a little bizarre.

  2. NTA. I'd tell your friend what happened. Either she violated his privacy or he willingly shared the texts with her. In either case, you need to re-evaluate your friendship.

  3. ..... honestly, I feel Sam is such an asshole. Why is he continually wasting this woman's time when he knows he doesn't want to be with her? If he is questioning, then he doesn't need to be in a relationship with this woman. It is selfish to legally tie and spiritually if you have a religious wedding to someone you know you don't want.

  4. Are we sure Sam isn't pretending to be Anne? Like are we sure Sam isn't using this whole mad up story to get your attention and sympathy? It sounds crazy but I actually know someone who has done something similar. It didn't work out well for them but I can't help but see the similarities.

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  6. He hasn't chosen a specific label! As of right now he says he likes the term 'queer' best because it feels low pressure. :)

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