1. YTA IMO....you have this expectation that when you get home from work your wife will greet you with a smile and a kiss and a "how was your day, darling?" Every day?

  2. You don't know what hours he is working or how many days. Don't jump at the defence of her under assumptions. Simple human decency to be nice isn't asking much and justifying with excuses is disgusting. Should he be mean to her because he works all day and comes home to her being mean.

  3. INFO: what did she snap at you about? When did she apologise? How have you changed since you both got married? How do you support (not just financially) your wife in caring for her and the household?

  4. Nta. Just speak to each other and see if there's anything to make things easier for her. Get help / offer to take care of kids and tell her to take a break

  5. NTA because technically all you have done is tell her she’s gotten “meaner” which has helped with communication between the two of you.

  6. YTA. Cooking, cleaning, mothering a 3 and 1 yo day in and day out? I think the problem here is you don't truly understand what this means for her.

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  8. If you can't realize spending all your time caring for 2 toddlers would make someone cranky AF, I don't know what to tell you.

  9. NTA. My job sucks ass, I’m talking 10-14 hour days in all elements doing manual labor and then would pick up my child from daycare, go home and do the cooking and cleaning. Even on my worst/most exhausted days I have NEVER used that as an excuse to be mean. Nor have I ever used my period as an excuse to treat people badly. I just don’t treat people badly in general. How would she feel if you came home and instantly berating her because you had a bad day? Based on the fact she started crying because you pointed out she was mean, I’m guessing she probably wouldn’t take to kindly to being treated the same way.

  10. ESH Yea I mean I get wanting a little more from your spouse we all do but remember she is YOUR WIFE! She might be a SAHM but that doesn't mean that she acting like a couch potato. She's taking care of two very young children cleaning the house and cooking but that still doesn't excuse the outburst when you would come in from work unless that's all you do and don't help her at all then you be the ahole.

  11. Thank you. However, I was wrong in the comment that I made. While she was being mean as I walked in the door, that doesn’t mean she has gotten “meaner” per se so I was an AH.

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