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  2. Thabks for reminding me about this! This video will always make me crack tf up lolol. Like he starts to freaking jog he's on the ice for so long hahahaha so fucking funny

  3. This guy is great!!! I couldn't stop laughing 🤣 I mean it was just really funny and man that shit isn't easy to do at all let alone for that long with so many different moves...I'm impressed! This needs to get out there he deserves way more then just a couple hundred views and likes..shit like this should go viral not all that other sappy junk..this!

  4. I'd still call this a successful recovery. Much better to fall backwards into a snowy yard than forwards into concrete. Especially since there's a step right at face level.

  5. Bro I was just about to leave this place because I don't wanna watch more fight videos and you have completely redeemed it!

  6. Sooo Staged. Why else would only that section of path have black ice. Be aware of your surroundings people. Dumbass now has a broken wrist. Hope it's worth your 3k likes 😂 I doubt it. Or am I the only person in their right fucking mind around this place? 😆😆 Edit: no wait I also like- .. that you broke your wrist you stupid fuck!

  7. That was actually quite impressive that he managed to stay up for so long. I'd love to see an ice skick competition to see who xan do that the longest.

  8. Dude recording this guy simulate an entire waterslide while staying stood up just stands there and records it.

  9. Jokes aside, his inner strength must be off the charts. To be balanced enough to last that long before falling is Insane

  10. You know that scene in Idiocracy where the lawyers favorite show is just videos of some guy getting hit in the balls over and over? That’s the same level of obnoxious stupidity that’s on full display here.

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