1. Don’t get why everyone here wants APs to be canceled... why guarantee that you have to retest later? Even if it’s online, it’s still a chance to get your credits now instead of later...

  2. Idk about others in this sub but most of the schools I’m applying to barely accept AP credit at all so I’m not super invested in testing. And I think there are huge issues in administering the tests online or at all this year

  3. APs should be delayed as secondary devices allow for mass cheating(detectable) and a large amount of cheating would dramatically lower scores(curved) for many students taking the test legitimately.

  4. Is there going to be announcement on the plans for AP testing tomorrow? They kept touting this March 20th date.

  5. Yeah, the fact that they’re still charging full price for the shortened exams shows that they’re only doing this because they’re hurting from having to cancel the SATs

  6. does anyone else NOT want a 45 minute FRQ and just wants the plain old multiple choice+frq for 3 hours? Or is it just me. A 45 minute FRQ would be too simple, and I put in so much effort this year that I just want the traditional test, not a 45 minute one where everyone will cheat off of and get 5's.

  7. I'd rather take the actual test because I've been taking practice tests for that and I'm familiar with the format, but I wouldn't be to sure that everyone is gonna get a 5. They might fuck everyone with the curve.

  8. I just can't believe that the AP bio test is going to be a 45 minute FRQ, I was counting on that multiple choice to save me. I'm a little upset. Hope all is going well with everyone else here!!

  9. well that all depends on how fast this pandemic slows down. I was scheduled to go back on april 7th but now everything is delayed indefinitely so we're all expected to take the exam online.

  10. The AP Review classes should be reviewing content from the units that will be on the APUSH test, 1-7, but the current live stream is covering Unit 8. Won’t Unit 8 not be on the exam? Should I even watch the live stream?

  11. This is because some students have actually signed up for these courses to learn the content. They wouldn't be getting the class's worth if they didn't go over the content that's left, even if it's not on the exam.

  12. Is there any info about specific rubrics for the frq's/what to expect at all minus the (possible) content area and the fact that it's a 45 min online frq

  13. with this test change, are they going to let us opt out of the test free of charge? like, i just started getting the hang of ap chem, and it’s a big waste of money on my part to take a test that has been significantly changed from the test i signed up for, and to be expected to take it after missing a quarter of the year in lectures. i really don’t think collegeboard should make us pay cancellation fees if we decide to opt out.

  14. yeah, CB said that the cancellation fees are waived for this year. Even if the structure of the exam is changed im pretty sure they wont change the material, if thats what you're worried about.

  15. since the number of people that will get coronavirus is most likely going to increase, there is a possibility AP exams will be canceled, as they (hopefully) dont want to stick a group of students in a room together for three hours. the whole online AP exam thing is also unfair to those who may not have the money to afford a laptop, much less a webcam that collegeboard can use to monitor them with. they should either push the dates off or make it optional , so that seniors (or anyone for that matter) who need the AP credits to save money in college can still do so while those who do not want to take them (or cant) arent obligated to. idk just throwing out some ideas! :)

  16. Will the usual score system (I.e. 1-5) be used for exams? Some tests like CSP and seminar have significantly less points to earn.

  17. So apparently Collegeboard is unlocking a bunch of FRQs on AP Classrooms that are gonna be like the questions on the test. I don't have access to AP Classroom, is there like a public collection of these problems so that I can use them?

  18. Are the AP exams free now? I haven’t paid for the exam and nobody else I know in my school has either. My school didn’t bother discussing payments with us even though I’ve asked multiple times.

  19. What should I be studying to prepare for the AP tests since its open note? Would AP prep books still be effective tools to study with? Maybe just the strategies they provide for free-response questions?

  20. hey, i posted something related to both the new AP tests and the coronavirus thing, and it said my post was flagged by a moderator or something? could i get help with that?

  21. I’m thankful I’m taking AP Seminar and only have to worry about the essay. Even then, i’m still nervous because a crappy essay could sway my score a lot.

  22. Will the AP Spanish language and culture exam still have audio recording elements to it (the 2-minute presentation and the 20-second conversations)? Or, are those most likely to be canceled since not everyone has access to a good-quality microphone?

  23. Idk how 45min FRQ only tests can evaluate students properly... It would be too short and simple to test students about materials that they have learned for an year...

  24. My AP Environmental teacher just emailed us, saying that the AP exam would be 80 multiple choice questions, 3 FRQs, with the entire, unchanged curriculum on the exam. I’m a bit confused - I thought that all APs were 45 minutes long with only FRQs, and that the last 2 units were cut out. Does anyone know anything??

  25. I think she clicked on the standard exam description (CB has not changed that) instead of clicking on the COVID-19 support/resources link at the top of the exam information page. Clicking the COVID-19 support/resources link reveals the current exam information (below)

  26. There is a rumor going around that this years AP tests will be open book, does anyone have any additional information on this?

  27. How are they gonna do the AP world language and culture tests? I don't see a way for them to make a test for that without people cheating.

  28. what will the euro one look like how tf can i do the entire thing without mc like that’s the ONLY way i have a decent grade in the class

  29. So, I know that all the AP-Exams are gonna have a 45 minute FRQ portion, but for AP Euro, what exactly is in the FRQ portion? Is it gonna be LEQ, SAQ, or DBQ??

  30. given the recent changes (online), what will happen with test availability? I tried to sign up too late and the only school here in Holland who offers it was full. If it's online is there a limit to how many can take it?

  31. are the units that have been canceled out official for all schools? I remember reading that they would test us on what our individual school has gone over by early March. I'm concerned because my ap bio class skipped units 6 to go into 7 and 8, and now we're not being tested on it

  32. I'm thinking about taking 3 or 4 Biology courses at a local community college near where I live this summer. How do colleges look upon an official transcript from a college? Would it be the best use of my time as an extracurricular this summer?

  33. What’s your opinion on the online AP classes? For physics: it was kinda helpful, but I’m not sure if we did much. For human Geo: it’s not great, but it went over new material. I’m still not sure what the purpose of these classes are, or how long they will be going on for, but hopefully we can all be prepared for the exam.

  34. Does anyone know if the whole 45-minute FRQ AP TESTS are also for international school students that are still in school because COVID-19 isn't affecting them as much?

  35. Does anyone know if I can get a refund on my APs? I’be read their original cancellation policy but I dont know if its still in effect due to COVID-19. Sorry if someone already asked this question btw

  36. For ap chemistry why is acids and bases covered in the livestreams when it's not tested on the exam?

  37. They said the next week or so is just covering the topics we weren’t able to learn yet. After that, it’ll switch over to reviewing for the exam.

  38. FYI: Link to the updated AP exams information. Specifics being released to teachers on 4/3. No practice FRQs specifically for these exams have been released to teachers yet.

  39. I was wondering if both of these are still required to be submitted in our AP Portfolio and when the exact due dates for both of these are. I remember one (or both) of these being due soon. I have the Create part done but the Explore task isn't as we were planning on starting it in class but the virus hit. I want to know the due dates so I can make sure to turn them both in before that deadline.

  40. We don’t know yet, (though we all definitely have to worry about the curve). Specific FRQ info is released on April 3rd.

  41. So can we choose to take the online test either on the normal day or the make-up day? Or do we have to take it on the normal day??

  42. Might be a stupid question, but can I take an Exam that I didn't sign up for this year? Like, can i just log on and take an exam when everyone else is taking that specific exam for free?

  43. Is the syllabus for the exams reduced? Where do I find the link to the new syllabus? In general, but also specifically for AP Physics c mech

  44. According to the College Board, you can/should only take the June exams if you can't take the May exams due to some technical difficulty or emergency.

  45. Will we be allowed to use this sub directly during our tests to cheat? I mean I’m just curious y’know

  46. I'm taking Physics 1 and 2 Algebra-Based, Stats, Lang, Gov, and Psych this year and I was wondering which exams to handwrite and which ones to type. I was thinking that I should handwrite the first 3 exams bc I have to make lists, draw diagrams, use special symbols, etc. and type the last 3 exams bc they're just straight up essays and paragraphs. Is that a good approach?

  47. This is my first AP exam, sorry if my question is dumb. If I want to take the exam on the make up exam date, how should I do it? I asked my AP teacher, but they don't know it either. I just feel really unprepared given what's happening (teacher answers questions but doesn't teach, everything is on our own). My school pays for the exam, so do I have to pay the late fee?

  48. Do you guys think they'll let us upload PDFs for our responses? I was thinking of using LaTeX for my physics and stats exams so being able to upload a PDF would be pretty convenient.

  49. I don’t think having to take a test at midnight is a violation of your human rights. You sound petty and pretentious when compared to the millions of people who suffer true human rights violations under oppressive regimes every day.

  50. your post has been removed as it violates our rule against advertising. Please do not advertise here. This includes surverys

  51. California just issued a statewide quarantine for at least the next month. Other states, including New York where CollegeBoard is based, is expected to do the same. I wonder if this will influence them even more to cancel the exams completely. Not everyone has computer access with internet connection adn webcam at home.

  52. Spectrum is giving out free internet to those currently without. Hopefully schools would be able to distribute computers to those in need of one for the exam.

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