1. There is this woman who claims to be facing prison in Norway for "stating biological facts" Saying stuff like men can't be lesbians, calling biological men for men, and so on. Tucker even had her as a guest on his show. This has also been spread by well-known people like Joe Rogan. However, it's incredibly likely to be false. Her claims of why she is being investigated are not possible according to experts on current Norwegian law. And the person who reported her(knowing that the reason will eventually be revealed) has said that those famous statements, "misgendering" and so on are not mentioned even once as a reason for reporting her. She is very likely to be investigated for something different.

  2. Are you aware that it is common for people to lie and make stuff up when they are under scrutiny? Do you understand the definition of "massively?. I try to keep up on the news as much as is possible. If it was being "massively spread", Id have heard about it. Probably. Unless it was something I dont care about. Like misgendered Norwegians.

  3. I am aware that people lie about this. I probably shouldn't use the word massively in the context of the U.S, but it has been very widely spread(Leading to protests in at least one country), And when the guy with the biggest Podcast in the world spreads it, it feels somehow like every western adult at least knows a person who has been fed this. Obviously not true, but.

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