1. Was horrible to watch as a blues fan Esp in last q,was 1goal 6 p at one stage,blues were terrible on outside

  2. Can someone, anyone, please tell me how Lachie Plowman still gets a run? He’s gotta be the most consistently shit house player ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him win a contest and then kick it to a blue jumper.

  3. Weitering, McGovern, McDonald, marchbank, Williams, Parks, Durdin (RIP Jones), Boyd, Williamson out tests the depth out.

  4. I've been supporting Carlton for seven years after meeting my diehard-fan husband only for them to finally start playing well and then THIS? What a waste of an evening.

  5. I can't believe we lost that, our kicking was absolutely atrocious, I bloody hope voss rips into them bloody hard during the week, and make them watch and relive that horrible display.

  6. Saints did it ugly, we looks pretty poor at times and have up so many shots in goal that we probably shouldn't have... But we somehow won

  7. It’s hard to win when you concede almost 100 points - once again they’ve shown their tendency to play shootout football and not defend as well as they can attack. They again looked weak when the ball turned over and came slinging into their forward 50 with deep entries. Weitering will be a big in for them

  8. 10.18 hahah bro these cunts have to be taking the piss, what the fuck do these cunts do during the week if they constantly miss absolute sitters

  9. That's just unfair to Carlton, conceding to Mason Wood getting falconed and not being able to find the ball like a fucking moron only for King to FIFA dab on you by passing it in

  10. Medallion club never turn up so there are like 4000 epty seats out of 6000 or whatever it is on the broadcast wing level 2.

  11. Funniest thing about this game is pre game the commentary team talked about Carltons key forwards accuracy vs Saints inaccuracy

  12. How can Max King kick that but no one in Carlton can hit a barn door? Not sure how but the answer is probably because of the umpires

  13. “I just wish the umps paid free kicks to our forwards like they do to others” Carlton fans say as their forwards have more than half the frees of the entire saints team

  14. Got what it deserved. Surely advantage is broken when 35 players have stopped and the one bloke is allowed to keep going.

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