1. Not to sound pessimistic, but you don't change from Sissoko to (Enzo) Raiola if you're planning on extending your contract.

  2. I don't think so mate ! Look at us, we won scudetto and still our main players are in mediocre wages. As much as we want to complain, its stupid. Ofc they will leave for x 1.5/2 more wage at some club.

  3. AC, for as long as I remember of it fabulous history, found a generation of talent and sticked them together for a decade. Just like RM and their 3 UCLs. They not only age well, but they form a connection unparalleled.

  4. Yeah, as it helped his entire career, changing shirt every other season, disregarding club rivalries thus getting higher and higher wages.

  5. Their contracts run till june 2024 so if they don't sing till the end of 2022 that means that Milan will be forced to sell them in January or June 2023, Leao has caught the eyes of big clubs with Isma is on the radar of Liverpool and Arsenal (he's also a ex Arsenal player)

  6. After Donnarumma and Kessie left for free. At some point fans are gonna have to blame the team instead of getting mad at players.

  7. Do we try and sell now than? This is troubling and was hoping to not have these struggles with Bennacer. I’m very pessimistic but alrdy assuming we lose him and leao

  8. imminent video to be released from Benny to say theres no problem,not too worry and the renewal will be signed when he gets back to milan

  9. Not surprised tbh. I've never believed he was resigning. Nor do I think we should give him more than 4M. Not worth it.

  10. Couldn’t disagree with this more !! The most consistent midfielder we have had in years. Does all the work no one else wants to do and can even be creative with the ball at his feet. ABSOLUTELY should pay this man! Would be a HUGE LOSS

  11. So is new ownership going to swing those big balls and show that we are here for real because it's time to open the books a little bit more and show our stars we want them to stick around. We can't be in this perpetual motion of come and go players. Our club and fanbase are great, we need to keep young talent around to grow with us.

  12. They wont... In january we will problaby dont get anyone maybe 1 player on loan with option to buy. In the summer we will sell both Leao and Bennacer we will problaby get 110M for the both of them if we are lucky then sign a couple of replacements for not more than 35M each at most.

  13. Great idea. His value will depreciate and we can play pobega every game and fall further behind Napoli. If you have a big weapon (great player) why wouldn't you use him.

  14. Isn’t Longo Tier 4 though? I am really concerned and not at all optimistic, yet I’d say let’s worry when the news come from more reputable sources. If Longo’s Tier 4 stands.

  15. Let’s see what happens. If he doesn’t want to renew, find a new home for him ASAP. Thanks for your services.

  16. To be honest... The Kessie rumours seems like a better deal for us now, especially if Bennacer wants something new.

  17. At the end of the day the guy deserves more money and if we want to he stingy then it is what it is ..I know we talk about the budget and not over spending but the reality is that big clubs have big players with big wages ..if we can't afford to pay big players we will never be a dominant force in Europe..I mean we could've easily lost tonali if not for his pay cut that he accepted

  18. This is not good we are going to lose alot of quality after we sell Benny and Leao hard to find replacements for them both.

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