1. Can someone tell me what makes women seek out imprisoned men? I mean in general… because I can’t wrap my head around it

  2. They can't cheat because they can't leave and their call later are all of the same gender instead of attractive young people who the dater has to compete with. You know where they are at all times. They give you attention as they have nothing better to do than write or talk or receive money from you.

  3. They get to live in your head any way you want them. That doesn’t get ruined until they get out! The relationship stays perfect for a long time and you get to believe in love.

  4. my sister was one of these types, she did know the person before hand but not really. She spent every waking moment doing whatever he needed on the outside, for years. Putting money on his account so he could all her. He finally got out and was like you know we are just friends right, to his defense he never said they were going to be together but I think in her delusion if she did all of this stuff for him he would want to be with her. I think the thought of someone depending on you and you being who they have makes it desirable and the no cheating thing , who knows. My sister is not right in the head ..

  5. Definitely people who are extremely paranoid/jealous of other women so they want a man who can’t cheat, even though the man in prison probably has multiple people writing them and sending them money.

  6. According to Monsters and Critics : "It appears that Kim married the convict to help his case as he “needed someone to be his power of attorney.” The report states that they were married for two years before it was annulled.

  7. No joke you should ask that on the love after lock up site so many of the people on that Reddit have been in prison or are dating people in prison. They are always supporting the idea, And got really angry when I posted a story about one of the people on that show going back to prostitution. It is a very odd group.

  8. I think it’s the fact that he has no other “threat” around him. Like it’s jus to their men. He has a curfew. And he can’t leave. So maybe knowing they’re in a controlled setting and only talking to her. That jail bird talk is also what every girl wants but it’s just lies from the prisoners because they have nothing else to provide.

  9. I mean, he was literally judged. There was a whole person who’s title is judge and the jury was asked to judge. Does she think they’re ghosts or something…?

  10. She was already sus being on this trash show. It was only a matter of time before all the skeletons tumbled out of the closet (almost no pun intended)

  11. Must be what Jamal meant by “she hasn’t had the best luck with relationships in the past”.

  12. Maybe she just likes who she likes, Lol my sister in law is very book smart. She became a veterinarian and had this fantastic life in San Francisco and she ended up married to a guy in jail doing 25 to life🫤 then to put the icing on the cake she got pregnant not once but twice! Why would any women wanna sign up to have babies with a absent father who is in prison is beyond me. My mother in law was upset about the whole thing calling her every stupid in the book during family get togethers.

  13. 90day >>> love after lockup >>> inmate to roommate >>> sleeping with a killer >>> buried in the backyard

  14. I’ve only watched 90 day and love after lock up. I have went out of my way to buy subscriptions specifically for these two shows. Are the others you mentioned as good?

  15. It's all a game she chases young guys And remember when she kept saying ...I won I won .....she's not right and she has the maturity of a junior high girl

  16. She saw this dude’s story in the news and went to seek him out. She saw Usman on 90DF and went to seek him out. I really liked Kimbaaaally but this pattern puts a weird dark spin on her. She’s a super fan, but for famous criminals too.

  17. She was 28, the same age I am now, and she pursued a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD after seeing him being arrested for murder on the news. That is nauseating. She is so gross.

  18. The son seems normal enough but probably should insist his face be retroactively blurred out from any previous or future episodes so that he's not forever digitally attached to Kim-duh-ly.

  19. Her son always seems like he is so resentful and upset with her. The things he has been through in his lifetime I bet are unbelievable. She is not all there.

  20. Besides getting kicked off the show for saying the N word? (I think it was her at least). There’s not really any update

  21. I believe she got fired from TLC because she used the n word. What's weird is that they never show her face or say her name. So either that some sort of contract with her or they're scared she's going to sue them? I would think they own her footage from when she was on the show previously. Anyone understand this?

  22. It seems (from my brief googling) that he's not Jamal's father and that she married him in jail in 1999 to be his "power of attorney" and it was annulled 2 years later.

  23. Okay like I may get eaten alive for this but look into the guy’s case before calling him a “cop killer.” Lots of obvious racial bias in his trial and sentencing. Plus he was 17 at the time and now is away for life and can never get parole.

  24. For the record he was 17 years old, and he was sentenced to death as he was a kid.nthe law changed since and now he is sentenced to life in prison

  25. Kevin’s death penalty sentence was eventually updated to life without parole when a North Carolina law passed that prohibited the death penalty for children under 18. Tilmon’s death sentence was vacated and he was sentenced to life in September 2020, eight years after a judge ruled that racial discrimination had illegally affected the trial under the Racial Justice Act.

  26. Oh gotcha ty Who goes visit a convicted killer u don't know and then marry him when he's got a death sentence...makes no sense to me I wonder how many drinks have been thrown on him and she storms off 🤔 🤣

  27. This is Kim’s second husband. She was married first to her sons father. They met when they were in the military. The murderer was her second husband. There have been studies done on women who seek out inmates for relationships. Some believe it’s a mental disorder. I think it is. I had a family member who did this and was married to an inmate for 10+ years and as soon as he got out she ended the relationship and got with another inmate. It’s like wanting a relationship without actually living with or be around the person.. Kim fits this. She lives apart from Usman and I think that’s why she wants the relationship.

  28. This lady has serious issues ... Why on Earth she picks the most unattainable, least desirable men is beyond me

  29. She’s crazy as hell. Creeper “superfan” I’m not buying the she doesn’t like to judge either. She obviously is going for weird situations.

  30. Believes in not judging... HAHAHA yeah rigth, she believes in the D and as far as I see she doesn’t care where it come from

  31. My God! She’s truly INSANE! She’s disgusting-look at that photo-her arrogant attitude! Anything for some dick! I feel very sorry for her son,Jamal-when they were doing “Pillow Talk” together he was so uncomfortable and embarrassed by her you could literally feel his cringe and embarrassment.I hope TLC fires her! Her ridiculous behavior, throwing drinks in Us and face-twice.She’s a SLEAZEBAG.

  32. I wonder what it’d be like if headlines reported non-cop job deaths the way they do cop deaths. “…he was an ACCOUNTANT!”

  33. If you followed the format of this article, you'd have to say they were a "white accountant," since that's important for some reason?

  34. Legally, you are going to get a harsher sentence for harming a police officer in the line of duty compared to someone in another profession

  35. At the risk of downvotes. A black person or for that matter any minority being a pig killer is not an automatic disqualification in my book. There is too much unwarranted aggression for me to side with the qualified immunity without knowing the context of the incident

  36. Well, that sort of explains why she is so immature in her current "relationship". I don't think she's ever had a real adult relationship with a man that wasn't long distance or locked up. She's so needy and feels like buying gifts will bring her love. She wants all the PDA and pet names, writing each others names on your folders, all the cutesy stuff like a high schooler. If she isn't constantly being told they love her and want her, she seems to panic and beg for reassurance. That is not attractive on anyone. This can't be good for her mental health, she needs some help. ☹

  37. Omfg I knew she was a fame whore trying to get with usman cuz shes some kind of superfan, but to reach out to scum like this to be with them because they are famous for being so inhumane is another level of low!!

  38. Kim seems like a nice person but she really makes some terrible choices. Something is going on to make her pick these men. She needs help.

  39. I always thought she looked like Lurch from the Addams family and now that I know she married a killer her eyes look even darker

  40. She’s a trash bag! How fucking desperate is this ho!?!? I can’t tolerate her. I fast forward when her trash face is on!

  41. This is disgusting. They need to drop her from the show. The man is a convicted cop killer and she marries him to fuck him in prison. I thought she was gross before now I just think she’s an old Saggy cow with no morales. Ooozeman sure knows how to pick them…

  42. I have seen some pretty desperate people in my time, but this chick takes the cake out of all of them. I do not understand how someone can be that desperate for someone in their life, that they go as far as to marry a person in prison for murder of a cop of all things. TLC seriously needs to do better background checks on the people they decide to have on their shows.

  43. Just final evidence that she is a sick demented piece of shit. Perfect for a filthy reality show where we get to make fun of her

  44. I personally think killing anyone is wrong but eh a couple black kids getting pulled over for "routine" stop? ACAB. sucks throwing your life away at 17

  45. This is old news and fuck the police anyway. AND he was a minor who got a life sentence. Maybe you should kill that cop in your brain and think of the bigger implications of this hysterical sounding shit post.

  46. Yeh, that's what happened. He was secretly on the hunt for child traffickers and they happened to be cops so he killed them. The jury was not informed of the child trafficking or the other dead cop. They convicted him without knowing those facts or they would have acquitted him because all 12 jurors are child traffickers as well and you know how they all stick together. Just knowing the untold circumstances should justify his immediate release. Nice work Matlock.

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