1. They want you to spend $200 a year for their total tech support. You then get discounts on product and services. The funny thing is that even with the tech discount; it’s $24.99. So still more then Walmart. It’s a crock of shit and terrible business practice on their part.

  2. I have no clue why anyone shops at Best Buy anyway - they have many gouging policies now that they're essentially the only big national electronics retailer.

  3. This is a shame because my local Best Buy is one of the few places in my area where I can buy niche 4K releases (Criterion, Shout Factory, Arrow) in person and sure I guess I can price match but why are charging double compared to Walmart?

  4. Just price match. They want to make their TT members feel special and get warm fuzzy feelings of “discount”. The membership is useless for most people. BB might go down while pushing it.

  5. No reason to shop there anyway since they about to drop reward points for non Best Buy card members. Getting rid of the elite loyalty program was not enough for them so they thought hell let’s run off the rest of our customers and go out of business even faster. Just order everything off Amazon.

  6. They are?! Well that sucks, the rewards points were the only reason for me to make big purchases there.

  7. I guess I don't have anything to say about it. I'll only get pissed and start taking economy and politics. lol Best Buy can go down. They're shifting their 'strategy' to getting more money for fewer sales, at least with media. And I don't have nay intention of shopping with them anymore. The little purchases, the small item sales, movies and CDs, pc accessories, used to be lures to get me in the door. And then I'd look around and maybe thing to buy a bigger purchase. But forget it. I have nothing kind to say about the experiences I've had with them over the last 2 or 3 years.

  8. this plays into (somehow, not sure of the logic) Best Buy pulling all physical media out of all stores soon. Obviously, sales per sq ft will plunge, thus making the argument for pulling all media out a no-brainer.

  9. I pretty much stopped shopping at best buy for those when they started to charge 3.99 to ship them. That always made them the highest price most of the time.

  10. They just made shipping free again a few weeks ago. Not that it matters when the product is overpriced though.

  11. They want you to buy their “BestBuy Plus” or whatever they are calling their subscription plan, everyone else is doing it, so they have to too.

  12. You guys should check out Amazon too. This is happening on their side too. This is going on at every retailer that stocks 4K Blu-Rays now it seems.

  13. Lucky you still get the UHD 🥲 (Sony stopped releasing physical media over here, now all I can do is import, probably from Germany, would rather get it from the UK tho)

  14. I guess we didn't know how good we had it back in November when this was $13.99 and we were expecting $10 for Black Friday.

  15. Best Buy CEO on her last leg. She knows it’s a market for collectors and trying to find ways to get cash to investors

  16. Best Buy is trying to phase it out. So they are jacking the prices up so they can say they don’t make enough to justify keeping it.

  17. So far the only thing my best buy is over charging is bullet train and the woman king. Everything else is still in the 20's or 30's depending on how new it is

  18. best buy also is charging $35 for violent night blu ray whereas it’s like $20 on amazon and walmart. i used to love going to best buy and grabbing their cheap movies but not anymore

  19. I started hating them when for Black Friday they increased the prices of their steelbooks and then slapped a “black Friday deals” sticker on them. The audacity to charge more and lie to my face about it pissed me off. People have access to price tracking now and I can’t believe they really tried it

  20. It’s “fuck you money” for not subscribing to their $200 total tech service. It’s bs. They have lost me as a 4k movie customer. (Which they may not even care about if it’s not “that” much profit threes days, being that this is now a niche hobby ).

  21. To be fair if you go in store and buy it you can do price match to other stores-I did so with a 4K combo pack of Alita battle angel-what was $20 I got for $10 there thanks to Amazon price

  22. I almost wonder if they want people to stop buying 4ks there - either someone on the board wants to stop stocking them because it's a dwindling market, or a parent company wants people to take their business online.

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