1. I have both. The A80J has the better picture but the X90K is nothing to complain about either. Depends on the viewing location and budget.

  2. I’m in Canada and got an A80j recently…55” at around 8’ away and it’s still incredible. I think you’ll be fine with your distance and that size, and def OLED

  3. Either TV is fine depending on your budget really. I sit around the same distance and I have a 65 inch but there are times thatI wish I had a 75 because it would be that much better. Don't get a 55 inch especially if it's 4K.

  4. The newer 65" Sony A80K OLED is cheaper than the A80J shown in the picture; it's $1699 at Best Buy in the US. Not sure where you're at.

  5. I would wait for a better deal. I got a 65” A80J for last years Black Friday for $1799…I would expect a bigger deal a year later

  6. Cool. I might try the 55 and return it if I don’t like it! I find it so hard to make the decision when comparing all the levels of quality

  7. The demo’s in store are soo misleading compared to Normal in home use but since you’re comparing oled to a lcd you will definitely see a difference

  8. So Best Buy has the 65” A80J on for a really good deal right now. I haven’t ever seen it this low. Like, you have to trust me when I say, at this moment, it is as low as it can go. For reference, holiday season last year in Canada it sold for around $2200. Best Buy also currently has their price protection on until January 14th. So get either the 55” or 65” while it is in stock near you, and if the price drops over the holidays you can bring your receipt into the store and get the price changed. The OLED is 100% worth it’s cost. Best Buy does also offer FairStone financing, so if you want, you can finance the last few hundred at no interest (as long as you make the payments).

  9. What the store viewing won’t tell you about the x90k is the off axis viewing and the reflections. I’ve had experience with the x90h and returned it because of that. Hoping the K is much better.

  10. A80J if $$$ is no issue. X90K is probably the best bang for the buck hands down, unless you can find an open box X90J (which actually had slightly better PQ).

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