1. Been meaning to ask the faithful on here, since we'll be wearing white as the away team and the wack ass Cards also wear red as their primary color, do we all wear white jerseys to show the takeover in the stands?

  2. First road game, going to Xochimilco (floating gardens) to pregame before Azteca, hope to see a lot of red and gold!

  3. Is that really a thing? I eat the street food there no problem. But I also don’t drink anything that doesn’t come in a bottle

  4. Saw online that they are having a meet and greet/INVASION with Sourdough Sam and the gold rush at PG BBQ (Pinche Gringo BBQ) 😂 Friday-Sunday and a watch party on Monday for those not going to the game.. hosted by CLUB 49ERS MEXICO.

  5. The NFL just sent out an email about park and ride busses. Busses cost 120 pesos and leave starting at 2:30 from the following places:

  6. Finally got ours today from stubhub. but they are just printed out and not actual tix. Did anyone else get tickets from stubhub that are print outs?

  7. Any tips or suggestions on where to go to buy tickets? Stub Hub, Ticket Master… Decided last min and just got our flights Appreciate it all

  8. Stubhub has the best chance of success if something goes wrong with the ticket. I've seen the prices start to drop a bit this past week.

  9. Roll call! Who's going to be in CDMX and wants to do a meet up? I get there Fri night. (I know there's the "official party" at PG BBQ but I'm up to meet a group elsewhere.

  10. Broadcast note: the content on the 49ers website and in the email they sent today is bogus (seriously incomplete).

  11. For those who recently purchased tickets on ticketmaster, have you received your pdfs or can you print your tickets in your account? I purchased last week and still can't print my tix (and I made sure to pay for TicketFast print at home option).

  12. Your post was removed because we do not allow buy/sell/trade posts. You are allowed to post 49ers gear, merch, and memorabilia, but posts or comments advertising for sale or trade are not allowed.

  13. For folks going to the game…Any tips or so far experience for today game? Traffic,crowds ETC Still crazy im here in Mexico for a 49er game

  14. Anybody know the camera policy for Azteca? I have a small 35mm film camera I’d like to bring with me. Website doesn’t seem to indicate no cameras but thought I’d double check.

  15. Our tix were not legitimate. We got there and our tix were used at 3 p.m. A lot of people who bought through stubhub got scammed!

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