1. “Jimmy G has a chip on his shoulder” “jimmy g has nothing to lose” “Jimmy G is a winner” “super bowl ready with Jimmy” “kittle has a boner for Jimmy”

  2. I hope we fire KS after this season and make Ryan’s the coach. It’s embarrassing watching bad offenses look better and more creative than this team. I have no doubt that Jimmy is not a good QB, but I feel like a lot of other coaches that don’t get hailed as genius can get more out this offense than KS does.

  3. I just feel like niners suck In primetime games now losing Williams hurts Shanny needs to be creative again he is starting to lose his Magic

  4. Yea, he can be creative elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. The defense brought the 49ers to the playoffs last year but they deserve more this year. Kyle out, JG out yesterday.

  5. I know I'm beating a dead horse but Shanahan makes bad decisions when the clock is running out, Jimmy G doesn't throw well when pressured, and Harbaugh shouldn't have been fired.

  6. I had to google this bc I didn’t remember Harbaugh being fired. I remembered a bunch of drama during the season, and going back 7? Years, they announced not renewing his contract mid season, so probably worse than being fired.

  7. we started worse last year, i wouldn't be freaking out entirely yet (tho that's not to suggest a little concern isn't due)

  8. OMG, can all the Jimmy haters just fuck right off out of here. He never had time, the refs blew the offside call on the sack play but otherwise he made some very good throws and a couple really d7mb on3s like every other QB to play the game. He’s our QB right now. Support him and this team or just shut up.

  9. They want him gone and rather have Nick Mullens be QB. Too bad they can't even name the LT we lost in the game. Not like he was an All-Pro or anything.

  10. Fuuuuuuuuck. Hey, let’s step out of bounds in the mafuckin end zone. Hey, let’s throw into triple coverage when all we need is a fucking field goal to put this game away. Hey let’s take a fuckin sack and not throw the fuckin football away. So fuckin pissed man. THIS is the reason why we drafted another QB. I’m trying to root for this dude, but fuck, what a personification of shit and just reinforcing why we drafted another QB. Just… fuck.

  11. Half these people on here were so happy when Lance got hurt because this idiot would be back. Even Shanihan was half way happy too. Idiots!!! This MF had 4 turnovers on his own, accuracy WAY off, he almost got picked how many times??!!? OMG can’t believe we are here again!!! Even if he improves, he WILL fu ck it up at some point. 250k per game. 100k if he wins. He’s made 600k in the last two games. We can’t get anyone else for that pricing???? O M F G

  12. That's the only hope on a night like this. Just praying he comes back and can reach his potential. I'm ready for a different roller coaster.

  13. This should not surprise anyone. It's the exact team Jimmy leads every time he plays. This literally felt exactly the same as watching the Titans game last year, the playoff games last year blah blah he is exactly who we thought he was you can't expect him to come in and rip teams apart. We moved on from him because we knew this. So why are we surprised when he plays exactly as he always has?

  14. We are surprised this shit is still here getting PAID too. I’m sure anyone is better. Pull someone out of retirement, get one of those QB’s that didn’t make any team. Jeez, this guy is done. Not even good for the Canada league. Garbage should be thrown out.

  15. Jimmy Truthers where ya at? Truth is JG was never it, did you just need to see it again to be reminded why we moved on from him?

  16. Jimmy ain’t it. Him coming back had us all excited for some sort of Cinderella story occurring but nope. Now watch us manage to beat the Rams next week and the heartache of supporting this team continues.

  17. You know what the funniest thing about Jimmy is? If we never trade for him, we likely don’t go on that 5 game win streak, and we’re in the market for a QB that year (the year Josh Allen came out).

  18. So sad for you gold and red blooded brother. I am sad AF to see another season go to shit with that JG fuck. We pay top dollar for a team that should be top dollar. Even if Lance would have had a half good season it would give me that much joy to see progress and build up a future. Now we have to continue this streak of loss that the rest of the team doesn’t deserve. Top notch team with a has been at the wheel running the team aground. SO SAD 😭

  19. The LG got beat. Williams goes down. He throws a pick 6. If he doesn’t step out of bounds, we lose by 7 instead of 1.

  20. This game just proves why we were trying to move on from Jimmy. This whole game he looked like crap and quite honestly he probably cost us this game because of his complete unawareness of where the back of the end zone was on that safety he cost us. Not to mention the huge loss of yards he took on that sack at the end.

  21. Not to mention he is not an NFL QB. Why is it that no one else picked him up???!!! Y Y Y why did they keep him???!!

  22. Giants fan here that was rooting for you guys tonight. You watch it more than I do obviously but I’m so sick of Shanahan’s quirky “system”. The whole rushing attack seems so overwrought and I don’t think the personnel make a huge difference. This offense should be better.

  23. Yes, you hit the mail right on head. Shanahan needs to be out. He was half way happy when Lance was out because he knows this dumbass JG better. Guess where they are at now. Same as last year but worse. It’s SAD because the rat of the team is ready and top notch. We have now Jimmy to fuck it up as per usual!!!! I was praying he would get hit hard enough to take him out for the season. Then it forces management to adjust.

  24. Yes Shanahan doesn't call plays with the player in mind he calls plays with the system in mind and it leaves superstars like Kittle out there doing nothing.

  25. You are what your record says. Hats off to the defense, but collectively, we fucking suck right now, and it’s a shame.

  26. have the whole offense and shanny walk back to Levi's, they better get started because it takes 325 hours according to google maps

  27. What about everything else he did. JG is not good for anyone. Hi, no one else even considered him for a 3rd

  28. We keep saying the safety was the difference...if he didn’t step out of bounds for that safety...he threw a damn pick 6...the safety kept us in the game

  29. Or he could have not stepped out and just threw the fucking ball away. He's always acted like he's allergic to that and it gets his dumbass in trouble EVERY fucking game.

  30. He’s had his time and now it’s up. He needs to be out tomorrow. He was half way happy to get idiot JG back when Lance went out. Idiot!!! Kills me how bad this 49er org is being run!!!

  31. So what exactly do you see that most people do not see? Please be specific. I have been a college and high school coach for the last decade. So please be as specific as you can.

  32. I agree! We will NEVER win a SB with Kyle. Dude is highly overrated. He’s the real problem!!!! He keeps calling BS plays. Why abandon the run when it’s working. I can plays better than his bullshit for free!

  33. the broncos didnt even look like world beaters, you'd figure we could get an easy one off them while they still have a new coach, new qb, new system....but no, our established superbowl caliber roster shits it away

  34. I was sick to my stomach at the game last week seeing fans happy that Lance got hurt and garapolo coming. The 49ers would've still destroyed Seattle last week and would've played way better against Denver. I don't understand how the defense can stand this incompetent offense and coaching

  35. If he is out long term. We will be a 6 win team at best. No running back, no offensive line and the dynamic duo of JimmyG and 4th qtr interceptions.

  36. Lol seriously. My homer jimmy friend is like lance would have lost too. And? At least lance is learning. Not a 10 year vet that does this same shit

  37. Can’t even be mad! Now I know for sure certain I’m making extra cash betting against Jimmy this year. Especially when we verse the Bucs, Dolphins, and chiefs

  38. Kyle lost a step he can't coach for shit no more that spark died if I'm blaming anyone its Kyle the same dude who passed it on the 3 and resulted in a safety

  39. None of these studs will ever win a SB because of idiot coaches and loser QBs like Kaep and Jimmy: Gore Willis justin Smith vernon Davis Kittle bowman Deebo Bosa Warner KyleJ Trent

  40. That’s the most embarrassing loss I’ve ever seen. The Broncos are a straight up pee wee football team coached by a complete hack and a complete amateur coaching staff. I’m done with Shanahan at this point. Jimmy G isn’t helping but the two of them together are cancer. This elite D deserves so much more.

  41. JG should be immediately fired..Im burning his jersey...just like last years NFC championship he threw the game away...Losing trey was the worst thing that could have happened

  42. 5 years and our offense still looks like shit. What’s the point of having an “offensive genius” when our offense is still pathetic even on prime time.

  43. If next offseason I hear any more people question why the Niners are turning the team over to a raw inexperienced QB when Jimmy G is an option, they will have to make a Netflix documentary about me.

  44. Add me to that doc, I am tired of people wanting this garbage vs giving exp to a rookie that isn't even allow to make rookie mistake without torching his home.

  45. When we are 4-13 does Kyle get fired? The Broncos are not a good football team. Possible we have the best defense in the league how does the offensive coach that can't score stay employed.

  46. Typical prime time game from us lately. Offense scores on the first drive, D dominates, we miss a wide open TD and then don’t take advantage as the D bails them out drive after drive. Then suddenly the other team puts literally one drive together to get ahead in the 4th, and we throw a terrible pick or turn it over to lose. Seen this game play out so many times

  47. Trent doesn’t solve Jimmy being unable to make throws, though. He mauled his assignment and they didn’t call anything his way.

  48. Fuck the refs. Hard to block when defenders are allowed to be beside your oline before the snap. That Garapollo sack should’ve been a free play, damn it.

  49. Lol the safety was really the difference, I hate Jimmy I can’t believe the locker room supports him this much he’s ass

  50. I don't think I can do this anymore. Been a fan since the late 80's, but this shit is becoming a waste of time. I wish I had the courage to break up with the NFL and the Niners.

  51. Can’t do it anymore.. bruh it’s a game. We’ve been a million times worse before. It wasn’t pretty but geez

  52. Not at all surprised. This game is why we wanted to move on from Jimmy. Sure, he's not the worst QB out there, but more often than not, he's going to throw the game losing pick versus leading the game winning drive. So ready for the Jimmy era to be over. Maybe Trey is the answer, maybe not, but Jimmy definitely isn't what we need. Hope all you Jimmy Stans can shut the fuck up now.

  53. The problem is you know he somehow has a hot streak in him. Like last year when it looked like it might be a lost season then we got hot.

  54. This was maybe the worst Jimmy performance I’ve seen, and I watch every game. I’d rather have Elvis Gerbac at this point.

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