1. We can beat Miami or Philly lol. The teams that are more dangerous to us are ones with great offenses and QBs that will stretch our defense and cause Jimmy to have to get 25-30 points min.

  2. Stafford to Kupp is a problem we will need to solve if we're gonna beat LA. Those dudes are becoming besties out there.

  3. Greg Olson looks a bit...what's the word...when you just wake up and realize you have to be at work in 5 minutes kind of look.

  4. Eagles look very good. Jalen Hurts development as a passer is a revelation. They went all in last year and now reaping the benefits.

  5. It's just annoying how we had to play the bears in those conditions. Their team is trash and Fields is absolute garbage. That's a blowout win if we weren't playing in a fucking water park that day.

  6. Justin Fields is not good, Bears fans are giving up on him. I’m still mad people thought he played well against us based off two throws on broken coverages after he played like shit the entire first half.

  7. Exactly. I tried telling ppl if it wasn’t for the broken coverages he would have horrendous. I still thought Trey looked more the part of an actual QB than Fields.

  8. Raiders fans try to tell me that Waller is better than Kittle. If you are watching the game today, you will know that it’s a an absurdly bad take

  9. I agree…. But he inherited his mentors dumbassedness for passing when running to kill clock is best. WTF even was that pass on third down?

  10. These next two weeks are going to be bad and good. Bad because I have to wait till the 49ers play on national TV. Good because that means a full day of NFL Red Zone without worrying about my team.

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