1. Pff never once mentioned him in all the pods I listened to. I have a buddy who always knows everyone in the draft. He didn't know who this guy is.

  2. Womack walked onto the Golden Rockets in 2017 after earning first-team All-Michigan and All-Detroit honors at East English Village Prep. He played in seven games as a true freshman (four tackles, one interception, one pass breakup) and then contributed in all 13 games with one start in 2018 (12 tackles, 1.5 for loss, one pass breakup). Womack tied for second in the FBS with 15 pass breakups (also 59 tackles, two interceptions) in 2019, starting all 12 games. He led the MAC with eight pass breakups in 2020 (20 tackles, 1.5 for loss). Womack was a first-team All-MAC selection in 2021, tying for second in the FBS with 16 pass breakups while also making 33 tackles and intercepting two passes in 13 games with 12 starts. He is 5’ 9” and 189 lbs.

  3. I think 3 of our 5 picks went to commercial. Also I think our Jackson pick was super delayed because they brought Breece Hall onto the stage

  4. The struggle is real! Nothing like sitting through watching teams I don’t care about drafting players I don’t know, only to get to the Niners selection and they just abruptly cut to commercial in the middle of it without any warning. Then they come back and Matt “Money” Smith will all of his wisdom and intelligence says, oh the 9ers just picked a DB, we’ll see a lot of those depth DB’s coming off the board here. Then the next pick is an O-lineman and they go into great depth on him…. Ugh!

  5. I'd say RB was more of a need than CB, seeing as they just paid Charvarius a ton of money (and most of the RB room was on/off IR).

  6. Oh god I thought you meant in a good way. He was just roasted the whole time lol. Now I gotta find some highlight footage to make up for it!

  7. I’m a 49ers fan and I’m from Toledo so this pick was something else I’m gonna have to keep my eye on this kid, might end up becoming one of my favorite 49ers

  8. This draft played out like so many others, in terms of what positions were taken when. Lynch clearly attacks the draft the same way every year

  9. I like this one a lot. Could maybe slide him over to nickel but he seems like a playmaker. Hopefully we can refine his technique and turn him into a consistent contributor bc we’ll need it.

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