1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look at the nozzle and see about a replacement. I bet it's time for one. I'll also try the cube.

  2. Belt style printer? Did you leave the belts tight? Try readjusting the belts, even if they seem tight enough. Might need replacing.

  3. Are you using cura? If so, make sure “Fill gaps between walls” is enabled in the settings. Also may just be under extruded.

  4. I'm using cura's latest release along with the 5.0 beta. I don't see the fill all gaps in the beta but I've adjusted the extrusion amount and am testing now.

  5. I'm not sure what's caused them. I've looked into it and some say it could be a clog, or the need to increase the flow. But could it be that the width of the space is just too narrow to fill?

  6. Perhaps? The roll is new pla, though it's been beside the printer in the enclosure I built. So it's possible, bit I don't think there is a large chance it's absorbed much.

  7. one thought: have you dried your filament? if you haven't used it for a while, the filament may be SOME of the issues. also, if you did your last printing in the dead of winter, you may have turned up the heat on the printer/bed, and now that it is warm outside it is TOO hot, making the filament stringyer. Those are just my thoughts

  8. Looks to me like the Nozzle is either too close or too far from Print bed. If you can, try some Z-Offset/Live Z Adjustments to see if the Lines disappear/blend together. Also to try print a flat first Layer for testing (1/3 of your Bedsize is usually enough to see if the Bed is Level or not)

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