1. I like to fold in their mirror. Not damaging and pretty much unrecognized until they need to use it. Then they have to get out and adjust it. The same minor inconvenience they put you through.

  2. You guys fold them in? I steal the driver side mirror. Always carry a small set of tools with you,byou never know when shit like this happens.

  3. I actually check all my mirrors before I drive off lol it leave a little note with some nice words. Pretty harmless and will make u feel better lol. My brother had huge stickers the size of a paper saying they needs to learn how to park. He would leave them on the Windshield. they were so hard to remove. This was like 20 years ago.

  4. Doesn’t always work as modern cars’ mirrors fold automatically when parked. I put the windshield wipers up. Same idea—not damaging, just inconvenient.

  5. This could damage mirrors on some newer cars. A coworker(trying to be nice)manually folded in my powerfold mirrors and I had to take them apart to reset the track.

  6. One time I did that exact thing and they squirted sunscreen or some kind of lotion on my door handle. So only do it when you're leaving lol.

  7. a neighbor admitted to me he keeps an extra can of pepper spray & uses it liberally on a drivers door handle in certain situations.

  8. Another Z driver parked me in like this while I was inside of O’reillys grabbing the obd scanner.

  9. Get in on the passenger side, back out, and don't let that ruin your day.... Sike, I'm kidding, that's the high road. Put a boot on their car.

  10. Cuss but get in my car and go about my day, there’s so many other things in life to worry about. Life’s too short to stress the small things

  11. This, but also I take a picture of their license plate. Ever since I had someone pull out of a spot and "around" my car, gashing damn near the entire front bumper for being too close, I've made a point to find a way to report the behavior if I see any physical damage.

  12. Bought fake parking tickets that read. Thanks for parking like an . And there's a bunch of check boxes but usually I mark assholes. And it insults them even more as it's a sticker

  13. Taking the valve stem is theft and/or destruction of property. Just letting the air out is neither of those things. LOL

  14. I like this one personally. Back it out just enough with the shrader tool until it’s a slow leak and put the cap back on. This could go on for months lol

  15. You can keep a stash of valve caps with BB already glued in for instances like this and just swap valve covers.

  16. Put a tiny rock inside the tire valve and close it up so it releases air on its own so you can leave but ensure the tire goes flat. Boom. Inconvenienced like a motherfucker.

  17. I leave a note saying “sorry for leaving a dent on your car, I decided to be as careless as you, when you parked” never actually hit it but makes them think twice when pulling in somewhere.

  18. Just do your best to get in, leave, and forget about it. Don't do anything malicious. Not because it's morally better to just leave, but because the world is now full of cameras and if do something malicious and get caught you'll be in trouble and the other person will not. You won't win anything.

  19. Depends if they damaged my car or not. Otherwise something simple like removing their entire bumper or paint remover on the hood as reminder to be courteous next time.

  20. I carry industrial-strength zip ties and find a random cart in the parking lot. Then attach it to the door handle on the side with the large gap.

  21. Throw a couple crayons on their hood and roof, especially if it's a hot summer day. Easy to keep under your seat, hard to clean up, but not impossible.

  22. I usually just assume a caddy and parking like that is some old fuck that should have lost their license a few years ago

  23. Take out the tyre valve caps, put in a tiny rock on the stem & cover it back. Make sure do at least 2 tyres 😉

  24. That’s the type of person who needs all 4 tires to be jacked up and put on stands just high enough that the tires don’t touch, but low enough that you can’t tell it is on stands. Park across the lot and film.

  25. I use my backup Cam and set it to the bird's eye view and then carefully navigate out of the space, and continue on my day to things that actually matter

  26. This is why I keep a tire stem remover in my car at all times All 4 tires going flat and they going to need someone to reinstall the stems

  27. door into their door over and over and over jk i like to fold peoples mirrors backwards so the mirror glass is facing out

  28. Take off all 4 wheels, stack em on the bonnet and put the car on bricks, pretty sure that’s within legal limit of giving a friendly notice

  29. I bring chalk with me and draw lines for them then write “little peepee” with and arrow pointing at their car

  30. I keep a pound of stick on wheel weights in my car for people like this. Most rims nowadays have holes big enough to just stick the weights to the inside of the rim. A half pound of weight will not go unnoticed.

  31. Slash their tires and then wait for them to come out to get their throat too or just ignore it and assume they are like everyone else and think they are the only one on earth.

  32. Call the police and say you saw a child get kidnapped and then give their plate number. Enjoy your amber alert jerk wad! /sarcasm

  33. Yes it does. I’m in Texas and it’s too hot and dry. I’m also a tad bit lazy, which is it hasn’t been washed in almost a year.

  34. I’d like a stack of the same stickers Highway Patrol uses when you car brakes down. Those MF’s never come off the window.

  35. I assume you carry extra engine oil. Pour that shit on their brake discs. Or if you have brake oil, pour on their paint

  36. Dangle a mean loogie and just flarp it all across the window, fold their mirror in, and forget it ever happened and go on about my lovely day.

  37. Ikr, like the least you could do is tint your windows and lower your car a bit, these new 350Z owners know nothing 😤

  38. I usually open my door and intentionally hit their car with it. If it doesn’t leave a dent or a chip on the first try I do it again.

  39. You ignore ‘em and move on. Try as you might, your attempting to teach them a lesson will cause the tiniest quickly forgotten blip on their radar while causing you stress that you just don’t need. Let it go.

  40. Always have a very massive chain, get a good 3 feet, with a quality large lock that fits with little gap between links. The idea is something hefty enough to need more than large bolt cutters to deal with. Good luck, may you have your justice friends.

  41. I crawl in the driver door.... Once in driver seat I take the key I least worry about breaking, put down my window and back out burying it into the side of their car.

  42. I’ve put the vehicles I’ve had that happen to in Neutral and pushed them in a direction that would let me get in them. Though yesterday I had somebody park next to my 200 from the wrong way (the lot is directional) and I though they were going to take out the left rear corner of the car. That said, the did at least leave enough room for my fat rear to get between the vehicles and into mine.

  43. I carry a tub of zipties for this reason. I just put zip tie on peoples door handles when they park like that.

  44. Give out parking report cards. Just make them with a simple word document and keep several copies in your car. When you see ass holes like this just fill it out and place on the windshield. Park across the line? Automatic F.

  45. Had a brand new F-150 with a 6 inch lift; parked in the lines; and some Karen was mad their fiesta didn’t have enough room to open her door completely. Her response was to key my entire back left door. Thank god for shitty Walmart security cameras.

  46. Remove the schrader valve from one of the tires and put the cap back on. Damage is not permanent but also not easily remedied. That’s the ultimate “harmless” thing to do.

  47. They may have done the best they could. Crawl over the passenger seat and go about your business. Life's too short to let this upset you.

  48. I just saw another white 350z on Instagram with the same issue but with a truck instead of the suv lmao let’s just say he got in by force

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