1. Listen I have a pillow I hug and one between my legs lol and a third behind me put me in a pillow puzzle 🧩 surrounded by pillows. It’s how I sleep every night and I love it

  2. I hug a pillow right next to my warm mammal boyfriend. I have to sleep cool god damn it, I’m not gonna hug a furnace while I sleep.

  3. Pillow is literally an always available shoulder to cry on. Pillow doesn't judge you. Pillow stays as long as you need it. Pillow is nice.

  4. One time I didn’t hug a pillow and apparently I put my hands behind my head in my sleep which wasn’t fun when I woke up.

  5. Do you ever wear splints for carpal tunnel? Using my body pillow and splints helped me train myself to not curl my wrists

  6. Thanks for reminding me of the whale I won from an online SEGA crane game that got returned to sender because USPS didn't want to walk it to my apartment and they refused to resend from Japan

  7. Lol this has no bearing but my middle nephew is such a prick haha. He wanted an alligator so I got him a plush one for Christmas.

  8. And for side sleepers helps keep your shoulders somewhat open, which is better posture than collapsing the top shoulder completely. It’s absolutely possible to get laid and also sleep like this with a pillow.

  9. I sleep with my gf every night and still use a pillow. It's uncomfortable to hug a person all night, what am I supposed to do with my other arm? It cramps up after a while. No such problems with a pillow.

  10. Dude my fiancée will keep the heat on in the car at like 78° and wouldn’t be caught dead in the living room without a blanket but she somehow turns into a fucking furnace the second we get into bed. Pillow doesn’t make me sweat. Plus she falls asleep in .02 seconds after laying down and snores in my ear while ensuring that every pore in my body is sweaty.

  11. Oh nooo, I also tuck my duvet under my back so that it vaguely, very vaguely resembles feeling like I'm a little spoon :/

  12. No shame in that. Whenever I'm given the chance to make a pillow fort or nest, I'd build one just to feel safe and pretend to be hugged and comforted. It does wonders and let's me breathe better from an exhausting day, week or month

  13. Get one of those C-shaped body pillows. You can curl it around you so it almost feels like being cuddled. Don't get it from Amazon though, mine went all flat on one end :(

  14. Ah yes this one post right here did it ,now instead of everything feeling bland and meh , everything will be sad and meh

  15. Yeah and the girl is always like cuddling a furnace. I’d cuddle my wife all night long but I don’t want to sweat a hole through the middle of the earth!

  16. Yea, my wife and i both have our own pillows for hugging while sleeping. Theyre comfortable. They dont sweat or heat us up nearly as much. It aint that complex.

  17. I hug my wife. She says she doesn’t want to have sex and to get away. Then I hug my pillow.

  18. It is, that person is stupid. It doesn't even really feel like cuddling, it's just a more comfortable way to sleep, that's all.

  19. Pillow doesn't generate heat, doesn't weigh enough to make your arm numb, doesn't have hair that gets in your face, doesn't snore, doesn't move around and disrupt your sleep, doesn't blast a monster fart onto you in the middle of the night and then insist it did no such thing.

  20. I've seen myself in the mirror, I get it, I wouldn't willingly want to touch me too. Fun fact, after a while of no touch you'll actively dislike being touched when it does happen. Best of luck out there.

  21. You know, I'm something touch starved person myself. Literally hugging my bolster right now, single as ever. 8 more years till I'm wizard status.

  22. I cuddle my partner until they are asleep then immediately turn to hug my pillow as it doesn't cut off circulation in my arm and I can actually power squeeze it without breaking it.

  23. Hugging gf? Sweaty, uncomfy, wake up with every toss and turn. Hugging a pillow and using it to block gf when sleeping? Comfy

  24. Soooooooo not everyone sleeps with a pillow under their heads, one pillow they hug while lying on their side and one between their legs if the last pillow isn’t long enough? Interesting….

  25. On one hand, yes, but on the other... I already slept in the fetal position anyway before I had a body pillow, I may as well have a body pillow.

  26. It actually releases endorphins the same way as if it were a person…only the pillow doesn’t have bad breath, BO, or talk back. It really is the best of both worlds.

  27. Bro I do it because I’m skinny and hate how my arms and legs have to awkwardly fold into myself so that they can make contact with the bed, the pillows are able to hold them in a comfortable position. I mean yes, I am pretty touch starved, but the pillows are there for tactical purposes.

  28. I sleep with one arm over a pillow about half the time. Honestly, I hate people being near me when I sleep, but I love smothering the pillow  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  29. I have been both the big spoon & little spoon, and overall live in a very affectionate house + affectionate culture, shit will never be as comfortable like hugging a blanket. They move, and get sweaty and shit. Just gimme my sweet old blue the blanket.

  30. Yes fuck you i like to hug my cold extra pillow it's so fucking good like fuck you you don't know how good hugging a cold pillow feels like. Specially on hot nights

  31. I spent my young adult life thinking relationships were a waste of time, then graduated and moved cross country in the early pandemic. You better fuckin’ believe I sleep hugging a pillow.

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