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  1. can we get him more blood from younger children? the shit he's using now isn't strong enough

  2. When people say “it’s not a human” or “it’s a clump of cells” they aren’t being literal. The whole point is that it’s not a fully-functioning, conscious being. You’re playing semantics and avoiding the reason why these phrases are used.

  3. and not an independent life

  4. A fetus has its own body that is connected to the mothers body through the placenta.

  5. ...but is wholly dependent on the mother for life, and is therefore part of the mother's body until it's born.

  6. one of the smartest people I've meet in my fairly long life said there are four types of people.

  7. yes they are called "project managers" and they have a conference call they need you on

  8. Every HR I have had to deal with has been smart and motivated. Motivated to fuck me over but oh well.

  9. HR is where people with no skills end up

  10. I’ll write the same comment I said on the other now deleted post of this same screenshot: this story has been making the rounds for years at schools. Probably didn’t happen.

  11. went to high school in the '90s; we heard the same urban legend

  12. do you think you reserved the entire center of that row for yourself

  13. If people's minds would have been changed because a candidate's son had nude pictures on Twitter, wouldn't those same people be concerned about the other candidate literally paying a whore for sex while married, then paying her $130k hush money, then his lawyer going to jail for said hush money payments?

  14. Throw it away and buy a sawstop. How many fingers do you want to have?

  15. Is that Sunken Temple? Why even do that dungeon??

  16. Driving slow? Should camera car have closed the 4 car length distance between them and the cars in front and tailgated on the freeway?

  17. Yep. Mark a skull, doesn't matter. The dps each just pick a random target and tunnel that target until they or it is dead.

  18. dunno what you are talking about

  19. and Mush walks away from yet another flaming wreck of other people's money

  20. How would they "not get the job"? The GOP Senate wouldn't have confirmed outspoken anti-abortion nominees?

  21. There are DPS from our "main" raid who will never get the immortal or undying because they only look at DPS meters and only want to do strats that help them parse.

  22. Last night our only Shaman failed the Thaddius jump, lusted way back by the door so no one got it, then said "well shit, I fell and you guys pulled without me!" Like, buddy Thaddius auto engages you have no choice but to pull, but why the heck would you lust with no one around you to get it?

  23. Breaking News : Art Resonates With Person

  24. every plant cell on earth is coated in cellulose

  25. With where this team finished last year, we should have gotten better, not worse. And I don't just mean because of Wilson. There really is no excuse for a team to regress THIS HARD.

  26. We're in the bottom of the league in rushing and Wilson is the 2nd most sacked QB in the league. It doesn't matter who you put behind this dogshit offensive line; if you can't run block and you can't pass block, you're going to lose almost every game.

  27. TIL video game and internet slang is "street"

  28. They basically codified into law the option to stick their heads in the ground.

  29. They codified into law systemic injustice that proves what they described exists, making the law itself "woke" under their own definition.

  30. jesus christ close your mouth

  31. Yeah as some context we didn’t even finish pugging the empty spots. Most of the rest of the guild was busy tonight and that pissed off the raid lead

  32. that is a healthy and appropriate reaction from the RL. turn the fucking game off and go enjoy your evening.

  33. why would "deuces" have an apostrophe in it

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