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Drunk hiking

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  1. What was that ding, did someone throw a magazine?


  3. They cut that guys hands off. That’s why the bags are there.

  4. Cant go bleeding in a narcos car, that would get you killed!

  5. I live in Tri Cities, WA. It's honestly not the worst for raising a family, close enough to a lot of bigger cities that day/ weekend trips can be easy. We are more of a desert here, but we are close to forests and not far from the beach for vacations. But locally we also hazve the Columbia River running through our towns, where it does converge with the snake river and the Yakima which is always fun for floating in the summer. We have been growing a lot recently, but it never seems to change the family focus of our communities. [As a young adult I hate it, but as a kid it was pretty nice]

  6. (Richland) ditto: just drive for 5 minutes and you will definitely find something outdoorsy to do.

  7. Thats a giant crown with tons of pups, replant that sucker!

  8. I have done it 2 ways. Either chop it leaving one inch of fruit and set it in water untill the roots show then put it in soil. The other way ive done it is harvest the fruit and pull away the lowest leaves untill you see small roots between the leaves then add it to soil. Be warned the first way will reek.

  9. Its never too early to scream in the streets.

  10. They were probably hight when they signed it.

  11. Did anyone else also get a notification? lol

  12. Just got it as a notification, 14 hours after you did.

  13. Tell me you’re butt hurt without telling me your butt hurt.

  14. You're = you are / your = belonging to you.

  15. "Im so fat! Everyone im interested in runs from me!"

  16. And that is the sort of thing I hang out on these forums for. Thank you, that was amazing. I thought spider eyes were completely passive. Now I'm going to harass every jumping spider I see, trying to see this in person.

  17. Reminds me of the snail with eye parasites

  18. The most American narration and camera work ever

  19. . . . But im nakid and have a freshly stolen sandwich. . . Have i become what i hate most‽

  20. Dont forget the sound of the broken bone ends scraping together. Wet seashells in a burlap bag.

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