AITA for suggesting my gf to wear less makeup?

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  1. I don't think 2 weeks is too long, on the contrary, this leaves the possibility of doing more stuff. If you tell me a bit about your profile, interests, and budget, I can give you better tips.

  2. Wow you really know your stuff. You work in tourism??

  3. First time I learnt anything about Orishas was from a carioca in Brazil. My ever first night in Rio (New Years) I saw a black woman dressed in white throwing flowers into the sea....

  4. Damm some jaded people in the comments today! It's almost like they didn't read the part where you said you already have other multiple healthy relationships

  5. Don't listen to any dumb advice about reporting, you won't solve a thing. Mind your own business and keep big distance if you want to stay alive. You don't know what kind of information people have access to. There are daily shootings in Rio, download the OTT app to see the alerts.

  6. First time I slept with a Brazilian woman I was called a dog. It was great sex fyi.

  7. Lol yea communication would be the mature thing to do. I’m trying to play it cool though and I didn’t want to ask her about one phrase she said a couple of days ago, as if I’ve been obsessively thinking about it since then… which of course I totally did

  8. Playing it cool is never that cool. Ask herrrrr

  9. YTA she literally told you shes doing it to make herself happy and your concern was about 'other men getting the wrong idea' what?? A guy I dated during uni did the same when I started putting more effort into my makeup. We are obviously no longer together.

  10. Como um gringo o que mais me confundiu foi fechar as portas do carro 'suavemente' / como uma geladeira

  11. "não tem geladeira em casa não ô?????"

  12. Imagine fechar uma porta como vc tem toda a sua vida e alguém pergunta se você tem uma geladeira. Fiquei confuso por semanas.

  13. I'm currently in london whats the likelyhood of one of those babies getting into my bed tonight. Should I risk it and sleep?

  14. Too many men are concerned about dumb shit like this that quite literally does not affect them

  15. I don’t know if it’s just me but my experience is that bigger cars are a lot more common in the US than where I used to live in Brazil so the doors are heavier needing a stronger slam. It took me like 2 years to close truck doors in the first try (cause my Brazilian reflex was to close it gently plus even slamming harder a second time was still as struggle haha). I still feel the urge to scream “queeeebra!” when people slam doors around me though 😂

  16. Quebra means break with a long emphasis on the e. Like saying "you'll break this" in a bit of a sarcastic way too.

  17. Haha I wouldn't have seen the signs because I barely speak Portuguese (on the path to learning though!)

  18. I dated someone who took issue with the way to dressed sometimes. It wasn't like that at the begining but as time went on it got worse.

  19. Depends. If you look slightly racially ambigious, can catch a tan and wear Havanas you might pass as Brazilian kkk

  20. $10,000 would be more of a tricky one. $1000 I can spend that on Ubereats in a month!

  21. We'd be more than happy to welcome you here if you do come again! <3 I'm glad you like our language that much, it's really awesome to know there's more people engaging in our culture. You mentioned you like how it sounds alot as well, so if you ever want recommendations on different types of musics in portuguese I'd love to help! Good luck in your learning jorney love!

  22. Obrigada! Theres definitely something melodic about the way Brazilian Portuguese sounds I think that's one of the reasons I like it so much. I also like how you play around with the language even though that's one of the reasons it can be so difficult to master. What I learn to read and write will be something completely different when speaking casually with an actual Brasilian kkk. Ill be so proud of myself once I get the hang of basic conversation though.

  23. You can listen to Titãs,Cartola,Legião Urbana, Paralamas do Sucesso, Cazuza, Tim Maia, Engenheiros do Hawaii. These are great Brazilian bands

  24. Both are correct but most people will usually say:

  25. So.... are you at a basic fluency in the tarjeta language now?

  26. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Some people are DADT and want to know NOTHING about other people their partner(s) might be dating. Other people are tightly entwined or even in a triad where everyone knows all the others extremely well.

  27. You're right I think ultimately I want to have an idea where she thinks things are going or where she hopes. I know that doesn't mean they will go that way but intentions are important.

  28. Thankyou people of reddit, every reply has been useful and just the kind of advice I needed to hear from the community.

  29. Was your package sent from Canada? Just curious as I want to sent something from UK but wanna understand how much and how difficult it will be

  30. Awesome this is very helpful thankssss

  31. Off the bat it sounds like some kind of tic/tourettes. You need to see a qualified professional

  32. I started 16 years ago but wasn't able to understand it spoken until 2 years ago when I got access to TL subs.

  33. Whats TL subs and a language reactor?

  34. Don't forget local food banks are for this exact situation. My mum was always too proud to use them, it's better to be fed than to go without

  35. Can I add you should only be going to food banks if you can't outright afford food. It shouldn't be to simply 'save' money, because then you are just taking from people who are more desperate.

  36. This is great and inspiring. I set on learning brazilian Portuguese but im notoriously bad at learning languages. Im on duo lingo as a basic start so I already know how to say my dog eat cheese but that doesn't feel like much progress lol. I know I need more than a game app but a bit overwhelmed on where to start. I'm thinking of utilizing assimil, pimslur and duo lingo to start with however after being in Brazil I know alot of what I'm learning isn't spoken in the same way and the only way to get familar with that is using more comprehensible input and speaking with natives.

  37. Open phone policy sounds toxic to begin with. If there was 100% trust and transparency you wouldn't need it.

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