1. Was your package sent from Canada? Just curious as I want to sent something from UK but wanna understand how much and how difficult it will be

  2. Awesome this is very helpful thankssss

  3. Off the bat it sounds like some kind of tic/tourettes. You need to see a qualified professional

  4. I started 16 years ago but wasn't able to understand it spoken until 2 years ago when I got access to TL subs.

  5. Whats TL subs and a language reactor?

  6. Don't forget local food banks are for this exact situation. My mum was always too proud to use them, it's better to be fed than to go without

  7. Can I add you should only be going to food banks if you can't outright afford food. It shouldn't be to simply 'save' money, because then you are just taking from people who are more desperate.

  8. This is great and inspiring. I set on learning brazilian Portuguese but im notoriously bad at learning languages. Im on duo lingo as a basic start so I already know how to say my dog eat cheese but that doesn't feel like much progress lol. I know I need more than a game app but a bit overwhelmed on where to start. I'm thinking of utilizing assimil, pimslur and duo lingo to start with however after being in Brazil I know alot of what I'm learning isn't spoken in the same way and the only way to get familar with that is using more comprehensible input and speaking with natives.

  9. Open phone policy sounds toxic to begin with. If there was 100% trust and transparency you wouldn't need it.

  10. You do realise it's normal practice to have academic paper proof read no matter what the native language is of the auther?

  11. Not sure of your age or you cultural situation but you do not have to shave your legs if you don't want to.

  12. Some people say it some people don't. I might say it in an ironic way or to add empathsis to a sentence but in a more formal setting I would say something like 'for example' although in a formal email/txt I would still use i.e.

  13. No people are racist and classiest.

  14. You do realise that's your personal opinion and not fact. Sucks to be you though cause I love this line up

  15. Yes it's q cultural thing amongst some Brazilians for women to have well defined tan lines. Tanning topless isnt a thing like in some European beaches for example. You will definitely see ass cheeks but it would be very usual to see breasts out

  16. There are myriad government programs and shelters in the US. Nobody you see on a sidewalk "has" to be there.

  17. Clearly the rising homeless crisis is due to the increase of people who would prefer to be homeless. That makes complete sense.

  18. I mean. In many cases yes, it definitely that way. People who aren’t interested in treatment, or the strings attached to the housing options available.

  19. A good number???? Ok troll you win, you got me!

  20. Maybe a lot of these positions were held by EU nationals who have gone home during/post Covid?

  21. Would you recommend one city over the other. Brazil has some poor notoriety lately with pickpockets and bs like that

  22. If you walk around looking like a rich gringo in a highly populated city with extreme poverty and police corruption then yes you are likely to get pickpocketed.

  23. Could you explain how you made it work regarding PAYE/ taxes etc since ur based in UK

  24. What’s there to “make” work? You tell them the default tax code, and after like 6 weeks or something HMRC will contact payroll of J2 and give them a different tax code to use. Nobody will blink an eye at it. And if for some dumb reason you picked a small company for J2 and the payroll person actually queries it, you simply tell them you owe a tax debt or you sold a property or you sold some shares or you used to operate under a company structure etc, and so HMRC are collecting extra tax from you for a bit.

  25. Okay thanks. As this sub is mostly american based I wasnt sure/confident about the logistics of doing it based in the UK. I.e is it easier to get caught or seem suspicious because of the tax codes, but what you have said makes sense

  26. Yes of course it is, racial preferences in dating always reflect an inherit racial bias. The fact yours is a distaste for people who look like you is a clear example of internalised racism.

  27. Yes, I didn’t want to reveal it but I’m Black African. I don’t find white women as the most attractive though, I find a number of races attractive at the same level and mine at the bottom. I’m 23 now and I’ve always thought like this. I’m very particular about skin color and hair texture. But I love my culture and my people, but I’m lying to myself if I ever say I’d fall in love with our women. And that’s burning me up inside and makes me feel like a fraud.

  28. I think deciding you could never fall in love with someone on the basis of thier race is problematic in itself. The fact it's your own race is an extra layer. You are black if you have children they will be black. Would you want your daughter or son to know that you essentially don't believe they are lovable because of thier skin tone and hair texture. Saying you love your people and culture in the same breath as saying black hair texture and skin is unlovable in your eyes doesn't add up, which is probably why you feel like a fraud. Not to meantion blackness is not monolith, there are so many different skin tones and hair textures, across all races why single out the 'black ones'?

  29. Was wondering if this was possible as a UX/UI person, nice to see an example. I just got a new senior role and I think once I pass probation in 4 months I will start looking for a J2 (also need to figure out the logisitics re tax codes etc Im UK based)

  30. I volunteered at a animal shelter once and helped assist with general care of sick animals, walked dogs on the beach.

  31. To play a devil's advocate there are two aspects to this mindset.

  32. Use the mind set that teachers and nurses are 'not working hard enough' and thats why they are poor?

  33. I agree with you that not all careers lead to prosperity.

  34. Thatchestists vigorous virtues aka bootstraps?

  35. You should help and encourage him to find a better paying job or something that's fufilling him enough that he doesnt mind earning significantly less. If he loves his job then that's a different matter...m

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