1. Bahut sahi maara. Thoda aur maarna tha. Sir tod deta railing pe tab mazza aajata isko

  2. Nothing works. Its just a waste of money. The only thing that will work is getting a crew cut and then micro tattooing in black spots to show some density. Everything else is a scam.

  3. Good artists are closer to 50k to 100k for bridal makeup

  4. To be fair she's an extremely popular YouTuber who posts recipes and home care videos. She works hard for her views.

  5. Yeah and what do people get out it ? Zilch. She is just as bad as the rest of the influenzas out there peddling vapid content for clicks

  6. Yeah when she started making videos like "follow me while I look out of the windows of my apartment!" I really felt like unfollowing her. Millions of people live in Bangalore and have an apartment to decorate. Not everyone makes a 20 minute video about putting a plant pot in their balcony. That type of silly content is unnecessary. I did like her recipes and some of her household hacks.

  7. These nobodies getting simps to follow them is the theme of the hour

  8. Pragmatic courses are 🗑️🚮

  9. Buy yourself some single malt whisky and enjoy yourself. PMing is learnt through hands on experience, so save yourself the money. But if you had to, the Pragmatic Institute courses are one of the best you can invest in

  10. This is the red flare of warning. Leave ASAP. There is no sales led Product Organisation. It’s basically a troublemakers complaint box

  11. People are immensely stupid to be using a bi-cycle on National Highways. While the car driver is to be blamed, there should be separate cycle infra. NHs / SHs should Ban cycles period

  12. I honestly have no idea what he is talking about. Just some random linkedin-y bullshit to post a selfie? A true lunatic there.

  13. The screenshot has been cropped to exclude the first 3/4th of the post. To be fair, that excluded 3/4th is equally cringe, but it at least provides some context for what he's trying to say.

  14. The post was so long, it was impossible to screenshot it in one go. Thanks for sharing the link to the original post

  15. Suncity Sector 54, Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65. For both extend budget by about 50 lakhs and you will have the best

  16. I work around rich people cricle and most of their kids go to Sriram in GGN.

  17. beauty brands are such a oxymoron

  18. Koi ladki slam book bharne ko deti thi to usko pyaar samjh leta tha main. lol. How times have changed.

  19. Matlab bhai wahan se nikal and experience real gurgaon like GCR / Galleria / Worldmark etc.

  20. You know how every city has a dark underbelly and sewage - That’s basically what it is. Think Brooklyn vs New York city, only far worse. U Block ka hi close bhai hai Sector 29 - Avoid both like plague

  21. I don’t think Old Gurgaon mein kuch bhi hoga unfortunately

  22. Sohna road wala Open Tap. Bas baseball bat leke jaana to protect yourself

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