Man attacks skater kids 3 times before eating a board

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  2. Nah, I like playing cod and happen to be prescribed addy for school.

  3. Personally, I regret not starting off at a community college. I’m paying $2,300 per class, for 8 classes that are simply just pre-requisites for the program that I want to enter into. I should’ve done more research and done the pre-requisites somewhere else smh

  4. No it doesn’t record anything. It literally just doesn’t let you use any other browser

  5. From what I heard from a TA it records and stores the video and audio so the prof can watch it after you submit your exam.

  6. I’m aware of that part, was more so concerned with what program that ability is affiliated with. More specifically, if lockdown browser provides those capabilities.

  7. Yes but not all the time. Having too much people in the pool at once or allowing food n drink in the pool can rapidly build up germs. Inside edition did a fantastic video on pool hygiene and pools that tend to ignore basics tend to even have E. Coli in the water.

  8. There’s also a video somewhere on YouTube that covers how much chlorine a pool typically contains in relation to the amount of pee discovered from samples. Kinda killed my peace of mind around the issue lol. I know Mark Ruber has a video on the topic

  9. There is a South Park episode about too much pee in the pool.

  10. At this point, almost any thought that comes to mind, especially involving controversy, has been covered by South Park 😂

  11. I believe there is, to some extent… especially with cross play off. I have noticed that initially when trying to queue up for a game it takes a long time, but once you’re in it, and you press play again after the match is done, it’s noticeably faster. If I leave mid match for whatever reason, it may take up to 20 minutes to find a lobby as opposed to maybe 5 or so

  12. Always got to remember, you only lose when you sell. Crypto isn’t like stocks and it’s extremely volatile. The real money makers are either pump and dumpers or have been in it for the long-haul. When somethings un-naturally going up, it’s obviously going to come down because of the smart investors pulling out, and leaving the rookies holding the bag. That’s when discipline comes in. If you invested 1,000, watched it go to 6,000 and didn’t pull out what you initially invested (at least) and watched it plummet to where you’re -800. You smoked yourself to the fullest extent. You went from the “I told you so” point of view to being the person being told. Js. Def did the right thing testing the waters with money you could afford to lose, but maybe try paper trading (fake $$), but definitely don’t be discouraged because of the L. Good luck in the future brah!!

  13. Yeah I’m on the same boat. In a couple of days I’ll be taking my first few tests/exam with it, and I’m kinda nervous I’ll get penalized because of some random bug in the system. During lessons, and even just reading I’m constantly having to refresh the page because the system can’t keep up with what I’m clicking. I’ll literally be doing what it’s telling me to do, and it’ll say wrong; I refresh, so the same as before, now all of a sudden it’s right.

  14. If I refresh it kicks me out of my test and marks everything as incorrect that I did not answer :(

  15. They do mention that in the instructions leading up to the test, or at least for me; luckily, I managed to get 100’s on my tests. Coursehero truly is a useful tool. LOL

  16. Why would he pump the breaks before he jumped 😂

  17. Lol. They nerf every gun that’s not vanguard. Shit game and they try to make up for it

  18. Gotta improvise. Sit on pole, use seats as table

  19. Ikr I can’t play high sens, so it always looks horrible why I try XD

  20. At least you still hit some nice shots. Was it actually 2 sensitivity ? 😮

  21. Umm. Thanks for that ? 😂😂 wasn’t ready to see what USED TO BE a child’s trachea 🤦‍♂️

  22. Originally I Thought caldera was boring… then they added that mode 😂😂😂

  23. Apparently the update is he was trying to Kill himself by cutting, and his buddies went to his house to check on him; finding a bloody mess, they rushed in to help him… and he ran upstairs and jumped out the window. Not speculation anymore, has been confirmed by people close to him.I guess it was so bad that it took 3 days for them to clean the house of blood. Pretty tragic, guy was one of my inspirations since 2017

  24. That’s crazy that they don’t refund you. I had an Uber eats driver deliver me McDonald’s before they had soda missing and the large fries were half empty, and I saw the $$$ back in my account less than 15 mins after making the complaint

  25. Polyester doesn’t shrink. Read the label lol

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